Steel Instinct

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Chapter 5

“Long gone?! Let me guess. He escaped out the back?!” Kalama asks, sounding furious.

Ms. Gray just grins in response. Kalama turns and rushes out of the room as fast as she can. The gunmen run to catch her. Ms. Gray halts them.

“It’s okay. Let her run,” Ms. Gray says.

“But she’ll ruin everything!” one of the gunmen argues.

“You underestimate Tacoma. I’m sure he has hit the road already,” Ms. Gray says, shaking her head, “She’ll never catch him.”

Tacoma hasn’t gone very far, as it turns out. He has just started to drive. Kalama runs to the garage and hops into one of the cars which conveniently has the keys inside of it already. She starts the engine and begins maneuvering it out of the garage.

“Blasted gunmen!” grumbles Kalama, “They held me off for awhile!”

Kalama hits the gas pedal as soon as she is lined up to safely exit the garage. The car accelerates far more rapidly than Kalama expects. She nearly crashes it right off the bat. Kalama takes a deep breath and regains control of the car.

“Looks like we’ve got company...” Tacoma says, glancing in the rear view mirror.

“Is it Kalama?” Abby asks, getting excited.

“Doesn’t matter, we have to get out of here,” Tacoma says, “Hang on tight.”

Tacoma slams on the gas. Both cars are now driving at top speed, hurtling towards the main road. Tacoma turns sharply, trying to throw Kalama off. Kalama keeps on following, keeping her eyes locked on the car in front of her.

“I’ll admit, she’s pretty good at handling the car,” Tacoma comments.

Tacoma makes it to the main road. He begins weaving between the other cars. Horns honk as the other drivers almost crash trying to avoid striking his car. Kalama follows behind, getting tangled up in the mess of other cars.

“LET ME THROUGH!” Kalama yells, honking her horn.

“T-Tacoma!” cries Abby.

“Shhh... It’ll be alright...” Tacoma says, not taking his eyes off of the road.

Tacoma breaks from the main road as the chase continues. Kalama nearly loses sight of him. Tacoma nearly gets away, but Kalama notices him again. Kalama swerves and also breaks from the main road.

“Ms. Gray, do you read me?” Tacoma calls into his communicator.

“Are you alright?” Ms. Gray asks.

“Ms. Ijsbrand is on my tail! I’m having trouble shaking her!” reports Tacoma.

“Are you sure you’re driving full speed?” Ms. Gray asks.

“Affirmative,” reports Tacoma.

“And she’s driving one of my Silverarc’s, right?” Ms. Gray asks.

“Uhh... Yes. Affirmative,” Tacoma says, turning sharply again.

“I have the keys to stop any and all Silverarc’s whenever I want. They are my cars, after all,” Ms. Gray says.

“Right, I remember,” Tacoma says.

“Which of the two missing cars are you driving?” Ms. Gray asks, walking into her garage.

“94129X258,” Tacoma reads off of a little plaque posted on the dashboard.

“So she has 69769Z632,” Ms. Gray says.

“I suppose so, yes,” Tacoma says.

“Stay clear, I’m about to shut her down so you can get away,” Ms. Gray says.

“Understood,” reports Tacoma.

Tacoma stops swerving. He then puts all his effort into gaining distance. Kalama, who is unaware of what is about to happen laughs and charges at him, expecting an easy win. Without warning, the wheels lock up, causing the car to flip over.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” screams Kalama.

The car with Kalama in it flies through the air. It then crashes with a terrible crunch. Shards of broken window glass shatter and fly off. The airbags deployed at the last second, cushioning Kalama.


“She’s not dead! The cars are safety tested thoroughly!” Tacoma argues, “She’ll be fine.”

“We have to go back and check!” Abby cries.

“No. You know Ms. Gray would kill me if I did that. It’s risky enough that I even bother continuing to be your boyfriend,” Tacoma says.

Abby continues to cry. Tacoma sighs and keeps on driving, putting lots of distance between himself and Kalama. Within minutes, police cars and an ambulance show up at the scene of the crash. Someone saw the chase and alerted the police.

“Anybody alive in there?!” one of the officers calls out.

The airbags have deflated now that they aren’t needed. The officer digs through the deflated airbags in the upside down car. He comes across Kalama who is unconscious. The officer carefully unbuckles her and pulls her out of the car.

“She’s alive!” the officer calls out.

Some people burst out of the back of the ambulance. They carry a stretcher over to the officer. The officer lays Kalama down on the stretcher. The ambulance people carry her and load her into the back of the ambulance.

“High speed chase ends in severe injuries... One suspect is still missing. It is unsure if drugs or alcohol were influential in the decision, but the young woman from the crashed car was found to be carrying a pistol and some ammo,” a police officer yells a reporter.

“Sounds to me like some real suspicious activity. Have we identified the young woman yet?” the reporter inquires.

“Not yet, but she seems to also be carrying a wallet and a laptop. The laptop isn’t in the best condition after that crash, though,” the police officer says.

“We’ll check in again later if more answers to our burning questions arise,” the reporter says.

The ambulance people climb in and shut the door. The ambulance begins to drive to the nearest hospital which is just outside of the city where Kalama lives. Quickly, they rush the stretcher into the hospital. The doctors and nurses stop what they are doing to have a look at Kalama.

Because she had been in a gun fight just prior to that, she is in even worse condition. Her breathing has slowed and her gunshot wounds are bleeding again. Next to her on the stretcher is her laptop bag with the slightly broken laptop. Her pistol and ammo box are also set next to her with her wallet.

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