The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 11 - maternal instinct kicking in


Aunt Jully abided by my plan and covered my mark and just in time, not even two minutes after she covered my mark, a doctor walked inside my room.

I already don’t like the bastard, I know that I’ve lived inside a cell most of my life but my mother did teach me about manners and this doctor has none. He didn’t even knock on the door before walking in, and by my aunt’s face, she also didn’t like this doctor.

“Alright ladies, let’s start this checkup.” The doctor cheerfully said and put some latex gloves on.

“I’m going to listen to your breathing first. You may keep the hospital gown since it is very thin and it won’t interfere with anything at the moment.” The doctor approached me and tells me to turn my back to him. I hate the idea of having to turn my back on him, but since aunt Jully is here I let her help me, and soon my back is facing the doctor.

“Umm... This doesn’t sound good... You have a little bit of mucus in your lungs... maybe pneumonia... I will prescribe you a syrup to treat the mucus and in a week if you are still like this then we will see what else to do.” The doctor went to the bag and left his stethoscope there. He was still beside his bag when he told me to turn around to face him. I did what he said with aunt Jully’s help and when he came back, the motherfucker’s hands came towards my belly without warning. Immediately and with the instinct to protect my baby, I jump to my feet and punch the doctor in the face with all my straight.

*Crash* The aftermath was painful, my body hurts like hell from moving so fast but the good thing is that the doctor is passed out on the floor. Aunt Jully was too shocked to react but when she did she started laughing like a maniac.

“I DIND’T SEE THAT ONE COMING!” She screamed in glee while keeping on laughing.

“And this concludes today’s check-up.” I smugly said.

~ A few hours later~

Well, it’s safe to say that the only appointment that went well today was the appointment with the dermatologist.

The man in his late twenties early thirties was kind and he never did anything nor touched me without telling me what he was going to do and why he was going to do it.

His name was Acim, I had a lot of fun with him, he told me jokes to try to ease my nerves and in the middle of the appointment, his wife came to deliver him his phone, it was so funny. His wife Mariza was a funny sweet and crazy woman, she was pimple crazy and when she saw that her husband’s face had two pimples... HAHA! She didn’t leave him alone until he let her take care of the two pimples.

It was a very enjoyable evening, Mariza taught me all about taking care of my skin, how to prevent pimples and she even told me that she would visit me again. I have never felt such joy in a doctor’s appointment.

My aunts liked Mariza too and the three of them combined to take me baby shopping once I’m able to leave the hospital.


Now, the same can’t be said about the psychologist, in my opinion, she was a bitch. The woman walked inside my room at six p.m. without knocking, she presented herself as ‘doctor Shelby’ and started talking about how she had already dealt with similar cases of young girls that had been through almost the same things as me’. The insufferable woman started talking, she wanted me to just up and open myself to her and tell her everything that I went through. And when she noticed that I wasn’t going to speak, which I didn’t, she started talking about how there are solutions for my problem, that I could abort my baby, give it to adoption, she never once talked about the option of keeping my baby.

And that was when I snapped for the second time today. I got the IV out of my arm and trowed the metallic thing where the IV bag hangs against the woman. The bitch screamed bloody murder, next I grabbed the drawer of the small bedside table located beside my bed and I trowed the drawer towards the woman.

“IF YOU EVER TALK ABOUT KILLING MY BABY I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS! SCRAM OUT OF HERE BITCH!” I screamed at the piece of shit, the woman got up and left the room crying and with a bloody nose.

The world started spinning, my head feels light like it’s floating, my whole body is swaying against my will like jelly and pain starts erupting on my back, legs, and butt, confused about what was happening, I look down towards my lap to see that I’m actually standing. I don’t know when I left the bed but I know that I won’t be able to stand up for long. With a lot of effort, I grab the small metal thing at the side of the bed and try to keep myself up for enough time to call for help. The metal things helped me a little bit and as soon as I buzzed the bottom that calls the nurses, just in time because right after buzzing the nurses I fall on my knees.

“God damn it.” I mutter under my breath while trying to get myself up.

“The damned pain killers stopped working.” Minutes pass by, the nurses don’t come to my aid and the pain starts to become unbearable, a strong wave of dizziness and a headache make my vision get blurry and the next thing I know my arms are protecting my baby, and I hit the floor completely losing consciousness.

~ 1 hour later ~


I saw the psychologist that I left with Sage all bloodied, the woman was shrieking and screaming as a nurse took care of her face, curious to know what happened, I walked towards her only to end up having to take care of papers and paying for the woman’s hospital bill.

“Only Sage to do this.” I mutter. “I will have to talk with her to find out what happened.” I start walking towards the floor Sage’s room is in, and weirdly I saw no one around. I hurry my steps and get inside an elevator, I just hope that Sage is ok.

*Ding* The elevator’s doors open and I run out of the tiny box and directly towards Sage’s room. I kick open the door, and there she was, in the middle of her half-destroyed room passed out on the floor.

“OH MY GOD SAGE!” Dried blood was all over her legs...

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