The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 15 - First meeting

SAGE’S POV, 2 a.m.

Once again, I woke up during the night. My nightmares don’t let me sleep and my kid feels my agitated state becoming agitated him/herself making me feel slightly sick.

Knowing that I won’t be able to sleep for a while, I got up from the bed and carefully started walking towards my room’s door. I left my room and started walking down the corridor with the wall’s help. And yes, I need the wall’s help, my legs have been fucked up and I’ll need rehabilitation or physiotherapy, maybe they’re the same thing but who cares! I can’t start doing that shit to my arm and legs because ‘my wounds aren’t fully healed’ bla bla bla, that’s just a shit load of bullshit! And because of me being pregnant my ‘situation is different and has to be treated carefully’ so they are taking their time to plan correctly my rehabilitation plan. My aunt Jully told me that maybe in two weeks from now I’ll start rehabilitation so that by September I’ll be able to go to school.

I can’t wait for September, I’ll finally be able to meet my brothers and see what shit they’re up to! I’ll set them straight, I’ll mess up their heads, I’ll keep an eye on the gang and I will be able to be with my best friend again!


Umm… Maybe I could call Zeke in the morning, we’ll see…

I finally arrived at the end of the corridor, which is only three rooms from my room but because of my added weight and fucked up legs it took me forever, but I can’t complain though, the hospital wants me to use a wheelchair and I’m walking around on my feet. Anyway, at the end of the corridor, there’s a huge ass window. From this window I can see the world outside, the trees, one of the hospital parking lots, the street lamps, the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who are outside on break, the ambulance coming and going, and the moon… Today it’s a full moon, the sight is very beautiful… I lost myself admiring the moon and before I knew it, one hour had passed by.

The sound of a door clicking shut brought me out of my trance, the sound was a bit far from me, but since this part of the hospital is so silent at night I hear it loud and clear. I moved myself a bit more to the side of the window, where another corridor started, and kept on watching the moon, keeping my ears wide open in case someone moved close to me.

Two minutes went by and the sound of wheels started echoing through the hospital’s hallway made me look back.

*Pom!* The sound of the person on the wheelchair hitting something in the corridor made me look back. “Fuck!” The man cursed and I stiffly watched his shadow approaching me.

‘Should I turn my back to him or stay put?’ I thought to myself before quickly turning around giving the stranger my back. I started observing the hospital staff who were on break, I kept gazing at them and hoped that the man would leave when he saw me here.

The man keeps on approaching me when he got close to the window, he saw my shadow and I heard him mutter “Fuck, there’s someone here.”. Cautiously, I heard him move the wheelchair closer to the window, I kept my stiff stance but I never wavered my gaze away from the nurses outside. I felt the man’s eyes on me, we kept silent and observed the people through the window, and, after, like, twenty minutes the man spoke.

“I ain’t going to attack you, you know? You don’t need to be all stiff.” The man’s voice was rough, at first, when I heard it I stiffed my posture even more, but after listening to his last words attentively, I recognized the man’s voice.

It’s uncle James!

With this new surge of recognition, I put my hands on my stomach, feeling a tiny flutter on it. I smile at my baby’s movement and start to relax my muscles. Before turning to face James, I wipe the smile off my face. With one hand I hold my stomach and with the other, I grab the sill of the window and carefully turn around, I don’t want to risk losing my balance and fall, not only would that be embarrassing but it would also be dangerous for my baby.

After fully turning around I heard my uncle gasp loudly, I look him in the eyes and see that his are wide open and his pupils are dilated.


Pregnant, that’s the first thing I notice when this young girl starts to turn around to face me, the second is the chain marks that are still heavily noticeable on her skin alongside the healing bruises. The girl is barefoot, one of her feet has a heavy chain mark as well while the other a lighter one. A gasp leaves my lips without my permission, the girl is finally facing me, looking me directly in the eyes, mine are wide with shock while hers holds uncertainty, recognition, and a tiny bit of fright. Her face has light bruises all over it, she has stitches on her head and I can tell that the arm which is holding her belly also has some kind of problem since she can’t move it that well.

Now I know why she was so stiff, someone hurt her, probably a man, and now here I am, in a wheelchair but less than five feet away from her. The anger I feel at seeing the state she is in makes me want to get up, but I know that I won’t last long-standing up. If I find out who hurt this girl I’ll get the gang on his ass!

The look of recognition never left the girl's eyes while she looked at me, I don’t know why but she looks familiar… Blue eyes, blond hair, a mix of light and slightly tan skin, long eyelashes… Have I seen her before? Maybe I know her parents?

“Goodnight.” She spoke, a small edge to her voice that I still could detect. She definitely knows me, I conclude.

She started walking away, always holding the wall with one hand and her belly with the other. I watched her until she walked inside the room beside mine. Maybe that’s how she knows me, she may have heard the nurses gossiping about me, or maybe she heard me yesterday.

I stayed for about one hour pondering about all this and soon I left for my room, it’s almost time for the nurses to come to check me anyway.


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