The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 13 - NIghtmare and Uncle James


“I’m sorry to inform you Igor that your fiance is not expecting yet.” The doctor packed his things and Igor escorted him to the front door while some guards took me back to my cell and chained my wrists and ankles, putting my chained wrists on a hook above my head. Leaving me behind with the chains so tight that my circulation almost feels like it’s stopping.

This shit hurts I’ll be surprised if I can still use my feet and hands by the end of this hell.

This was the second time the doctor has come to check on me this month and if I know Igor well, then this won’t end well for me.

Ten minutes went by when I commenced hearing footsteps getting near my cell entrance, the footsteps were heavy and hurried, shit is about to come my way.

WARNING Torture ahead

Igor walked inside my cell, in his hands a thick chain, about a meter long, and walking behind him was someone else holding a blowtorch and a suitcase.

“This is what bitches like you deserve!” Igor mumbled, his eyes held a crazed glint, his face was all red, his hands were shaking, his fingers were twisting and a sick smirk was plastered on his face, showcasing his yellow teeth and a gold tooth.

Igor took hold of a small bench from the corner of this cell, he sat his heavy ass on it and started observing his chain.

“You, my dear, have never let me down before, so don’t start now.” He whispered to the chain while caressing it and kissed it.


After kissing the chain Igor extended his hand in the other man’s direction, the man handed him the blowtorch and Igor turned it on and started heating the chain.

I hope he isn’t thinking what I think he’s thinking...

Igor sat there, for five or more minutes heating the chain, the metallic thing turned a glowing red color and once Igor was satisfied with it, he turned off the blowtorch and got up.

“You see Sage, you’ve been a bad little bitch, and it won’t be a picayune bitch like you that will ruin my reputation.” And with this, he swung the chain in my direction and hit me.


He hit me once... Twice... Three times...

“You knew Sage since I took up this little mission of impregnating you my men have been speaking, speaking of how I must be impotent since you aren’t pregnant yet.” He swung the chain and hit my back.

“AAAH!” I screamed as that metal shit hit my skin, burning me until I started bleeding. Even though the pain I couldn’t let my tongue-tied, and like always I had to make some kind of comment that I would regret later, and that’s what happened now...

Igor was still hitting me with the burning chain, but with this bitchy comment at the tip of my tongue, I managed to ignore the pain and started laughing like a psycho. This behavior angered Igor more and so, he swung with more straight.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LAUGHING AT YOU SINNER SCUM!?” I ignored Igor and proceeded to speak.

“Your men aren’t wrong Igor, if you were as ‘potent’ as you say you are, you wouldn’t take viagra to get it up!” Astonished, Igor stopped hitting me and turned red from embarrassment, the man beside him started snickering while I laughed so hard that I started crying. My laugh must have been contagious because the snickering man soon joined me, our laughter attracted more men and when they heard our reason for laughter, they too started laughing.

But, oh man... When Igor snapped out of his shock, he killed one of his own laughing men, this action stopped the laughter of the others. Igor made them leave my cell and take the body with them and once they did... the real shit started...

“You will regret this bitch!” He sneered.

Igor heated the chain again, once done he hit me with it for half an hour straight. As soon as he was satisfied with the number of burns and the amount of blood he drew, Igor stopped with the chain, only to start craving me with a knife in the same spots the chain had torn my flesh... That day I passed out from blood loss, I woke the day after with Igor raping me.


I just remember screaming, and it was while screaming that I woke up from that nightmare. But my screams weren’t the only thing I woke up with, loud beeping and various voices were coming from the room beside mine, curiosity got the best of me and I got up from my bed and started walking towards the door.

It’s been two weeks since the last time you heard from me, I’ve got better, all my stitches are healing nicely, I’ve got my missing tooth back and I almost don’t have pain. I’ve been busy with catching up to all the shit in Shauwn’s highschool books, but harder than that is being a good girl and keeping myself from moving around too much or from fighting.

*Sigh*, how I miss those days in which I could fight...

I reached my room’s door and open it, facing the hall, the clock on the wall says that’s 2:48 a.m. I don’t know what could be happening in the room beside mine at these hours, but whatever it is just got me more curious.

Slowly and cautiously I make my way towards that room, the closer I get the louder the noise gets.

“...we’re losing him!”

“WHAT! They’ll kill us if he dies!”

“QUICKLY START CPR!” Doctors and nurses were running in and out of the room, all wearing scared expressions, this patient must be really important.

“COME ON, JAMES! COME ON, I AIN’T LOSING YOU NOW SINNER!” Sinner... that’s my uncle in there, um...



“I didn’t take my family as weak, but damn uncle, you’re going down without even fighting, what a weakling.” I say this out loud and start leaving my uncle’s doorway and walking towards my room. And just like that, as if a switch had been turned I heard the machine that records his heartbeat start beeping steadily again, showing that he has a steady heartbeat.

“OH MY GOD! HE’S AWAKE!” A nurse yelled. I stop on my tracks and stay alert, trying to hear anything else.

“If anyone in this room dares to warn my family that I’m awake I’ll murder you all, got it?” A raspy as fuck voice states coldly.

“Y-ye-yes s-sir.” The people inside the room squeaked.

Looks like I’ll be paying my uncle a visit sometime soon... And with this trough in mind, I left the hallway and went back to my room, where I sleep the whole night after this.

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