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Summary: a young man grew up in the lower Southside in Pilsen.

Action / Drama
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Trap life: Carlito'$ Way

(Inspired by true events)

Summary: a young man grew up in the lower Southside in Pilsen.

Came from a family of 7.

In school, in the 5th grade a lot of the gangs involved themselves in his life. Most of which knew of him through relation from of the hoods in Pilsen and Humboldt park area. A script of an intense action pack with dramatic sequence that involves real life events of Carlito Tonhado a drug dealer involved himself in a lifestyle of both gangs, drugs and warfare. With also a lot of money and a lot of dark events that involves his life stories of a wild past.

A few friends of his are some funny characters in mob crew who is a bit of corky leader named Goofey Deezy (others may call him Mcdoofey)

Crazy Steve (a funny ass crazy dude) who Carlito met at hospital, after Carlito liver failed from drinking and gunplay.

"Wanna Get High"! were his first words to Carlito.

“Steve what they give you” said Carlito

"Idk but it's good tho!" can probably be the best opening words to a long friendship these two share.

Some more people to to the plot!

Luceita: Crazy yet honest 99.9 percent most of the time, more should listen but inner side is a little you know....

Famous quotes: fuck that jacket!, I'll burn that shit...

Where the story begins: The Uncle of Carlito was stab 7 to 8 times in the chest from leading a vicious life with it effecting Carlito to the burns his brains was hard moments shared in this story in his life.

At this time when his uncle Tito had past, Carlito was preparing for a close casket ceremony for his uncle with his familia and his uncle’s closest friends. There they mourn cheered and spoke great memories of his profounded Uncle Tito.

Opening Scene: fading camera lens into Carlito memories in his black Chevy suburban truck while talking to his "Bonnie" Missi on his cellphone

(conversation between Carlito and Missi)

Carlito: Hey did you get the shoes I sent you?

Missi: Yea did you get the money out the bag in the trunk safe?

Carlito: Yea im bout see what's up with R. O

while meeting the plug O.D(Fetty Wap were hoping).

While knocking at the door

Scene 1(opening scene sub#2): Carlo to disguise as Calvin

Was at a nightclub in Chicago downtown area. Calvin met with his favorite of most his women Erica. while they both were drinking and "we partyin" as Carlito crew say in the meaning of slaying cocainã, dust, marijuana, and as well enjoying the party with some of his well-known customers like family to him. Later in the as is party is going Carlito was speaking with Erica and at this moment Carlito had noticed as Erica walked away to the bathroom she met with Carlito baby mama Missi. She had spoken with Erica about Carlito life and how she is deeply involved in it, while stating with her that she just have Carlito 5000 worth of American dollars in 100s 50s 20s never 10s 5s only 1s in exactly 800 for a metaphorical way that stands for universal chance with a 8 ball and a major reference to the great amount of money his motivation in hustling with his Bonnie in his major lifestyle phrase "I need a trap queen, how ima gon deal all this dope on my own".

Scene 2: Carlito wakes up from partying the night before. Starts his day by rolling a spliff or blunt some say call it. Then lighting it up and hitting straight to the contacts in his phone. Talking to the plug about his earning.

Scene 3:

Carlito and Luceita conversation: these can get very funny, intense

With a lot of verbal abuse. Loud somehow a Loving mother son relationship between the two. Something like “I know you mom your just a crazy b***!” said her son and she says back “I know I am I kill mutherfuckers for the hundred dollar bills baby!”.

Never really had done that Luceita still never was to be messed with specially when she was the protector of her family or wolf pack she called her family.

Scene 4: Family Reunion (50 deep)

Party'Party'Party in Harrison park.

Scene 5: Returning to 1738.

While Carlo is heading back home with a couple of his family members from the family reunion. He had saw one of his compadres running from police toward Carlito trap house.

His trap queen Missi said to him "He going toward our bloxk, Better not be running toward our crib", but as soon Missi ended her statement the man ran right into the gangway of Carlito place and up the stairs into Carlito apartment.

Scene 6[Smells like a setup]

In the past Loi (Carlito compadres)

Was still upset with Carlito for laying in the bed with his sister and still had a grudge toward him for it.

The Chief of the hoods had a meeting with all of the gangs  to discuss what Carlito had did with his old friend sister, which is against gang rules as well what had happened with Loi for running into Carlito trap.

Scene 6[continued]

Master Chief heard both stories, and originally was set for ‘Lito to receive a violation (beat down for a certain amount of time for going against rules)however, after hearing what Loi did to Carlito, the Master Chief instead made Loi receive the violation. The reason why that was is that Loi's actions seem really suspicious and Chief and his jury claim was a "setup against your own", which is one of the highest rules you shouldn't ever commit.

Scene 7: Loi's Violation

How you probably thought it went is probably how it went down.

Scene 8: A Deal gon drop.

While dropping off an 8th of psychopathic drogas to a friend of Carlito a friend of the customer tried sticking up Carlito with a .45 banger(pistol), not going we planned Carlito was forced to submit the cocaine to the robber and he took off in the night even ditching Carlito’s friend to.

Scene 9: Strip Club Solo Action (Carlito back to the getting contacts with No Missi.

Scene 10: A argument that change Bonnie and Clyde

Scene 11: Standoff in the hood.

A big gun battle between rival gangs’ and cliques of the drug clientele and his crew; and his nemeses R.O with Missi.

Scene 12: hospital scene with dying friends

Crazy Steve been shot in the head and bled out before anyone in Carlito crew could make it to him. Still everybody rushed Steve to hospital to still try and help save him, was only a possibility that didn’t end like everyone had hoped. Only a funeral for Steve was held after losing their best friend.

Scene 13: Moving in with Mom

Failing from being motivated to slang heavy again he falls into a slumber of trauma that leads to a foreign yet explainable drug habit with cocaine the drug he had been dealing and well.

Scene 14: Getting back on my feet.

Moving back in with his mother and losing all the wealth and drugs included. Carlito plans were to get back on to the ranks of dealing so he started small with marijuana. His plans to get back on with dealing the white woman.

Scene 15: An unexpected visit

Police come to question Carlito about past drug related situations at his apartment.

Scene 16: That Plugs lost

Carlito lost touch with R.O. so started running into new plugs that really like Carlito self-prepared cocaine, the cocainist was his new name slowly after everybody started noticing.

Now affording new lavishes the main goal was cooking up meals for the ohauna(family), staying on top his game and try not let his addiction for the product itself take over.

Scene 17: Game on

Was time to get back into the world and get even bigger clients for the new cocaina into the streets.

Scene 18: Fatal-situation

Final drug deal with R. O

Goes bad that turns into a massive riot of gun violence and fist brawling action that leads to Carlito and R.O into a brawl to the death.

Scene 19: An eye for an eye

Carlito fought like sugar Ray Leonard with quick feet and fast hands. While R. O fought of more a Chuck Liddell fighting style. R. O pulled a gun and shot at Carlito while he ran from the flying bullets until the gun jammed, then charged at R.O. with a vendetta to kill. Sweep his feet from under him and started to continuously punch him in the face until he screamed no more.

Scene 20: Repercussion

After the battle with R.O. That Carlito had fought like a switch hitter with two iron-fist. He learned that life needed a change for the better outcome. He stops drug dealing and turned his life into a more serious matter, by creating movie SCRIPTS and writing poetry for hip hop music. He later learned that life can always turn for the better if you believe it can. Now he provides for his family with his new talents and earns money while doing. Moto goes "by the name, never showed loss when you strive for something greater than a dead path".

Features of prop for picture poster: big black great dane coming from out an all white pillar While Carlito chilling in a Jacuzzi smoking weed and drinking and doing what he does best count his money.

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