The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 12 - Your due date is...


My head is pounding painfully as if my heart decided to move to my head and is pumping inside my brain. My body feels a bit sore, maybe I should open my eyes to see what’s going on.

I try to open my eyes but it’s like my eyelids are glued, next I try to move my arms up to my eyes but they feel heavy, so, so heavy...

“Sage...sage?” I hear a voice echo my name, a familiar voice. It’s close to me but at the same time, it feels so far away.

“Are you awake...awake?” The same voice asks me, with a great effort I open my eyes, everything is blurry but at least my eyes are open now. I blink a few times to clear my vision and once things stop being all blurry I lock gaze with blue eyes.

“Aunt Stella?” I whisper the question and the woman nods, confirming her identity.

“What happened to me?” A very unhappy woman suddenly jogs over to me, her dark brown eyes ablaze with fury, her curly brown hair in total disarray and her face is contorted in a frown, aunt Jully is here, and she is angry...

“What happened to you, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!? I’LL TELL YOU WHAT THE FUCK I WALKED IN TWO DAYS AGO!” And they say I have a bad temper, this woman looks like a volcano about to erupt.

Wait, two days ago..?

“Two days ago?” What the hell did I do two days ago?

“YES, TWO FREAKING DAYS AGO! When you broke that crappy therapists’ nose, destroyed your room, popped your stitches, and fainted, I found you on the floor bleeding out !” Ummm... if that’s what I did, as long as my baby is safe then I’m happy.

“Is my baby ok?” Aunt Jully leaves the room, I don’t know if she left to cool down or if she went to get something but it’s ok, I just hope that Stella will answer my question.

I turn my gaze to aunt Stella and find her checking my vitals. She doesn’t answer me, which worries me, my heartbeat starts spiking up with fear of what may have happened to my baby, aunt Stella quickly glances at me and gives me a reassuring smile.

The smile tranquilized me but I keep a watchful eye on her. I watched her for two minutes straight and Stella doesn’t seem to be keeping anything from me, so I relax a bit and my heartbeat goes back to normal.

Aunt Jully soon comes back inside the room and with her comes a female doctor and an ultrasound machine.

“Hello Sage, I’m doctor Izelda and I’ll be accompanying you throughout your pregnancy.” Doctor Izelda starts setting up the machine and I observe her. She doesn’t seem to have sick intentions towards my baby... but we’ll see, I’ll be keeping an eye on her.

“Sage, Doctor Izelda was one of the many people who helped me stabilizing you two days ago when I found you on the floor.” I give a nod of acknowledgment towards aunt Jully and keep on observing the doctor. In less than ten minutes the doctor has the machine and everything else she may need ready and starts moving towards me.

“Nice to meet you doctor Izelda, as you already know, I’m Sage and I want to know if my baby is alright.” The doctor chuckled softly at my lack of patience and I give her the stinky eye.

“Yes, Sage, your baby is ok.” I don’t even let the doctor finish whatever she was going to say before interrupting her.

“Oh thank fuck for that!” The three women look at me, my aunts frown at my choice of words but the doctor just laughs at my relief.

“Come on then, what are you waiting for, I want to see my little one.” Doctor Izelda shakes her head softly in amusement and my aunts help me moving and uncover my stomach for the doctor to start the ultrasound.

“Sage, two days ago you were lucky, but you can’t keep doing impulsive things like that, if you love your baby you can’t keep doing that. You almost lost the child, you don’t only have yourself to think about, you now have to think about your baby’s safety.” Doctor Izelda spoke gently during the whole scolding while putting the gel on my stomach and waiting for my baby to appear on the screen.

I have never felt such shame and guilt like this in my life, I almost lost my baby and it would have been my fault. I don’t know what I would do without my baby, I’m only alive right now for him or her.

“Here is your little one, Sage.” I came back from my thoughts when doctor Izelda calls me.

“You are thirteen weeks pregnant, close to fourteen. So, today is May 5, I’m mentally calculating your due date and from my estimations, your baby will be born around October 15 or 16, but don’t worry I’m going to calculate your due date on my computer right after finishing your check-up, just to be sure.” Izelda pauses sometimes during her speech but I don’t mind it, she’s concentrating on calculating my baby’s due date and sincerely I can’t fucking wait for October to come!

“I’m going to make you a diet plan to help you and your baby staying healthy.” The moment I heard the word diet I frown, it was instantaneous. The only diets I have ever heard about were ones to lose weight or to starve us to death and I don’t want anything like that for me.

My aunts and doctor Izelda saw my frown and they quickly explained this diet thing to me.

“In sum, this diet will also help your baby grow and will keep you both healthy.” Doctor Izelda finished her explanation at the same time she finishes checking everything she needed on my baby.

“Do you want me to print some pictures?” Doctor Izelda asked me. I look at her like she grew three heads and rapidly I exclaim “Hell yes!” before starting to smile like crazy. My aunts and the doctor laugh at my reaction and I keep on observing my baby’s movements not giving a damn about the world right now.

Doctor Izelda prints my baby’s pictures and hands them to me while she goes to her weird flat computer without a keyboard and starts taping on the screen.

“What is that thing you’re using?” I ask doctor Izelda. My aunts’ freeze and doctor Izelda looks at me confused.

“This is an Ipad.” Doctor Izelda gives me an expectant look, she is waiting for me to acknowledge that I know what the flat screen in her hands is but to me that is just a weird flat object.

“Am I suppose to know what that is??” The color drains from everyone’s face except mine, the three women look at me horrified like I murdered someone in front of them when in reality I don’t know what the hell their problem is.

“Have you ever seen a computer or an iPhone before, Sage?” Aunt Stella asks me a little unsure of what to expect.

“Of course I’ve seen a computer and the weird phones that are a smaller version of doctor Izelda’s Ipad, although they have changed a lot from what my mother had told me they looked like. I just have never seen an Ipad before.” At the end of my rant the three women look worried, unsure, sad and many other emotions that I don’t have the patience to name. They stayed silent for, around twenty minutes and while doctor Izelda worked on her Ipad, aunt Stella taught me how to work the TV to have something to entertain myself.

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