Forced to Marry Mafia Boss’ Son

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This is a story about an ordinary girl Jennifer Dawn Who was living peacefully until one day, when she got a call from cops informing her about death of her parents. She was all alone in this world now. And there is a Mafia Boss who is trying to find her for her Dad's debt . What will she do ? How will she pay the debt being just graduated student with no work experience ? What will happened when the Mafia Boss will ask her most likely order her to Marry his son Who is a jerk and ruthless man who is known as a monster who can never be in love Asher Blake Woods. Try this Story to know more 💕💕 Started on 03/01/2021

Action / Adventure
Noor x.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Jennifer is just another ordinary girl who lives in a small house in a town with her parents, she is an Art & Photography major student and going to graduate soon .
Her friend circle is not very big she is friendly with everyone but her only bestfriend is Sophia Methews who means a lot to her .
On one unfortunate day when she got a call from cops about her parents who were no more with her in this cruel world her world turned upside down .
It was that she did not know her father had a huge amount of debt he took from Mafia Boss
But what will she do when the Mafia man will offer her to marry his Son who is cruel , jerk and bad boy
Willingly or not she have to marry the cruel monster who have no mercy in his veins.
Poor Jenny who don't even know single bit about the cruel monster who is going to be her life partner .
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