The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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This is the non-fantasy version of The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, for those who don't want/like the idea of Sage and her family being involved with magic and supernatural beings. After being captured by Igor, Sage suffered the worst six months of her life. Determined to escape and to not commit the same mistake as last time, Sage fight's teeth and nails to get to Sicily safely. And now, with someone else to protect determination is not what Sage is lacking. What will happen, and this time for real, when Sage enters the Hell Sinner's life? She is going to change it and that's for sure. So buckle up because Vin, Diesel your little sister is on the way and she will create havoc in your lives! Sin Sinner, I hope you're ready, because your daughter is just like you, and like I said The apple does not fall far from the tree. Warning: -This book cannot be read as a stand-alone. -Contains strong language -Mature scenes such as torture Book started on 22/01/2021 and finished in --------

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Chapter 1 - Hello again


Four months of pure hell...

Drugged, chained, and raped every single day... Life sure has a funny way of making me pay for making a wrong choice.

I should have gone with Ferdinand instead of trying to get revenge by exterminating a gang all by my self. If I had gone with Ferdinand I’m sure as hell wouldn’t be here. Dad would have protected me...

Igor has gone mad. The half Russian half Italian man is crazy! He’s delirious with the idea of being part of the Hell Sinners, getting inside the Hell Sinner’s inner circle, being a Sinner.

~ Flashback, four months ago, 1 November ~

I woke up with thick chains on my wrist, and feet, rope around my torso and arms and my legs, even though that my feet were chained, my legs were tied, each one tied to one of the legs of the chair.

I guess they’re afraid that I’ll escape.

“Fuck...” I have a huge headache!

A horrible noise started to sound, it was so bad that my ears started hurting.

Christ! It’s true what they say, chivalry is dead!

The noise started approaching the door of this filthy room. A harsh, hoarse voice that was always coughing and sniffling was approaching the door.

He swung open the door and wobbled inside, swinging from side to side, eyes bloodshot and teeth more yellow than I remember them to be. He had a huge ass beer bottle in his hand and take a sip before starting to talk.

“He didn’t acce-acc-accept me in his gannnnn-gaaa-gáá-gang but he will once she is mine. He wo...wonnn... won't disown ’is oly daughter.” His words were so slurred that most of them were incomprehensible.

Suddenly Igor fell, knocked out cold and two men came running inside to fetch him and take him away.

Hours passed and no one came, I was so bored and the ropes and chains were so tight and hurting that, somehow, I don’t know how I fell asleep.

The door banged open and I woke up startled.

“WAKE UP BITCH!” Igor walked towards me and slapped me hard. Hard enough to knock the chair I was tied to, to the floor.

“Bastard.” I mumbled, he didn’t hear me which I guess is a good thing. My jaw is hurting.

Igor made a hand signal to someone and, again, two men came inside the disgusting room and picked me up. They put the chair upwards again and I saw the room surrounded by armed men.

The pussy is scared that I’m able to escape from all this shit he has me tied with.

I mean, I’m good but not that good. It’ll take me a while to get out of this shit if I get out at all.

“Your father didn’t accept me in his family willingly, I’ll make him accept me forcefully.” Forcefully? I’m confused, what does he mean by that? Is he going to... marry me!? Huggg! I’m going to vomit just with that thought. I will never marry that dirty asswipe!

“And what better way of making sure that he won’t be able to deny me?” Igor smiles at me evilly and men start walking towards me, forming a small circle around us.

“I’ll impregnate you and when you’re swollen with my child I’ll marry you! Then your father won’t be able to deny me! I’ll infiltrate his family with his dirty daughter by my side and when he least expects it, I’ll overthrow him! I’ll kill all the Sinners one by one and then the gang will be MINE! ALL MINE! I’LL BE THE MOST POWERFUL MEN IN ITALY!” Igor starts laughing maniacally and his men join him.

This bastard is delusional like I’ll ever let him ′impregnate′ me. At least not wiling-

Fuck, that’s his plan... He tied me up like this to make sure that I won’t run away. I’m so fucked, so freaking fucked! I just hope that someone in Sicily remembers me and notices that I’m gone. Please god, if you really exist like mom said, and if you’re really there, please make sure that dad finds me before this bastard does anything. faith is in your hands...

My distraction cost me my dignity, at least the small amount I still had left. Before I could notice or even try to move away the men stank a needle in my neck and dumped some strange liquid inside my veins. The feeling of my limbs started leaving me quickly, too quickly to my liking, fear spiked through me and the men could see it.

The sheer panic and fear of what was about to happen to me were displayed in my eyes and the men loved to see it, they laughed in my face, full belly laughter, and mocked me. They grabbed me from the chair and started dragging me, they dragged me for what seemed like forever, all the while I tried to fight off this poison inside of me. My struggles seemed to help stop the fast-spreading poison, by the time we reached the room the men wanted me into and they put me on the weird table/bed/chair thing I still had feeling of my legs. They started taking the rope and chains off of me and I take that chance to kick them.

I kicked them as best as I could while they fight against me to get my clothes off.

“THIS SHIT SHOULD BE WORKING AND INSTEAD SHE IS STILL FIGHTING! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!” Igor yelled at someone, all the while I was still fighting and screaming, trying to injure them and make them give up on their plan. I could feel my legs start getting dormant but I played it off and didn’t show this to the men, making them believe that I wasn’t being affected by it. Igor got tired of my antics and started barking orders.

“YOU FOUR GRAB HER LEGS! YOU FIVE HOLD HER DOWN!” He came towards me, attached some restrainments to my legs and suddenly he spread them open. The weird chair shit followed my legs movement and Igor walked in between them, he took a knife from his pants pocket and started cutting my clothes off.

“No. NO! STOP IT!” I screamed and squirmed but nothing stopped him and instead of trying to stop him, his men only cheered him on. Igor got angry at my resistance and stabbed my thigh.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed bloody murder and closed my eyes, trying to bear with the pain. You may think that I don’t feel pain but I do and getting stabbed in the thigh is very painful. I stayed still long enough for Igor to get his clothes off, he started jerking in front of me.

The disgusting bastard!

I tried to fight and move away from his touch but the poison had settled in and taken away my mobility. GOD DAMN IT! Why don’t I stop committing stupid mistakes like this! I tried to speak, it didn’t work well but I could still mumble some comprehensible no’s. So, that’s what I resolved to do.

“” Igor backhanded me.

“Oh! Shut up, it’s not like I’m taking something that isn’t already gone! Vinico took it first the lucky bastard.” And with that, a cloth was shoved into my mouth and Igor stuck his dirty stick inside me and raped me. I cried thought it all, the tears never stopped running down my face, but he never once stopped.

~ Flashback over ~

This has happened every single day for the past four months. Every day they stick needles into me, the men hold me down and Igor rapes me.

They give me plenty of water but little food. Igor is still scared that if I get too strong that I’ll be able to run away.

And this has been my life for the past four months.

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