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Book 2 Preview and Gratitude

Thank you so much for supporting Aura on this platform. I'm grateful for readers like you who gave me the fuel to finish this dream. Thank you to the writers for the years of stories that helped me aspire to become an author.

A special thanks to my sister for her constant encouragement. Your excitement is always contagious and I loved hearing your take after each chapter.

This book will continue to be free no matter where you read. I will take a break to publish this as an ebook and print publish to my favorite local libraries. More information to follow on my wall. I will be editing from time to time to fill in plot holes and grammar.

Now for a sneak peek into the next book!

Book 2: Willow Ware

Breath filled my lungs to aching capacity. The water filled my nostrils and burned my eyes. Wisps of dark hair drifted from my scalp.

The siren song lulled my aching heart. Who was I missing again? His name, I had to remember his name before I forgot it. Numb fingers flexed in the sand. Where did I drop it? The song was joined with two other voices. They harmonized and picked up in tempo. Each note was drawn out to emphasize the captivating beauty within.

A jagged point pricked my fingertip. The blood mingled in the water, droplets defying gravity as they floated upward. With the locket in one hand and the shark tooth in the other, under the words Willow Ware I scrawled a sloppy N.

A female's soprano caught my attention before I could remember the next letter. Her pearl skin shimmered with each movement. Violet eyes roamed my hiding place.

"Jessica!" My name became the poison from her lungs. The song she sang only muddled my mind further.

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