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“You’re sure he turned feral Jessica?” Nash’s arm wrapped around me securely.

At my nod I insisted we leave immediately. Michael was all too willing, but Nash surprised me by planting his feet. “C’mon Nash we need to leave!” I pulled with every ounce of strength I had left, to no avail.

“Go with Michael and Amber I’ll come for you after I clean up Seth’s mess here. He’s surprised me again by how far he’ll take things to become Alpha, always Davis’s shadow.” His voice faded with each word until I couldn’t make out what he said.

Davis’s name, however, was loud and clear. Previous emotions raged to the surface. Fear for Nash’s life, Seth nearly killed him the first time. Betrayal learning Nash killed my potential father, and rage that he was the reason I grew up without him. Sympathy for my mother who believed she got knocked up and dumped. And the most infuriating emotion of all was my jealousy at seeing Thia pregnant in Nash’s childhood home. What had this aggravating man done to unlock so many complex emotions? “You’re coming with us.” I ground out the words between my teeth. My seething rage would keep me warm from the frosty morning.

A look of surprise peeked his eyebrows. “Jessica I-”

“No you listen Nash.” My finger jutted out and poked his pectoral. “Seth nearly killed you the first time and you just want to go back there let him finish the job?”

My irate expression reflected in his unique golden flecked eyes. Nash mirrored my anger for a brief moment before relaxing into a fondness I didn’t want or deserve. His fingers brushed my cheek and I so badly wanted to push him away, but the electric spark was back and addictive.

We were in our own bubble again, nothing else mattered or existed beyond us. Michael, the red eyed devil spawn, somehow broke the trance with his annoying throat clearing. “You need a cough drop or something?” I flinched at my own spiteful words, that wasn’t me, but then again it was a rough three days.

Michael took no offense and laughed at my reaction. “Rabid wolf, Seth the murderer, any of this ring a bell? I agree with her, we should leave now while they are still far enough back. All of us.” His pointed look wasn’t missed.

Nash scrubbed his face in frustration. “I’ll only leave if you can secure your clans help with taking him down later. He’s dangerous Michael, I’m not sure what’s gotten into him but I can’t do it alone. I will try though if no one will help me.”

Michael sighed but edged a little further away at a sound far off I couldn’t hear. “This is a werewolf problem. Talk with the High Alpha. I don’t understand why you’re so resistant to him when he’s the one who gave you your title.”

Nash stepped out of my grasp never breaking eye contact with the vampire. “You owe me.” His guttural tone brook no argument.

As the silence drew out I thought I heard movement from where I’d come from. “Yes I do. But I must follow the laws as you do. I cannot interfere without due process.”

“Laws!” Nash barked out a humorless laugh. “The laws he makes hurts his own kind! We haven’t been allowed to grow our pack when he knows our women are barren! Now tell me what happens when he finds out Seth turned two humans, almost three! We will be under stricter laws for Seth’s mistake. No, I have to stop him now.”

“Ah I see.” The vampire looked pensive. “I’m not sure what you two are,” Michael motioned to both of us, “but I know for a fact you were just cursing my two former servants to hell and beyond. You want to stop him from turning Jessica, but the question is why would he? She escaped, why follow other than to tie up loose ends.” He nodded behind Nash. I didn’t imagine the sound this time by the way both men stiffened.

Nash snarled, vibrating his frame. Something nagged at the back of my mind at Michael’s words. Why had Seth’s lackeys kidnapped me at all, besides my involvement in saving Nash the first time, Nash was Seth’s target. When I arrived to the pack Seth watched my every move whether from a distance or up close. He drugged me to prove a point. And then there was Nash. In his presence things became muddled. I was just livid with him and yet it all disappeared when he was near enough. Nothing made sense and it was about time I started getting answers. Nash noticed my change in demeanor and raised his hand to placate me. “No.” He faltered and I took my chance. I could feel our time was growing short, someone was coming for us and it was too late to run. “We need to go we’ll argue later!”

“Splendid idea you heard Jessica. I’m not keen on being torn apart by wolves!” Shocked at Michael’s nervous exclamation, I felt we were more doomed than they let on.

“No! You’re right, I need to go back but it’s not just to protect my pack anymore.” Nash spoke up. The enslaving draw forced my body to lean closer to Nash. “I will always protect you Jessica.”

Michael yanked my figure sharply away. “Clear your head human, focus!” I glared at the way Michael made my species sound like a demeaning curse.

“Stop doing that Nash.” I plucked my arm from Michael’s grasp and focused all my energy on Nash. As if I hadn’t been doing that from the start. “Protect me from what Nash? Why is Seth so determined to keep me alive if I’m your accomplice?”

“No!” Michael hissed under his breath. “Focus on getting out of here not your love drama.”

Nash was hesitant and attempted to dodge the question but I stayed firm. “What’s so special about me that Seth would drug me and want to turn me?” Stay strong Jess and fight fire with fire, I could practically hear my mother cheering me on. My hand stroked down Nash’s stubbled jaw in a caress. Stay strong. Don’t give in. He leaned into my touch with a sigh. “Tell me, please?” My tone was coaxing, hopefully, an answer I desperately needed.

A short pause and another twig broke in the stillness. “Seth still lives in our mentor’s shadow. You have dreams like Davis did. He wants you so he can live some sick fantasy.” Nash’s golden hues met mine with a fierce resolve. “I will never let that happen.” His rough palm covered mine.

“Just because this Davis guy and I possibly have the same talent, doesn’t mean anything. My dad was human, I’m pretty sure my mom would’ve said something.” I threw my arms into the air.

“Would she?” I could see it in his hues. He believed the same thing as Seth, only a flicker of pain narrowed his eyes slightly. I was starting to believe my dreams could in fact see a possibility of the future, like Davis, who was killed by the man before me. My gaze followed his descending hand which disappeared into his pocket. A cellphone peeked out from hiding. He placed it gently between my palms and closed them around the object like a clam protecting a pearl. “I can only guess at who your father is Jessica. I never met Davis’s mate.”

This wasn’t the time or place to make that call. My eyes pleaded with him. “I’ll call once we are safe, now let’s go please.”

Nash pushed my closed palms to my chest. “I will protect you and my pack.” He nodded to Michael. “You owe me.”

The vampire let out an exasperated sigh. “So you keep saying.” Michael began to unbutton and discard his jacket. A wicked smile only perplexed me more. “Make your call now Jessica, you may not get another chance.” Both males looked to one direction and sniffed the air. “Ready or not, here they come.”

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