The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 18 - Mission


It’s been six days since my call with grandma. Aunt Jully and aunt Stella got me everything I asked for and aunt Jully also got me a hairdresser to come to the hospital.

After this mission, I’m cutting my hair.

“Hello ladies, Jayla is here and miracles is what I do.” A strong woman with a dazzling smile walks inside my room and announces her entry. Aunt Jully was checking me all over one last time to make sure that I would be ok to complete this mission when miss Jayla walked in. Jully jumped in surprise and angrily turned around to face miss Jayla.

“God damn it, Jayla! If she didn’t know you were coming and had a gun close by, you would be dead by now!” Jayla smirked and I giggled at my aunt.

“Oh come on sis, I’m sure your niece wouldn’t shot me. I mean have you seen me? I’m amazing.” Jayla said and made a weird gesture to emphasize the word amazing.

“AHhaha! Ciao (hello) Jayla, it’s nice to meet you.” She looks at me and gives me a dazzling smile.

“Hello, girl! And what can I do for you today?” She asks me while walking closer to me.

“I need a favor, but first do you have a small ribbon and a pair of scissors at hands?” I ask her, Jayla nods while giving me a small smile and a question look.

“Here is the envelope.” Aunt Stella tells me while walking inside my room and hands me the envelope.

Jayla hands me a light blue ribbon and, I tie it around a long strand of my hair, then I made a cute little bow to secure it. The last time I cut my hair was when Cameron and Alan left America, so believe me when I say, my freaking hair is so long it reaches my butt! After I come back from this mission, I’ll have Jayla cut my hair above my shoulder.

“Cut here, please.” I indicated to Jayla and pointed towards where I wanted her to cut. The tied strand of hair fell on my lap. I grabbed it and put it inside the envelope. I sealed the envelope and with a pen, I wrote ‘To Zeke’ on the front of it.

“Now, Jayla, can you do some kind of trick to make my hair look a lot shorter than it is, please? I need to be able to run and jump around and not be recognized as a girl.” Jayla looks at my hair and passes her hand through it. She is so deep in thought that I can almost see the gears inside her head, turning.

While Jayla was thinking about my request, aunt Stella called me. I face her and wait to see what she has to say.

“Remember, Sage, what you’re going to do today is something that you can’t do ever again while pregnant. You made a lot of progress these past six days. You can already walk without help but, you still need to be careful. Especially while jumping around. We’ve seen your plan, we know the traject you’re going to take after killing that fucker and, we noticed that you’re going to be jumping through quite a few roofs. And, I know that your belly is still small and it won’t get in the way that much yet, but you still need to be careful.” I listen to everything my aunt tells me and nod.

“Of course aunt, I’ll do any and everything for my little one.” Aunt Stella smiles and nods.

“Sorry to interrupt but Sage, I’m going to need to quickly cut a bit of your hair, and only then will I be able to make the trick look real.” Jayla quickly tells me and, I give her the go-ahead.

“Another thing.” Aunt Jully speaks. I look at her and wait for her to speak.

“Jayla, cover your ears.” Aunt Jully demands her sister.

“No worries sis, I ain’t listening to your lecture. I have better things to do than listen to you!” I giggle and watch as aunt Jully gives Jayla the middle finger.

“As I was saying.” Aunt Jully starts. “I don’t know if you know this Sage, but your father used to be a well know assassin before taking over the gang and marrying your mother.” I already knew about this but I keep quiet, only giving her a slight nod for her to continue. I’m curious to see where she’s going with this.

“Your father was a paid assassin, he used to have very quiet and quick moves. In less than eight seconds he was able to get on top of a two-story building, and what I want you to know with all this is... Your father may be old and probably drunk right now, but he won’t take kindly to someone to dare to assassinate one of his men in front of him and on his turf. I can’t guarantee you anything, but he’s going crazy with your mother’s death, he’s still not over it and he may chase after you. I just want to warn you in case that does happen and give you a tip.”

~ Two hours later ~

Jayla, Stella, and Jully did a great job in helping me.

Remember the butcher who I pointed a gun at and who took me to the hospital? I found out he’s Stella’s father and the woman is her mother. Shocking, right? I trough so too, anyway, the reason I’m bringing this up now is because he is giving me a ride to the building where I’m going to mount my rifle. A rifle that belongs to uncle John...

“If after you’re done, you need a ride, give a call and I’ll pick you up.”

“Ok, thanks, Patrizio.” I thank him and open the car’s door, ready to get out, until he calls me again.

“And, kid?”

“Yes, Patrizio?”

“Kill that rat and end as many more as you can before they retaliate.” I nod.

“Will do, Patrizio.” With that, I grab my bag and leave the car.

Did I forget to tell you that Patrizio is one of the retired members of the Hell Sinners?

Anyway, I use this building’s back door to get in and walk up the stairs towards the rooftop. Once there are no more stairs, I open the door to the roof and carefully start crawling towards the edge of the building to set up my rifle. I don’t want to risk being seen, after all my father, and his gang are in the building right across from the street.

After the riffle is set, I adjust my black collar so that it covers my mouth and nose and ready my rifle. I scout out the outside of the old bar/warehouse where my target is and, once I find him, I take aim and...


Immediately after I shot the rats, people start coming out of my father’s building. I take that small distraction and slip the envelope and a note out of my bag. I set the envelope on the floor and the note on top of the riffle.

I get up off the floor and grab my bag, ready to get out of there. I walk towards the other side of the roof and jump down to the emergency stairs. I throw my bag strap over my shoulder and climb into the emergency stairs railing.

The job is done, Sage, now you only have to escape.

I can already hear the commotion, people yelling and screaming and a very angry man screaming commands all over the place.

“Come on Sage, you can do it.” I whisper to myself while getting ready to jump towards the emergency stairs of the next building.

I take one deep breath and slowly exhale through my nose, let’s do this. Since I don’t have enough space to take stock I have to hope that my mother is watching over me, otherwise, I’m going to fall down to my death. And with this thought in mind, I jump.

I jump and somehow I’m able to grab the railing of the stairs. My belly was about to crash against the hard metal of the emergency stairs but I react quickly and move my legs up, ending up only hitting my knees painfully hard against the motherfucking metal.

Loud noise from the building I just jumped from alerted me that my father’s people are close and I end up cursing my luck.

“Fuck.” I whisper, afraid of being heard, and carefully lift my legs up, using my arms to get myself on the emergency stairs instead of hanging from the side of them. As soon as my feet touch the stairs I get inside the building through a window and start running as fast as I can through it, trying to reach the next building before anyone notices me.

Everything was going well, I managed to reach the other side of this building. I found a window, I observed my surroundings and, from across the window was another set of emergency stairs, the only problem is that they are too far for me to jump. Analyzing my possibilities, I notice a trash dumper full of trash.

“This will have to do.” I whisper and jump inside it, getting out as fast as I can, and run towards the emergency stairs. The bitches are collected, but with a jump, I manage to grab them and bring them down, climbing them right afterward. This time I don't manage to go through the inside of the building, so I have no other choice but to go to the roof.

And what a big mistake that was...

"FUCK! THERE'S THE THE FUCKER WHO KILLED CHARLES! STAY HERE, I'M GOING AFTER HIM." A man yelled from the building I shot that rat.

I'm fucked! Was the last thing I thought before starting to run through the roof.

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