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"He's back" he said slightly above whisper. She lightly moved her head in a simple nodd still looking out the window, wondering, in a moment she said "I know" in a sigh. Everyone sat around them looking slightly confused as to what the two were talking about, waiting for them to elaborate. He looked at her clearly understanding the way she said it was like she knew more, "You saw them?" He said in a monotone voice, clearly more like a statement then a question. She again moved her head in a simple nodd, turning around to face the room filled with curious stares which she dreaded to address, with a sigh she then continued, "last night........on the streets". Zack, Zayn, and Zoe were inseparable triplets, always stick together having each other's back through thick n ' thin till death do them apart. *WARNING : RAPE, ABUSE, ASSAULT, EXPERIMENT, SLAUGHTER * , * READ AT YOUR OWN RISK *. This is my first book please ignore any grammar mistakes and do give feedback and tell me what I can fix and also english is my second language. It's also a draft fiction story. Sooo it's just my thoughts on the loose. Hope you enjoy! . * ALL RIGHTS RESERVED *.

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Chapter 1

It was a pleasant morning. Zack, his girlfriend and Zayn were sitting in a black suv heading towards the airport. They were studying at Harvard in Cambridge, MA, United States, for four years ever since the accident. Zack majored in business and accounting and Zayn majored in Film amd Photography. They now were turning 22 and were going back home to there sister Zoe in Toronto, Canada.
Zack, Zayn, and Zoe were inseparable triplets. Zack and Zayn both loved, no more than just loved their sister. They thought of her as a mother cuz' she was the closest thing to a mother for them. She was always there for them through thick n' thin never leaving their back. They never knew their mother because she died in child birth. ( or so they thought )
They reached there destination and went straight through to their private jet. ' Perks of being in mafia ' Zack and Zayn thought to themselves. Guards standing on their posts.
Sitting on the window seat Zayn was restless and exited at the same time moving his right leg up n' down out of habit, something he does when he is nervous, exited or restless. He loved his sister dearly and was exited to get back to her, but the time that was taking to reach there was making him restless. He kept glancing every now n' then down to the watch on his wrist, keeping track of the time. They were to board the plane at 6 : 00 am but Zack's ' annoying sorry ass of a girlfriend ' made them board it at 7 : 13 am. The flight from Cambridge to Toronto would take exactly 8 hours and 33 minutes meaning they would have reached at 2 : 33 pm instead of 3 : 46 pm. ' Idk what the FUCK he even sees in her ' he thought while trying so hard not to stoot Zack's bitch straight between the eyes who was giving him ' fuck me ' looks from across the aisle of the plane while sitting beside Zack who was busy doing God knows what on his laptop too oblivious to her actions. He was thinking of what to do to pass this dreadful period of time when his phone chimed clearly indicating that a text has been sent to him. He looked at the screen and his face immediately lit up as he saw that it was from his sister;
• • • •
Zoe : Hey! I m missing u guyz sooo much. I BET YA SWEAT ASS YA GONNA SLEEP ON THE PORCH IF U MOTHER FUCKERZ DIDN'T GET HERE ON TIME! ! ! ! ! ....❤
He chuckled a litle as he read the text and didn't spare a moment to reply.
Zayn : V r on r way hold ya horses girl!...
Zoe : Oh shush I would have hold them if I had them! ! ! Idiot! .
She didn't wait and soonfollowed another text. . .
Zoe : that was lol I get it sooo I m sure u will be tired take a nap. Come soon. Text me when u land! Love u both! ❤
Zayn : Don't worry I was thinking bout' it to escape that crazy bitch! . Love u too ❤
Zoe : hahahah 😂 😂 😂 u still hate her! She wouldn't be that bad? ! ?
Zayn : oh u don't know what I have to put up with! She's a pain in the ass! ! ! Even now she's giving, me ' fuck me ' looks idk wtf is her prob. ? ! ! ! 😑
He laughed out loud reading her text, if anything you want to know about Zoe is that she is very over protective of her brothers even though she is the youngest of them all but that wouldn't stop her she would go hell n ' back for them. You wouldn't want to mess with her about her brothers.
Zayn : I know love don't worry pretty lil head of urs! 😘
Zoe : How the hell can I not? ! U both r my blood and worrying bout' u both is in ma instincts! ❤ ok ok that's enough talking bout' bitches imma leave u to ya nap I have work too lub u! ❤ ❤ ❤ bye!
Zayn : ❤❤ ❤ lub u too sis! Don't over work tho! I wouldn't want to come home to u sleeping on desk!
Zoe : yea yea I know and I won't don't worry! ❤

• • • •
With that he closed his phone and sat back leaning his head on the window looking out on the clouds. Zoe was the most badass and at the same time kindest mafia boss, he chuckled to himself thinking about his sister, Though she was the youngest but they both, Zack and him, didn't wanted to rule the mafia empire and they thought that since she was most mature and qualified than them to lead she can have that position and also they both wanted to live somewhat of a normal life even though that's impossible considering that they were in mafia and danger was always a part of their life they couldn't escape it even if they wanted to. Their sister gave them as much of freedom of normal life as she could cuz' their happiness is all that mattered to her. But also she gave them every right on the power as much as she had, anytime if Zack or him wanted to step up they could just say and it will be their's as they both were older than her. He drifted off to sleep thinking about her.

Zack was the oldest of them all and instead of being a mature adult , responsible of his duties, he acted the complete opposite, ' young, wild n' free ' would perfectly describe him. He loved Zoe more than life itself and he loved her more, he didn't even know if that was possible, when she gave them a full freedom to live a normal life as much as they could. He was exited to go home to Zoe, and even more so when Zoe texted him what she was making for them. He loved her handmade food it gave him a true homey' feeling. She makes finger licking good dishes that he missed for four years. He was going with his girlfriend charlotte, chloe or arlo for short. He loved her dearly and wanted her to meet his family. To control his evergrowing excitement he made himself busy with his freelancing business on his laptop. He didn't know how much time has passed as he was dealing with an annoying client, he looked at the time and it was already 11 : 56 am meaning they will be landing in three n' half hour tops, he glanced up from his laptop, Zayn was passed out on the couch across the aisle of the plane, chloe was in the back room also sleeping, she got up after some time when Zayn passed out and went to the back room. He also got up and went to the back room to rest with his girlfriend.
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