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Chapter 19 - The chase

Warning: Long chapter ahead


The moment we pinpointed where the shots came from, we didn’t waste any more time and took off towards the building across the street. Two men died and one is injured but with no danger of dying, whoever had the balls to shoot at my men right in front of my property is going to pay.

Diesel, Deper, and Bruno came with me, we ran up the steps until we reached the roof, and once there we only found a rifle and a piece of paper.

Bruno and Deper went towards the rifle and Diesel and I watched our surroundings, trying to find anything that gave away where the shooter went.

“MOTHEFUCKER!” Yelled Deper suddenly. His scream made me and Diesel immediately go towards him, Bruno’s eyes only twitched and Deper’s whole body was vibrating with anger.

“What is it?” Diesel gruffly asked, nodding his head towards the pieces of paper both men were holding. Deper trusted the paper into my hands and grabbed the rifle, leaving the roof right after.

" ‘YOU ARE WELCOME’ " I read out loud the bold letter in the piece of paper Deper handed me.

“Welcome? I’M FUCKING WELCOME!? This dude comes into my turf and kills my men and tells me that I’M WELCOME! WHO THE HELL DOES THIS PIECE OF SHIT THINK HE IS?!” To say that I’m angry is an understatement, this motherfucker will pay, that I can guarantee.

" ‘Btw you may keep the rifle’ " I read the last sentence and ball up the paper, throwing it down the building and towards the bar we were in before this shit happened.

“Boss, this rifle belongs to John.” Bruno told me. Diesel’s eyes take a murdering glint to them and before any of us can react Bruno speaks again.

“There’s more boss, the man left an envelope addressed to Zeke.” Diesel reacts quicker than I and rips the envelope from Bruno’s hands, opening it right after, but what he takes from there, is something that I don’t know how to interpret.

Abruptly, from the corner of my eyes I see movement on the roof of a building not so far from here. I react straight away and send Bruno and Diesel back to the bar.

“Show that shit to your cousin and keep watch of the turf, I’m going after the shooter, and DON’T YOU DARE FOLLOW ME, THAT FUCKER IS MINE” I yell my last few words while running towards the edge of the building, getting ready to jump.

“SURE THING, CAPO (boss)” Bruno answered just as I jumped to the roof of the next building. The shooter had almost three buildings advance over me but I didn’t give up.

We kept up this little game of cat and mouse for at least twenty minutes, by then we were on the poor side of Sicily, the side with a shit load of small houses at risk of failing at any given moment. This is when I curse my luck for being slightly drunk and forget my gun in my office, if this was an ambush, I would be dead by now.

The assassin jumped on the roof of a very unstable-looking house and almost fell down. Some of the roof tiles fell and broke, I hesitated following him, but after seeing that he was not giving up, that he walked through the roof and jumped down on the floor, I decided to follow him.

“HAAA!” Just a few seconds after the man jumped down I heard this feminine scream. I hurried my pace and hurriedly crossed the roof. I hope whoever screamed is ok. If that bastard is hurting a woman, I’ll fucking kill him slowly. It took me almost two minutes and almost falling off the roof for me to finally reach the spot from which the man jumped from. I did the same. And just when I reached the floor and lifted my head to see if I saw either the shooter or the woman who screamed, I saw her.

A small figure on the ground. Big blue anxious and fearful eyes looked into mine, blond strands of hair fell around her face. She had a protective hand over her stomach and that’s when I noticed that this young girl, no more than seventeen, if seventeen at all, is pregnant.

The sign of her breaks my heart.

“Please, don’t hurt us.” She brokenly whispered when I moved my hand towards her. I freeze in my spot when her words register in my brain. She is afraid that I’ll hurt her and her baby... Someone hurt this poor girl and made her afraid for her child’s life, did Dalila feel like this every time someone entered inside the cell she was raising that little girl in?

Not far from her is a small paper bag with some groceries spilling out of it. I move towards it and pick up the three oranges, the packet of cookies, and one of the two-pack of instantaneous soup that slipped from the bag, all the while the young girl observed me.

“Here you go, sweetheart.” I slowly handed her her paper bag and then, after she grabbed the bag I extended my hand towards her. Her eyes widened at my gesture and I chuckled softly, it’s almost as if she has never seen kindness, either that or maybe men have never been kind to her. But if that was the case, then I don’t think she would have let her boyfriend lay with her, I mean, how else would she be pregnant?

I was suddenly brought out of my thoughts by her small hand grabbing mine. Her hand was so small compared to mine... The sign of our hands was so cute that it almost made me want to have a daughter, or in this case, adopt one since the Sinner men can’t have daughters. And only God knows why!

I bent down a little bit more and put my free hand on the middle of her back, trying to help her get up as comfortably as possible.

I remember when Dalila needed my help getting up from the floor when she was pregnant with the twins... She would sit down on the floor, claiming that the coldness of the floor calmed her nausea down, and, when she wanted to get up, she always made me put a hand on her lower back. She declared that when I only pulled on her arms to help her up, her back would hurt, so we fell into that little routine.

I guess that I still have that habit. I just hope that I didn’t make the girl uncomfortable.

Once the small angel was on her feet, she let go of me and thanked me softly. One of her hands immediately went to her belly. The quickness of her move alarmed me, making me fear that she was in pain, but her small smile assured me that nothing was wrong, making me let loose a small smile of my own.

Her baby probably kicked her, that’s why she moved so quickly. Her white, slightly dirty, tank top clung to her belly, the girl looked down at her small bulge with such love and admiration in her eyes... The sign of it made my smile widen.

Suddenly, she moved her hand towards the right side of her belly and smiled a huge smile. I chuckled at her expression and she quickly moved her hand a bit lower on her belly. She looks like Dalila when she started feeling the twins move inside her belly, happy and very enthusiastic.

“I think she likes you.” The girl spoke softly. “The baby hasn’t stopped moving.” My eyes widen a bit at this newfound information. I mean, how the hell can that be? How could that baby like me when it doesn’t even know me? The kid’s mother has never been around me and yet, the girl is telling me that the baby hasn’t stopped moving.

“How far along are you?” I suddenly asked her. This is by far the weirdest shit that has happened to me in the last few years but still, something inside me... It just... I don’t know, damn it!

“Just reached my 17th week.” She mumbled out.

And it was then that reality slapped me in the face. I was after the killer of my men and this little girl, hell she is probably a little whore like all the others out there, distracted me from my task. Without meaning to, I scoff out loud and turn around, trying to figure out where that motherfucker went, but because of this little bitch, I probably lost him.


When I heard his scoff and saw his eyes harden, I knew what my father was thinking. The way his eyes went from warm and friendly to cold and ruthless told me immediately what went through his head. And for some goodly will, I felt like I had to explain myself to him.

“I can hear the judgment in your tone. Just know that not everyone is a whore. I may be pregnant but it doesn’t mean that it happened because I let him do it.” I told him, speaking loudly and clearly. My father froze at my tone, and when he turned around and saw my wrists and flip-flop covered shoes that left my ankles on display, he flinched and looked down, guilt evident in his eyes.

For some reason, what he insinuated about me hurt more than being whipped, my heart stung and felt like it shattered but, at the same time, I can’t blame him for what he insinuated. Aunt Stella told me that many of the girls from my brothers' school whore around, many get pregnant, some do it so often that they are in and out of aborting clinics every month, how they can do it, I don’t know but I can’t guarantee that if I was in my father’s shoes right now that I wouldn’t think the same thing he did.

Sin opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it.

“The guy who jumped from the roof went that way.” I told him and pointed towards my right. He mutely nodded and started running in the direction I pointed him to.

I made sure that he was far from me before taking my black bag from inside this old as fuck and completely ruined house. I put the paper bag inside it and collected the black clothes I was wearing before.

I swear that if it wasn’t for my aunts, I would be dead by now, when I see them I won’t be able to thank them enough for what they did for me. After all, the scared pregnant girl on the floor who got pushed onto it by a guy who jumped from the roof, act, was their idea.

~ Meanwhile, back in the warehouse ~


Sage had warned me about what would happen today, so I wasn’t too shocked when the shooting started. Everyone has calmed down and my father and I were seated at the bar when my cousin, Diesel came in. The look on his face scared the shit out of everyone, and if it wasn’t for the envelope he has in his hands, the moment he started approaching me with that look in his face, I would have been scared to death.

“Do you know what this means?” Diesel asks me and takes a long blond strand of hair with a cute ribbon tying it from the envelope. I look at it attentively, and recognition passes through my eyes, making them widen with surprise. My dad, who was distracted with his beer, turned his face towards us, probably to see what Diesel wanted, but when he saw the stand of hair… He almost fell down from his bar stroll with the shock.

“It’s…” I start to say, but my shock is so big that I can’t even speak.

“Nina’s hair.” My father says, completing my sentence with what he thought I was going to say. But in my mind I completed the sentence that my shocked body didn’t manage to utter ‘It’s a girl…’ I’m going to be the proud uncle of a little girl!

“Zeke ?” My father calls me, bringing me out of my troughs. Both my cousin and my father are attentively watching me and just like that, I start to feel weak, so damned weak that my whole body starts swaying. I start seeing in double and soon I feel myself slump against my father, still conscious but too weak to answer my cousin and father, who I can see their mouths moving.

I'm going to be an uncle, of a little girl nonetheless, if I was to die right now, I would die a happy fool. And with that, I think I passed out.

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