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My knight: The Lioness

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'Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now. – Paulo Coelho'

Ntokozo: “if I didn’t know better, I’d say you don’t wanna leave this place.” I chuckle.

I have been stuck in the world of the dead or so I think for some time now. When Thandeka shot me and I took my last breath, I thought I was dying. But I guess it wasn’t my time yet. I woke up in these green fields, clean and pure rivers, blooming and beautiful flowers and clear blue sky. This place is so beautiful and I really wish I can capture it with a camera. There is no day or night in this place. You don’t even get tired or hungry. If my uncle didn’t tell me that I wasn’t dead, I would’ve thought I was. Well I have been chilling with him ever since I came here. He has been good company.

I forgave Thandeka even long before I took my not so last breath. I know how gangsters can get when they are controlled by emotions or something else. That day when she came to the house, I could see the hatred in her eyes and I knew that that wasn’t my fiancé. When I get back to her, I will give her a hard time for a while, making her think that I haven’t forgiven her. She must suck up to me. Let’s see is she passes the test. I turn and look at uncle. Well according to our culture, I should be calling him father since he is my father’s younger brother.

Me: “is it time yet?”
Ntokozo: “you have to go back. She needs you now more than ever.”
Me: “but life here has been so peaceful.”

Ntokozo: “for you maybe but not for me. I sacrificed to be a guardian angel to your generation. You guys are troublesome shame. I am always trying to prevent tragedy from happening in your lives and protect your from danger.”
Me: “ahh we are not that bad baba.” He looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

Ntokozo: “you think?” I just laugh.
Me: “I am sure you are happy that I am marrying the woman that you approved.” He chuckles.
Ntokozo: “why are you talking as if this was an arranged marriage? You were already attached to her even before my message.” I smirk.

Me: “true.”
Ntokozo: “now go back before they steal her from you.” I clench my jaws.
Me: “I would kill that son of a bitch with my bare hands.” He laughs.
Ntokozo: “go back before they impregnate her.” He laughs even harder and suddenly I see darkness. It’s like a dark cloud is in my eyes.

I feel like I am being suffocated. I try breathing but I feel like something is blocking me, like something is in my lungs. After sometime I finally gasp as I feel the oxygen filling my lungs. I blink multiple times, the light coming from wherever that it is coming from is very blinding me. I finally manage to open my eyes and look around. Of course I am in a hospital, what did I expect?

I smell of Thandeka’s cologne, which can only mean one thing. She was here earlier on. I look around again and see the doctor and nurses barging through the door. The doctor quickly removes the tubes surrounding me. He starts asking me silly questions like ‘can you hear me?’ ‘How many fingers am I holding?’ ‘Do you feel pain?’ I understand they are standard procedure, but dude. He gives me water because I tell him that I am thirsty. He does his things and leaves after a few minutes with his minions. Squash immediately barges in. he comes to hug me.

Squash: “boss I am so happy that you’re awake. OMG I can’t wait to tell everyone. I am pretty sure boss lady will be thrilled by this.”
Me: “what day is it?”
Squash: “tomorrow is Princess Yamihle’s birthday.”
Me: “wow. So I have been in a coma for 6 months?” he nods. “How is my wife?” he shrugs.

Squash: “still beautiful like always. Should I call her now?” I quickly shake my head.
Me: “help me sit up straight.” He does and then sits on the visitors’ chair. “We can tell everyone after tomorrow. I don’t wanna steal Yamihle’s shine.” He frowns.
Squash: “but boss they have been worried sick about you. The least you can do is put their minds at ease.”

Me: “no and my decision is final. We will tell them the day after tomorrow. Now what has been happening while I was half dead?”
Squash: “I will tell you the day after tomorrow.” I roll my eyes.
Me: “dude come on. Stop sulking, just tell me.”
Squash: “no can do.” He stands up. “What do you wanna eat?” I look at him in disbelief.

Me: “really now?”
Squash: “yeah really. Do you know how hard it will be to look at boss lady in the eyes and lie about your recovery?”
Me: “look at her? Have you been close to her?” I raise my eyebrows.

Squash: “she has been miserable. Me and some of the gang members and her gang have been there for her and catering most of her needs. Some days are better than the others. She needs you boss. She is not the Lioness we have heard about. She is vulnerable and always emotional.”
Me: “is she pregnant?”

Squash: “no.” he quickly dismisses me. “What do you wanna eat?”
Me: “just meat. And please talk to my doctor. I wanna get released as soon as possible.”
Squash: “We will see.” He leaves.

I wonder what is happening with him. I know for sure that he wouldn’t date Thandeka but something is happening. It’s like he is hiding something from. Whatever it is, it’s huge. I just hope it is something I will be able to handle. Squash returns after an hour with food. I eat while he is busy telling me about what has been happening in the gang. He also tells me about the merger. I have no problem with it because Thandeka and I are going to get married soon.

He also tells me about the feud between Thandeka and my mother. My mother is so dramatic. She is always looking for trouble where there isn’t any. I really don’t know why she acts childish sometimes. I know that she doesn’t like Thandeka. She never hid that from the beginning. I don’t know why Thandeka told her about the shooting because she will hold this against her for the rest of her life.

The next morning Angie, Courage, Pitsi and other gang members come to visit me. They seem thrilled to have me back to the land of the living. They even start planning my welcome back party. They are super thrilled, I don’t even stop their planning. What I know is that I wanna spend a whole week indoors with my fiancé. I miss her so much. I miss being inside her even more. Squash quickly leaves because he is invited to Yamihle’s party. Apparently he has been very close with my family, they are even used to him.

I ask Pitsi to bring my laptop and phone when he comes back. There are a few calls I have to make and some business associates I need to contact. People need to know that the Dark Eagle is back.
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