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The night before his first day of High School, Samuel has a fateful experience in the forest. On that night, his life changed.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

[ Chapter 1 ] Stroll in the woods

Samuel slammed the door as hard as he could and ran towards the woods. There was a bruise on his left cheek while his eyes were full of tears. He didn’t know where he would go but he couldn’t stay in that house any longer. It was the night before Samuel’s first day of highschool. The clear sky, full of stars, was illuminated by the full moon that night. The air was cold, summer was nearing its end.

Fueled by emotion he ran and soon, the house became a dot in the distance. Eventually, his emotions were not enough to power through the exhaustion that was overtaking his body. He started to slow down to catch his breath. As he began walking, his mind became clearer and he started to recall the events that lead to his current situation.

He was heading home after spending most of the day at his friend Dawn’s house. He was originally planning on only being there for an hour two. They had a summer reading project and they were going to compare their notes. Things didn’t go as planned. At first it went smoothly, they managed to fill a page. But then Dawn started to get bored. Dawn pleaded with Samuel to take a break, she stated that her legs were losing feeling. Samuel stood his ground until she brought out the puppy eyes. They ended up watching movies and baking cookies for the rest of the day. She had a look of contentment the entire time. When the time came to leave he realized she probably planned this to happen.

When he got back home the driveway was empty. His mom worked nights and they only owned one car. When he opened the door his nose was assaulted by the smell of cigarettes and alcohol immediately. Up until that point Samuel was having a good day. But once the familiar stench of his home hit his nose, his mood soured. His bright smile disappeared immediately.

He stepped in and found his stepfather in his usual spot, the living room couch. He had some cookies left so he went towards the kitchen to get milk. As he was pulling the milk from the fridge, he noticed the air around him smelled like a dumpster fire. He looked to his right and his eyes met his stepfathers. Their eyes were locked for a moment but something caught the man’s attention. It was the bag of cookies Samuel was holding. His stepfather immediately walked up and snatched the baked goods from his stepson. Samuel struggled to get the cookies back but as he stood a head shorter, he was powerless. He then watched as the cookies he made with dawn were devoured dry. “Those weren’t for you to eat!” he screamed, the good-for nothing simply replied with, “so?”. His blood was boiling and as his stepfather was heading out the kitchen Samuel muttered, “I don’t understand why Mom would marry a worthless pig like you, Shaun”. In an instant Shaun threw a punch which connected with Samuel's left cheek. The force caused Samuel to fall backwards. His cheek started to throb and thought he could taste blood. “Watch your mouth brat, next time I’ll break a leg”, he realized the bastard was drunk. Samuel raised one of his hands and realized that it was shaking. ‘I’m so tired of him hitting me whenever no ones looking!’ he thought silently. He hated this house. Things were better when Shaun was not in his life. His mother was too stupid to see that Shaun was a good-for-nothing waste of space and money. As he was thinking how much money was wasted on that sack of shit, Shaun suddenly stated, “And since you don’t know how to play nice with others, no more hanging out with that one girl” he ended the statement with a smirk. Samuel was immediately filled with anger and frustration after hearing that. To begin with, his stepfather ate the cookies he made with Dawn, then beat him down, and to top it off he could no longer see Dawn outside of school!. The thought that he could no longer enjoy a day with Dawn made him emotional and tears streamed down his face. Samuel could no longer handle it all, too much happened in so little time. At the top of his lungs he screamed “I HATE YOU!” and with that he ran out the side door, slamming it behind him.

Samuel kept replaying the scene of him getting punched over and over again inside his head. His blood began to boil but suddenly, he felt oddly at ease. He looked around and found himself in a clearing deep within the woods, the place seemed familiar. Without even realizing, he walked to a place he’d visited before. Tired, he found a spot on the ground and decided to lay down. Although it was cold it didn’t really bother him. He looked at the stars for a while before finally dozing off.

Samuel awoke to voices in the distance, half-asleep he walked towards where they were coming from. The closer he got the clearer they became, it sounded like a chant. When he arrived at the area the voices were coming from, he found that they were originating from a crater in the ground. He found a ledge to look from and with confusion and curiosity in his eyes, he peeked his head over. What he saw was a group up people in robes surrounding a circle of red markings, while someone stood in the middle. He couldn’t understand what was being said but to Samuel it definitely sounded like some kind of chant. He was transfixed on the glowing circle when suddenly the ground started to shake and the circle grew brighter. The ledge he was peeking over, weakened by the shaking, gave under Samuel's weight and he tumbled down below. He managed to roll into the middle of the circle. When he recovered he looked up to see the shocked and confused robed figures faces. As he was about to explain himself, the person in the middle with him screamed out, “YOU BASTARD YOU RUINED THE RITUAL!”. Before Samuel could process what he just heard there was sudden pain in stomach. The man in the middle kicked him. Immediately following his example, the other robed figures started to beat on him too. Life was cruel to Samuel. As more time passed his body became more bloodied and bruised. He was having trouble staying conscious. His fingers were mashed, a leg was broken, teeth were missing and a few ribs were fractured. He was being beat to death. As he was closing his dying eyes he felt a strong sensation, a fiery pressure, build in his chest. That was the last thing he felt as lost consciousness.

Samuel opened his eyes to see himself standing above corpses. He had no idea what happened. He looked around to find that some of the bodies were missing limbs and others were disemboweled. The stench of death filled the air and Samuel fought the urge to throw up. He tried to walk forward but he was hit by a wave of exhaustion and he collapsed into a pool of blood. He then found himself face to face with the severed head of the man who kicked him in the stomach. A look of terror forever decorated the man’s face. Samuel closed his eyes and entered a deep sleep, listening to the trees rustling in the wind.

His body, drenched in blood, was the centerpiece of the massacre.

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