The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 10 - Start of a new day


“Good morning Sage! how did you sleep?” Aunt Jully invaded my room and happily bids me a good morning but for me this morning is hell!

“I sleep horribly! I couldn’t fall asleep and then the pain killers stopped working.” I complained and aunt Jully immediately got to work.

She checked me over and today she noticed the chain marks around my wrists and ankles.

“Ugh... This looks ugly.” She mumbled. I laugh at her comment and she looks at me worriedly.

“Don’t worry aunt, they’re just a few more scars for my collection, after all, what are three or four more scars compared to twenty or so that I already have? Nothing. Am I right?” I laugh at my question and see Jully write down something. Um.... that gave me an idea.

“Hey, aunt?” She looks up from her papers and waits for me to speak.

“Do you still have Shauwn’s high school books?” Jully looks at me blankly for a few seconds. She changes her expression and starts biting the end of the pen she was writing with, she seems like she’s about to solve the world’s biggest mystery.

Jully stops biting the pen and turns her gaze towards me. “Now that you ask about it...” She mumbles something and quickly checks her phone.

“Yep!” Jully suddenly exclaims, scaring me with how fast she moved and the loud sound of her exclamation. My aunt looks at me and gives me an apologetic look. I give her a soft smile and a nod in reassurance.

I have turned into a fucking pussy, scared of even the smallest movements and sounds if mom saw me now... She would be so disappointed.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want to know about Shauwn’s high school books ?”

“I need to do something while I’m here otherwise I’m gonna die of boredness.” Aunt Jully chuckles and texts someone.

“Are you sure that you want those books? Their exercises might be very hard to do.” Jully waits for me to back down but I don’t do it. I mean, if I need to stay here for god knows how long I will need something to entertain myself with.

“I’m sure, aunt.” I tell her and she nods back while starting to text someone.

I may have never been to school but mom, grandpa, nonna, abuela, my uncles, and my godfather did teach me a few things. Besides I have been studying through Zeke’s old books and all the other old books that I was able to get my hands into at Francesco’s house.

I haven’t seen my godfather in years... I wonder how he is. I miss the guy, Igor melted my gold guns that my godfather gave me. That was his last gift for me, it was for me to use while doing jobs as the Gold Trigger. He used to say ‘A gun made of gold for a girl with a heart of gold and matching hair, may you now be called the Gold Trigger instead of the Gold Assassin.’ He was the best Russian godfather ever. He taught me almost everything I know about fighting and killing, especially about poisons...

“Alright.” Aunt Jully suddenly said, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“Stella is bringing the books and some other supplies so that you may study while you’re here.” I give her a bright smile and she smiles at my silly expression.

“Thank you, aunt. You’re the BEST!” I exclaim, Jully laughs and leaves after she sees that nobody has given me breakfast yet.

Ten minutes later aunt came back with breakfast and I started eating.

“Well Sage, today you have a busy day.” Jully told me this and started reading some papers.

“How so?” I ask her in between bites of bread. Jully spared me a glance and goes back to reading the papers of the file in her hands.

“You have a check-up with a doctor today, a dermatologist is coming to analyze your scars at three p.m. and a psychologist will come later on today to analyze your mental state help you overcome your recent trauma...” Jully mumbles the last part very softly but I still heard it.

“Like hell, I’m going to speak to a total stranger.” Aunt Jully looked a tad alarmed at my declaration but she didn’t say anything else. She gave me a few vitamins and pills to take and left the room.

I’ve been alone in this room for five minutes, thinking about everything and anything and one thing came to my mind. I can’t have my birthmark on display, people will recognize it like they have in here, word will spread fast, and either my father will hear of it or Igor, and I don’t want either of them finding me, not in this state.

If Igor finds me now I won’t be able to protect myself and my baby, my best shot to defend myself would be with my guns but that motherfucker melted them!

And my father, I don’t even want to imagine it, if he ever saw me, he would think that I’m one of those sixteen years old teenage whores! What would he think if he found out that his own sixteen years old daughter is pregnant? He wouldn’t even care that I’m his flesh and blood, that I carry his mark, the moment he sees my belly he would call me a whore and send me far, far away from him. After all, he doesn’t need a stupid little girl living with him since he already has his two perfect heirs.

That’s it! I’ve decided that I’m going to hide my mark.

“Hey, aunt!” I call after her, let’s just hope that Jully and Stella have makeup that can cover my mark.


“I’M COMING SAGE. IS SOMETHING WRONG? ARE YOU IN PAIN!?” The woman sounds desperate, but the only one desperate right now is me. I need to hide my mark and I really, really, really need to use the bathroom. Fucking Igor, couldn’t keep his lashes away from my ass and legs, now I can’t fucking walk without risking popping a stitch and without needing my aunts’ help. I hate my life...

Aunt Jully ran inside my room and quickly rushed towards me.

“What’s wrong dear?”

“I need to go to the bathroom and I need your help with something else, but first the bathroom, please.” My aunt laughs at my plead and helps me get up.

Let me relieve my bladder and we will get this plan in motion.

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