The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 17 - A Talk with abuela


“Hey Sage, I-” Aunt Jully walked in right after I ended the call with Zeke, in her hands was a tray with my lunch.

“Hey aunt, do you have your phone’s charger with you? Because you need it right now.” Jully looked at me like I’ve grown a second head, mouth wide open and eyes ablaze.

Oh, oh... I’m in trouble...

“Sage...” Fuck! She’s calm, that’s bad, she’s about to scream at me. Let’s see what’s the reason this time.

“Yes, aunt?” I give her my ‘angel eyes and inocent charming smile’ and wait for her reaction.

“Have you been chatting with Zeke until now?” Jully sweetly asked me.


“AND YOU DIDN’T THINK ABOUT CALLING YOUR GRANDMOTHER!?” Damn, everytime I think she can’t scream louder than the last one but she always surprises me. I’ll need to have my ears checked before leaving this hospital, otherwise I’ll be walking around the streets deaf like a door.

“They must be worried sick about you back in Boston and here you are while they are still there searching for you.” She keeps going, at least now she’s not screaming.

“Call your grandmother right now and put it on speaker to make sure that you’re really calling her.” Bossy lady. The only thing she forgets is that I don’t know her phone’s password and the device needs to be charged.

“I’ll do it as soon as one, you charge your phone and two, you have to unluck it because I don’t know your pass.” Jully gives me an annoyed look and leaves my room, not even two minutes later she comes back with her charger and put her phone charging close to me. She unlocks the phone and goes to abuela’s number.

“Done, now speak with your grandmother.” She gives me the phone and sits herself at the end of my bed.

I roll my eyes at aunt Jully and put the phone on speaker. Before the first ring finish, abuela already picked up.

“Hell-” Before she even finish I’m already speaking.

“Hi abuela, I’m just calling you to tell you that I’m alright and that I’m in Sicily, ok?”

“I already knew you were in Sicly, there was no need for you to tell me that, but I’m glad to know you’re ok. At least now I know you’re in good hands.” I couldn’t hold it back, I smirked at aunt Jully and showed her my tongue.

“HA! See aunt Jully! I told you abuela knew I was here.”

“Hahaha!” Abuela laughed loudly. “I’m glad to see that you still have a childish bone in your body after everything you went through.” The smile on my face fell but I keep quiet, waiting to see if abuela had anything else to tell me.

“Mi corazón. (my heart)” My abuela’s tone changed, gone was the warmt and happiness, worry and uncertain taking it’s place making me instantly worried.

What if something happened to grandpa or nonno? Or nonna or my uncles? Maybe something happened to abuela, before I could ask her if something abuela started talking again.

“I don’t want to trouble you, but I need a favor.”

“Of course abuela, anything.” I promptly answered.

“I need you to send a menssage to someone, it’s more like one last job but I really need you to do it, otherwise our family may be in danger.” Aunt Jullys’ stance hardens, her muscles stiffen and her nostrils flare in anger and worry and I’m sure that my stace is mimiking hers.

“What’s wrong grandma?” I ask her a bit sternly. No one and nobody messes with my family while I still alive without facing the consequences and I’ll make sure that whoever is making my abuela worried is eliminated.

“The problem, my dear, is that our family is living among a rat’s nest and your drunk father isn’t even aware of what is going on. If it wasn’t for your brother’s psychotic mind we would all be dead by now.” Rats... How could I forget that Igor had infested my father’s legacy with rats.

“THAT MOTHERFUCKER! Don’t worry abuela, I’ll take care of it, just tell me where and who and I’ll take care of it.”

“His name is Regilnaldo Cuduro Praga, he is the rats leader. He is in constanct contact with Igor sharing information and receiving orders, basically, he’s the one who make everything happen. I need you to take him out of the picture. Without him, the rest of Igor’s followers will be lost and then they’ll sloppy. That way it will be easier to end them all. Your brother Diesel is as drunk as your father, but he has issues, the moment he sees those men acting weird they’ll become his play thing and when that happens we won’t have to worry about danger coming towards our family. I’ll send you a picture of Regilnaldo and some of his followers, have fun dear and get better. Love you.” Abuela gives me all the information I need and sends me the pictures of the rats before ending the call.

“Love you too abuela and consider it done.” I put aunt Jully’s phone on my small bedside table and start eating my cold lunch.

“I’ll need you to see that pictures, tell me if you have seen any of that guys near our family.” Aunt Jully robotically get’s up and goes towards her phone. She starts scrowling throught the pictures abuela sent and suddendly, she freezes.

“I’ve seen this guys around one of the warehouses, and that guy has been close to Cameron.” I imediately leave my lunch alone and see who my aunt is speaking about.

Regilnaldo, that’s who my aunt is talking about. That motherfuker used to visit Igor once or twice per month, he’ll always incourage Igor about his plan and even gave him some pointers, that sick fucker. I’ll have so much pleasure ending that bastard!

I go back to eating and start tracing a plani my mind. I’ll need quiet a few things since I’ll have to keep my distance but I’ll do it.

My aunts phone vibrates and aunt Jully hands it to me.

“It’a a text from your grandma.” She says and waits for me to take the phone.

The text says: ‘By the way we’re still in Boston, Alan and John will be back in one week and the rest of us will stay behind taking care of all this headgehogs bastards. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that we’ve caught and tortures more than seventy men already, that’s how we got Regilnaldo’s name. We’re almost done but me and your gradparents want to make sure that no bastard escaped us that’s why we’re staying behind. The Vasco kid and his siblings are alright and they’re all under Dwain and Scott’s protection. I want to see you healty next time we’re face to face. With love, abuela.’ I showed the text to aunt Jully and she gave me a weak smile.

“Non preoccuparti zia, alla fine andrà tutto bene, ma avrò bisogno di un favore. (Don’t worry aunt, everything will be alright in the end, but I’ll need a favor.)” My aunts’ eyes shined brightly when she heard me speak italian, I fell like I’ve done something good just by making her eyes brighten up.

“Nominalo e te lo prenderò, a patto che tu prometta di stare attento. (Name it and I shall get it for you, as long as you promise to be careful.)” Aunt Jully spoke.

Looks like I have a busy week to prepare for...

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