The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2

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Chapter 14 - Treat arising..?


"Hey Stella, do you know what happened to James last night?" Aunt Jully asks aunt Stella.

Can't they go and gossip somewhere else? I'm trying to sleep!

"No, what happened!?"

"His heart stopped again at almost three in the morning for a few seconds, he's ok now but the doctors said that one moment he was dead and the next his heartbeat was normal again as if nothing happened. I went to see him a few minutes ago and he's still in a coma, sleeping like a baby."

"He can't keep going like this Jully, at some point his heart won't handle it! I swear, these Sinner men will give me wrinkles before I reach my 50th birthday! I-"

"Do you mind!? I'm trying to sleep here! My kid and I need our beauty sleep before getting up and starting the ridiculous task of today." Both my aunts turn around to face me and apologize, they know that the nightmares have been plaguing me during the night and to be awakened at eight in the morning is hell for me, being pregnant leaves me moody and tired. If I could I would sleep the whole day!

"Anyway, I didn't know uncle James was here."

"Oh, we didn't want to worry you. He was transferred here after he started having complications in Miss Paolo's house, his heart stopped and the nurses you sent us started getting worried that something worse could happen so we brought him here." Aunt Stella told me a bit about uncle James and for the looks of it, he's one of the coolest uncles ever.

Car races, motorbikes, a garage in which he can modify anything with a motor, parties, late-night drives, cool fighting moves, good jokes from what Jullie said AND he used to take my brothers and older cousin to parties, clubs, and strip clubs that he owns. That's one hell of an uncle, maybe one day, if my father accepts me into the family, he will do all those things with me.

"Sage, it's time for you to write to Concetta." Aunt Stella reminded me.

Concetta is my therapist, she was Hazel's therapist a few years ago and she's a nice woman. She can't be here in person since she had a baby just one month ago but she is still helping me.

I don't like writing that much but it's still better than talking.

My aunt Jully contacted Concetta after what happened with the other bitch, we've met through a video call and she was nice, I even meet her baby, Gioia. Concetta has rather fair skin, with bright hazel eyes, wavy hair, a very defined face structure, a small perky nose, and natural dark pink lips, she's a 5'5'' woman with a very nice and easy likable aura surrounding her.

When my aunt first talked with Concetta, she suggested that I start writing a sort of diary, to write everything in there and mark the pages that I allow her to see, those pages then are digitalized by my aunts and then sent to Concetta, who will after receiving and reading my things write me back with ways of dealing with all this bullshit.

"Here." I tell aunt Jully who wants was passing by my room. Aunt Jully nods her head, grabs the leather-covered book, and starts leaving my room.

"Can you bring me hazelnut ice cream, please? It's my favorite and I'm craving it right now..." Jully smiles and leaves the room muttering under her breath "Just like her father."

Finding myself alone I feel asleep, expressing feelings on paper is tiring, especially since I'm the one writing...

-- Somewhere else, very far away from Sicily...--


"Why did you call me here?" The two witches grab the man by his arms and push him inside their small cabin.


"Your ending is near!" The beautiful plus-sized witch told the man, effectively cutting him off.

"Wha... I thought that was impossible!?" The man protests.

"We brought you back from the dead with black magic. After what your son did to you, if you die again and your death is as messy as it was last time, we won't be able to revive you again." The extremely tin witch yelled.

"NO! THAT CAN'T BE TRUE! THAT CANNOT HAPPEN!" The man started passing around the room, sweat dripping down his forehead and he started bitting his nails to relieve his nerves a bit somehow.

"We saw it in our visions." The plump witch shyly told the man, scared of his and her mother's reaction. The man stopped all his movements and stared at her, her mother nodded her head and so, she keeps explaining to him what they saw in their visions.

"Your killer will be born, that person will bear a mark. He or she will end you, they will have the knowledge of what you did, and when he/she kills you, the Moon Goddess and the reapers of the supernaturals underworld will be awaiting you. They will claim your soul the exact same moment it leaves your body and after that, there is nothing that we can do for you."

"No...NO! THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!?" The man started losing his cool, he started trashing the place while both witches watched him.

"I'm sorry sir... but there is nothing we can do to stop your destiny from happening, the fates have written it on the stone of the damned, and the moments that happen, there is nothing we can do anymore..." The young witch apologized, and stared at the ground, not wanting to see the angered look on her mother and the man's face.

"You stupid bitch!" The plump ladies' mother yelled these words at her and slapped her so hard that she fell on the floor, even though that the woman who attacked her was a twig next to her, the woman still held power over her.

"OF COURSE THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT!" The skinny witch yelled while still attacking the fallen girl on the floor.

"What can we do, Anáíse?" The man eagerly asked whit a sultry tone on his voice while giving his megawatt smile to the witch.

"Simple." The evil bitch smirked and walked towards her lover after making sure that her daughter was passed out on the floor from her attacks.

"We kill the child before it grows into an adult." The witch seductively whispered in the man's ear and started running her clawed fingers over the man's chest and under his grey button-up shirt.

"Kill the child we will." The man growled in the witch's ear and grabbed her ass, kissing the woman roughly before taking her to a bedroom.


Wow, guys, those two are nasty as hell, what did you think about this chapter?

I hope you enjoyed it!

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