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15/Alpha Davis

“He was in his youth when the pack receded from humanity. Everyone was hardened by the loss and seclusion. The deadly voyage took months and our very own Luna, Davis’s mother, was injured on the way to the pack’s new lands. Her soul rests with the Goddess in the moon now and with a broken heart her mate followed days after. Davis, by his birthright, became the youngest Alpha and lead the pack to the more southern lands. He saw the wisdom in hiding under the human’s noses rather than run indefinitely. Finally in peace, we built our wooden homes like the humans and a new generation was born.

I was the first born of this new generation. From a young age I recognized the strength my Alpha commanded, his strict and fair ruling. I became his shadow, to my father’s chagrin. Alpha Davis trained me as if I were his own. He helped me shift for the first time. Where my parents begrudged the humans he taught me that we could one day live in peace with them.

The last-born of the generation was Nash. His raw anger made him a formidable fighter from an early age. Nash shared his parent’s hatred for humans due to his father’s lost limb and his mother’s deformity from the war. My Alpha and I attempted to sway him which I fear only set him in his ways more. Alpha Davis always loved a challenge, and Nash has always been just that. Nash soon became Alpha’s second pupil. Just in time as both Nash’s parents took their own lives to end their suffering months after. ”

My palm rubbed against my breastbone, just over my heart. A sharp ache pulsed in sympathy for Nash’s past. It seemed his hatred for humans had vanished with Davis’s help since he didn’t mind me. I began to sip the tea engrossed in the story once again.

“It was peaceful and prosperous. My Alpha would personally lead any straying humans away from the pack. Life was good until it was time for the new generation to make our own families and homes. There were a few she wolves in our pack but even the few had no mates. There were no bond pairs. I was the first to realize it and Nash was the last. We were cursed to live and die alone, the last of our pack.

The Moon Goddess had abandoned us; we had no pull to the moon to shift. Alpha Davis still tried. He gave offerings of silver, though it burned his skin to touch. He forced a shift every full moon and stayed out all night to howl and plea with her. He gained her favor and she gifted him. He started having visions in his dreams of the future. He dreamed of his mate and where to find her.”

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. We had the same gift. Could he be...could we...?

“I stayed behind to watch over the pack while he and Nash traveled to the human’s towns. He promised to bring our Luna back and with her the beginning of the next generation.”

The room became silent and I thought back to the little girl I saw when I first arrived. “So why are all the cabins empty? Another generation was born I saw the little girl.”

Seth shook his head with sorrow. “He was gone a long time Jessica. The world changed so fast.” He poured both of us another cup of tea. His golden eyes reflected the first rays of sun. I stifled a yawn and sunk into my chair further. My mind was wired, flitting through the story’s details. My limbs became languid and heavy. I noticed through the haze, Seth’s eyes watched me now instead of the rising sun. I tried to form a coherent sentence but each time I open my mouth a yawn broke free instead.

Seth’s lulling tone finished his story. “While they were gone, the humans built towns closer to our territory. We couldn’t leave without our Alpha but we couldn’t stay so close to the humans the pack feared and hated. Two wolves were sent in opposite directions to plead with the other two packs for their assistance. The one sent north returned with a pregnant widow to help with our dwindling numbers.

The one who was sent south returned with a wolf who claimed to be from the first Alpha’s lineage. With no one to refute it he became High Alpha. Humans had nearly hunted us into extinction, but we weren’t the only ones. The High Alpha and Vampire King created a council of supernatural leaders to ban together against the humans. Together they made rules to protect us. The most basic rule of all secrecy.

Years later Nash finally returned home. Alone. The High Alpha made him Alpha of our dying pack as a reward for carrying out justice. Alpha Davis was searching for his mate, a human. Under the council’s law, this alone was punishable by death. After Alpha Davis took Nash in and cared for him, Nash’s greed and hatred for humans turned him into a murderer.”

As I drifted off to sleep I was dimly aware that Seth was still talking only it wasn’t about the story anymore he was talking to me. “...two doses....sure it’s you... Jessica.”

I could feel the moment reality slipped from my grasp. The darkness swirled and mixed with bright colors. Trees were more vivid than I’d ever seen them, each leaf a unique shade of green. I could feel the pull from the little girl’s hand. The little wolf girl had curly brown hair with natural black highlights and lighter skin, so unlike the dark straight hair and russet skin of the other pack members. A gap between her two front teeth, which showed in her brilliant smile. She tugged me toward the log cabin. Screams slipped from beneath the solid pine door. I was elated. “It’s finally time.” The words were from my own mouth to my surprise. Together the girl and I pushed the door until it gave under our stress.

Three women fussed over the bed, each held cloths or shallow wide bowls of water. I mirrored their smiles and noticed each round belly which varied in size.

“Thia, breathe with me.” The woman on the bed focused on my face. Flushed cheeks and wet matted midnight hair, her wild eyes gave away how close I had come to missing this.

“Let’s deliver this baby.”

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