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32/The Alpha's Return Part 1

Instead of sleep, we stayed up and talked over coffee. I had refused Davis's tea which he acknowledged with a knowing smile. I had so much to learn about my other half since I wasn't just human after all.

"Since I didn't mark your mother before you were conceived, her body never went through the transformations."

I studied my mother. She looked like the same woman that raised me. It was the little details that had changed, however. Her reflexes were swifter and her beautiful brown hues had golden flecks now. Davis had explained humans bitten under the full moon could potentially transform, any other time of the month or day would temporarily affect a human with limited and fading impact. Under the moon's light, the Goddess would choose what fate the human would have; rabid, turned, or death. My mother wasn't too keen to make the change any time soon, for which I was grateful.

"So why aren't their more females in the pack? It was like a one to four ratio." My mother didn't look as alarmed this time after I brought up my adventures.

"Not many make the transition. Four out of the five were born with the gene. Miki was the only one in my long time as Alpha to ever take the transformation. She was a strong human, but once turned the change had taken too much from her and she mainly remains bedridden. From what the Goddess has shown me, females must be born into the pack. This is why we treasure them the most."

I remembered back to how the men gave all of us space when we walked to gather water; some of them even bowing slightly. At the time, I mistook their distance for wanting to stay away from the outsider. Now I understood it was their respect that kept them at bay. If only five women remained and all were barren, the pack had no hope. Their only choice to survive was to change humans into werewolves. I had seen firsthand what a rabid wolf was like, and how quick the death could be during a transformation.

Yet, over nineteen years, Davis had successfully changed twenty-two humans into werewolves. He used his visions to pick out the most likely to survive the change. Trained each new soldier to follow his command as their Alpha. Their existence was inconsequential though. His best wolves had stayed just outside of our town to watch over us specifically when Davis left to find the next best willing participant. As his new pack grew, Davis realized the toll it had on his physical and mental health.

His visions grew bleak, even with a stronger dose of herbal tea, everything he dreamed was pitch. He admitted his last clear vision was of the two choices I had on the car ride up to his home. Davis had stopped changing humans after his last attempt left him passed out for days. Luckily, werewolves had a faster regenerative ability than humans which helped him train his twenty-two man pack into a force to be reckoned with. I wanted to talk with one of the wolves but Davis forbids it. It was reasonable to say he hadn't picked the most upstanding of citizens.

The sun peeked over the horizon; a stream of sunbeam warmed the side of my face. I had bundled in blankets after the frost kissed each blade of grass overnight. "It's about time to go." Davis nuzzled into my mother's neck, a loving gesture. I couldn't find it in myself to begrudge him for his years of sacrifice. He had suffered along with us, although apart. He believed in his visions as much as I was assured by my own. In the end, I know he did the right thing staying away. He parted with my mom as I stood up. "No Jessica. You stay here with your mother, it's safer."

I took a moment to center myself. "You're going back to the pack."

"I'm going to fight the High Alpha so he never has the chance to come after my family or pack." Our stubborn chins tilted skyward, matching each other eerily. Like father like daughter. "I got word yesterday that the so called 'King of Alphas' found out Seth broke his laws. His slaughter will begin today at noon."

"Doesn't the Council decide the fate of law breakers?" Nash had mentioned before to never get caught by the council, which was why dealing with Michael was too close for his comfort. Michael was an enforcer, an executioner.

"I have a theory he wants revenge and not justice. This is another reason for you both to stay here. I command it." The air abruptly thickened, an invisibly weight slammed into my body and forced it back to the chair. My mother seemed to struggle along with me. He was an alpha, his command was law. I struggled against his hold until I could stand again with the table's support. "Determined and unpredictable. Nash has his work cut out for him with you around."

My muscles strained against his control. "Nash is the reason I have to go with you. What if the note wasn't enough?"

"If she goes, I go as well." My mother winced against the pressure of his command.

Davis pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefingers. "Fine." The prompt release had us both gasping for air. My mother and I beamed at one another, we had won.

Keys jingled from Davis's fingers. "Once there you go to my cabin with the red door. Under the rug is a trap door leading into a cellar. Go there with the other women to stay safe before the fight starts. This I will not be persuaded on." We nodded our confirmation, mine more hesitant than my mother's. Davis opened the safe next to the door with a key from his ring. He pulled out a revolver and loaded six silver bullets into the chamber. "You will only shoot this as a last resort." I grabbed for the gun but my mother was quicker. Her glare told me not only could I never touch the Glock at home but this one was off limits as well.

Davis whistled for his pack to follow the car. "How do you know where they'll be? It took Nash and Michael days to sift through pack lands to find me."

Davis adjusted the review mirror. "My visions may be dim now but I've only made one home with a red door. They will be at the base of the mountain." He shifted gears and paced the car just under thirty-five.

My dream clouded the moving landscape as we drove. If Nash was there, I would make sure my mother and the others were safe in the hidden cellar. I would risk everything to make sure he was safe, even my own humanity.

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