The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 14 - Treath arising..?


“Hey Stella, do you know what happened to James last night?” Aunt Jully asks aunt Stella.

Can’t they go and gossip somewhere else? I’m trying to sleep!

“No, what happened!?”

“His heart stopped again at almost three in the morning for a few seconds, he’s ok now but the doctors said that one moment he was dead and the next his heartbeat was normal again as if nothing happened. I went to see him a few minutes ago and he’s still in a coma, sleeping like a baby.”

“He can’t keep going like this Jully, at some point his heart won’t handle it! I swear, these Sinner men will give me wrinkles before I reach my 50th birthday! I-”

“Do you mind!? I’m trying to sleep here! My kid and I need our beauty sleep before getting up and starting the ridiculous task of today.” Both my aunts turn around to face me and apologize, they know that the nightmares have been plaguing me during the night and to be awakened at eight in the morning is hell for me, being pregnant leaves me moody and tired. If I could I would sleep the whole day!

“Anyway, I didn’t know uncle James was here.”

“Oh, we didn’t want to worry you. He was transferred here after he started having complications in Miss Paolo’s house, his heart stopped and the nurses you sent us started getting worried that something worse could happen so we brought him here.” Aunt Stella told me a bit about uncle James and for the looks of it, he’s one of the coolest uncles ever.

Car races, motorbikes, a garage in which he can modify anything with a motor, parties, late-night drives, cool fighting moves, good jokes from what Jullie said AND he used to take my brothers and older cousin to parties, clubs, and strip clubs that he owns. That’s one hell of an uncle, maybe one day, if my father accepts me into the family, he will do all those things with me.

“Sage, it’s time for you to write to Concetta.” Aunt Stella reminded me.

Concetta is my therapeutic, she was Hazel’s therapeutic a few years ago and she’s a nice woman. She can’t be here presidentially since she had a baby just one month ago but she is still helping me.

I don’t like writing that much but it’s still better than talking.

My aunt Jully contacted Concetta after what happened with the other bitch, we’ve met through a video call and she was nice, I even meet her baby, Gioia. Concetta has rather fair skin, with bright hazel eyes, wavy hair, a very defined face structure, a small perky nose, and natural dark pink lips, she’s a 5′5″ woman with a very nice and easy likable aura surrounding her.

When my aunt first talked with Concetta, she suggested that I start writing a sort of diary, to write everything in there and mark the pages that I allow her to see, those pages then are digitalized by my aunts and then sent to Concetta, who will after receiving and reading my things write me back with ways of dealing with all this bullshit.

“Here.” I tell aunt Jully who wants was passing by my room. Aunt Jully nods, grabs the leather-covered book, and starts leaving my room.

“Can you bring me hazelnut ice cream, please? It’s my favorite and I’m craving it right now...” Jully smiles and leaves the room muttering under her breath “Just like her father.”

Finding myself alone I feel asleep, expressing feelings on paper is tiring, especially since I’m the one writing...

-- Somewhere else, very far away from Sicily...--

"Bring me, Hunter, right now! It's time for him to pay his debt."

"Yes, sir!" The man saluted his leader and left the room.

Half an hour later, the same man came back accompanied by another, this newcomer had dark brown hair fading to grey, his face had quite a few wrinkles along with a few scars, and his eyes were a light hazel color.

"You called for me, sir?" Hunter, the man who was in debt with this gangster asked.

"Yes, I did. It's time for you to pay your debt." The leader stated and got up from his chair.

"Of course, Igor, after you saved my life I'll do anything you ask of me." Pleased with Hunter's answer, Igor smirked, he dismissed the other man and gestured for Hunter to come closer to his desk.

"You may have heard that I have a fiance." Igor started and Hunter creepily smiled.

"Oh, yes, boss! A pretty feisty little thing the men have told me." Igor scoffed but nodded.

"Very feisty, indeed. But that's not why I called you here, I mean it is about her but not about her firstness."

"Of course boss, I'm sorry for interrupting." Igor waved his apology off and thought about what he should exactly reveal, it's not as if this man would change his mind if he told him that he raped Sage but still, one can never be too careful with what he says.

"My fiance ran away and I'm suspicious that she was pregnant. I want you to find her, her name is Sage, she has not been registered anywhere since she was born in Vinico's cells, she was the daughter of one of the people captured from the last war between Vinico and the Hell Sinner's-"

"The Hell Sinner's, really?" Hunter has a past with the Hell Sinners. He used to live close to them and his son used to be friends with the heirs of the leader of the Hell Sinner's, the three kids went to school together, they trained together and much to his displeasure, his son and his wife were very friendly with the Sinner family.

"Yes, anyway I want you to find Sage and bring her back to me, if you can't get to Sage and my son has already been born then I want you to bring my son back to me. If you fail to accomplish any of these tasks, I'll kill you and get rid of you, but unlike your son, I'll end you for good." Igor showed the man his gun and fake aimed at him.

"Yes boss, I won't fail you, Igor."

"You better not." Igor sneered and sent Hunter on his way.

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