Fight or Flight

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Clara Jane Netson is a vegan pacifist that dates an underground fighter, Thomas Hans. Home Run is an underground fighting champion. Nobody knows her identity. Everyone had heard of an “Alter Ego.” A separate personality of a person. Normally, the alter ego is somewhat related to the main ego of said person. Normally. Clara Jane is not normal in an alter ego sense. She dedicated her life to hiding Home Run. Claims to be a pacifist, vegan even. Imagine if all the lies were for nothing...

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Chapter One

Once, in a world very different from your own...

I tore the page from my notebook and shredded it to pieces. “Awful.” I said to myself. I heard footsteps and quickly shut my book.

“Hey CJ.” A familiar voice said from behind me. I turned in my seat and smiled. “Tommy.” I said. I stood and walked over to the tall brunette in my doorway. I gave him a quick kiss and took his larger hands in my small ones.

Tommy glanced past me at my desk. He frowned playfully. “Writer’s block?” I nodded. I lifted his hand and checked his watch. “It’s 5:30 Tommy. You were supposed to be home an hour ago.” I said. He laughed softly. “Sorry. I had a late meeting.” He explained. He removed his hands from mine. “I have a fight in half an hour. Wanna watch?” He offered.

Tommy was an underground fighter. L’Athlete AKA The Athlete. I never watch his fights. Maybe.

“Thomas. I have told you a dozen times, I’m a pacifist! And besides, I have to make dinner.” I said, taking a step back. He gave me a shrug. “A pacifist dating a fighter is kinda ironic.” He mused. I rolled my eyes. “I’m going to get ready.” He said. He planted a kiss on my head before leaving to our shared bedroom.

Tommy left after five minutes. I waited an extra ten just to be safe. After the clock hit 5:45, I ran to my closet.

I opened the doors and dropped to my knees. I grabbed a NIKE shoebox and opened it in my lap. I pulled out a skintight, black suit. I grabbed a black cloak and some all black CONVERSE high tops. I quickly put them on and ran to the bed. I reached under and pulled out a rose gold colored baseball bat.

I smirked and ran to the front door. I left the apartment, locking the door after me. I hid my bat in my cloak as I ran down the hall.

After running down four flights of stairs, I finally made it to my Honda Subaru. I got in and started the engine.

After The Car Ride

I got out of my car and faced the huge warehouse. I heard muffled shouts from inside and pulled my hood over my head, concealing my face. I gripped my bat tighter and dragged it as I walked to the door.

I swung the door open with my head dipped. Everyone quieted, the fighter halting their fight. I heard whispers as I dragged my bat on the cement floor, walking slowly to the announcer.

“I’m up next.” I said, not bothering to face him. I hoisted my bat on my shoulder. “You will be up against L’Athlete.” He said nervously. I’ve never fought against Tommy. “So be it.” I said with a sly smirk.

“Okay.” He said softly. A bell chimed once and everything resumed.

Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned slightly. “L’Athlete.” I said gravely. He had a black jersey on with red paint on it. The paint showed the number 00 and the name L’Athlete. “Home Run.” Tommy said, coming up beside me.

“We are fighting next.” I said, only moving my eyes to look at him. “We haven’t fought before. This will be fun.” He said with a smirk. “Top bet will probably be $1,000.” I said boldly. He faced me for half of a moment. “Only? Two grand minimum.” He challenged. “We will see.” I said slyly.

One fighter, Jacksaw, punched another fighter, Zeus, out cold and the bell chimed. “Jacksaw!” The announcer yelled. I jogged to the cage and waited for the fighters to leave, the loser being dragged out, before jumping in.

Fans cheered my name as I circled the cage. Home Run! Home Run! I gave a battle cry and the crowd roared. Everyone knew I was a woman because of my form. That was all they knew.

Tommy ran in and they chanted his name. I went to my side of the cage and held my bat in a batting position. Tommy put on two boxing gloves and smirked. “I’ve never hit a woman.” He taunted. “I won’t give you the pleasure.” I taunted. The bell chimed and he ran at me.

I ducked and hit the back of his thighs with my bat. It might leave a bruise. He yelped and faced me. I smirked, challenging him to hit me. He charged and his fists met my bat. That would leave a bruise.

He hissed and shook his hands, as if trying to shake the pain away. I took the chance and jabbed my bat into his stomach. The air left him and he fell over. I ran over and punched him cold. As the crowd cheered, I got to my knees and kissed his cheek, leaving lipstick stain behind. It was my routine. If I knock them cold, I kiss their cheek.

“Home Run!” The announcer shouted. The crowd got louder and I waved my bat in the air. I swaggered out of the cage and men flocked me. “Boys, I say this every time.” They all groaned. “My boyfriend is waiting for me.” I said. I knew they wouldn’t follow me home. Fighter Code.

They all dispersed and I went to collect my winnings. “Good job.” The woman at the counter said. Her name was also Clara. “Thanks.” I said. She handed me a watt of cash. “Five grand.” She said. I nodded. I grabbed a hundred bill and handed it to her, like I always do. She pocketed it with a smile.

A hand tapped me and I smirked. “Look who’s awake.” I said, turning. Tommy laughed. I handed him $500. “Good fight.” I said. I left him there and ran to my car. I always fought one fight.

I got to my car and drove off.

At Home

I quickly changed into my robe and pulled out leftover pasta from the fridge. I reheated it and spiced it up before putting it onto two plates. As I finished, the door opened. “Hey Tommy.” I said, facing him. He was smart enough to wipe off my lipstick stain.

“Hey Clara.” He said. I clicked my tongue. “Real name? How bad was it?” I asked. He sighed. “Lost. All the fights.” He said. I knew he fought one person after me. “But my first opponent, Home Run, gave me $500.” He sighed as I gave him his plate.

He took it to the dining table and sat. I sat on my end with my own food and took a bite. “God, if I knew who Home Run was.” He took a bite. “I’d give her a piece of my mind.” He said. I raised my eyebrows. “Her?”

He nodded. “Yeah. The guys fawn over her, but she has a baby daddy at home.” He said. I choked and spat my food everywhere. Tommy jumped up and handed me a napkin. “You good?” I nodded. “Just peachy.”
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