Curse Breakers: Amun Ra

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Amy Mason went on a tour of the pyramids in Egypt. When she gets separated from her tour group and runs into Tyson Toral, Fighting a cursed mummy. Amy realizes the world isn’t as it seems and that many of the most unbelievable things are truly only scratching the surface.

Action / Fantasy
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Mummy Food

Amy ran, ran as fast as her legs could carry her. The camera hung around her neck constantly hitting her chest. Amy’s dark brown hair fell out of the ponytail she was using to keep it out of her face.

The monster behind her groaned, it’s shriveled and warped arms reached out towards her. A foot, her foot, slammed into a raised slab of sandstone and she fell, hard. Her knee took the brunt of the force, scraping against the grainy floor.

Amy heard the monster stumbling towards her and as she turned to look behind when she was met the shriveled and hollow eyes of a mummy 10 ft away from her. Her breath hitched as she watched in silent horror as the monster crept closer. Each step of the vile creature matched every thump of her pounding heart.

If I’m going to die, I might as well die fighting. She thought to herself. Amy scanned her surroundings. The dimly lit passageway revealed only a few stray rocks, ranging from pebbles to small jagged stones.

She reached in front of her. Picking up the nearest one to her. Amy braced for action, but the mummy didn’t move, just stared at her with its shriveled and empty eyes. Slowly it turned away and started to walk in the direction it had come.

Bam! Suddenly a young man with caramel skin and hair the color of milk chocolate struck the mummy so quickly Amy only saw the monster fall to the ground. He had a black mask covering about 60% of his face.

Amy like any sane person could not believe her eyes. So she grabbed her camera from around her neck and snapped a picture of the scene in front of her. The young man’s amber eyes narrowed at the sound. Slowly he turned to Amy, who was clutching her camera.

“Well, this is quite a problem.” He muttered, pulling down his mask. His eyes still trained on her he started walking towards her. Now If this were a different situation Amy would be freaking out that such a handsome guy would be looking at her, yet this was not a different situation.

“What the hell was that?” She asked, furious. Why? Because that guy had been there the entire time and didn’t do anything. I swear if this is some kind of prank I will rip this place apart brick by brick.

“It’s none of your business.” He said while rummaging through his bag. Does this Jerk have a death wish? Amy wondered as she felt her anger reaching new heights.

“None of my business?” She growled. “I was almost killed by a walking Egyptian corps and you have the AUDACITY to say that it’s none of my business?” The idea of socking this pretty boy in the jaw sounded quite nice to Amy.

“Yes, I do, now if you’d please just shut up, I would most appreciate it.” He pinched the bridge of his nose saying something about how much extra paperwork this would cause. “Now I’m sorry about this but… I kinda have too,” he said as he took out a weird silver eagle medallion and Amy found herself losing consciences, falling into unwelcomed darkness.


When Amy regained consciousness she was back on the tour bus and feeling pissed. For what reason, she couldn’t remember. She remembered getting lost from her tour group but everything past that was foggy.

Sitting up from her slumped position in her seat, Amy realized something other than her memory from the past two hours was missing, her camera.

What the- she thought as she started searching through her bag, ruffling through the snacks she brought, and still found nothing. Come on that was her favorite camera. Luckily her camera was synced to her phone. Amy pulled out her phone to double-check that her pictures were indeed on her phone when she saw an incredibly odd photo, of a tall guy with a black mask standing above an odd pile of what she assumed were rocks. Well, that’s weird, she thought. Not thinking much of it, Amy turned off her phone. Waiting to arrive at the hotel.


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