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The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 2 - A beating that will change it all

SAGE’S POV, two months after the last chapter, six months after the day she was kidnapped.

The day has been peaceful, today the newbie sneaked me some more food. He is a good person, but because his father died in the explosions that I provoked a few months back, Igor got his men to collect all the children of the men who died had. Only one of each men’s children was chosen and Vasco was the only child who still lived at home and wasn’t involved with the military, and unlike most of his peers, he doesn’t want anything to do with the gang and revenge.

Vasco is against everything Igor does, he once tried to stop Igor from... Well, from raping me and all he got was a beating.

Lots of noise started to be heard, doors being open and swung loudly shut. And just like that, I knew that my peaceful afternoon had been disrupted.

“Get out of the way!” Igor grabbed Vasco by his shirt and trowed him on the floor. He opened my cell’s door and walked in. He started pacing inside my small cell and screaming profanities.

“The fucking Russians didn’t take my deal! THE FUCKING RUSSIANS DIDN’T TAKE MY FUCKING DEAL! And then they REFUSE TO SELL ME WEAPONS! WE COULD HAVE IT ALL, TOGETHER WE COULD TAKE DOWN THE ITALIANS BUT THEY DIDN’T ACCEPT IT!” The more he paces the more he screams and the more he screams the more his face gets a reddish/purple color.

“Of course they didn’t accept your deal, or have you forgotten that almost ten years ago you and Vinico kidnapped the Russias Mafia LEADER younger brother? Because I can assure you that they didn’t forget about it, and Russians can hold a grudge for a very long time.” The look on his face told me that I fucked up, really bad.

For fucks sake’s Sage, you just had to let your mouth loose, didn’t you? Igor started advancing towards me, and in no time he had me on my back. My face hurt from the punch and my check bone is probably broken.

“Fucking hell...” I murmur and start moving my jaw, at least that one isn’t broken.


“Oh yeah, and who says that you’re not the barren one? Hum?” His nostril flares, his face hardened and his eyes got a crazy look on them. I just had to fuck it up again. Good job Sage! Provoking the psycho beast. Haven’t you learned anything in the last six months!?

Igor advanced towards me again and started punching me none stop.

“Not on my belly! Not on my belly!” For once, he did as I pleaded, he left my belly alone, but that didn’t stop him from punching my face, my shoulders, the side of my breasts to catch my ribs... And it also didn’t stop him from taking the only thing I had dressed off of me and lashing me with his belt. He lashed my back, my legs, and even hit me in the head with it once. All this time I keep protecting my belly. I faded in and out of conscience, the view changing every time I came around, from being beat, to lashed, to being called names, to kicked and last, raped, again...

// Some time later //

Igor left, I don’t know when he did but I just know that he left. Vasco is carefully wiping my wounds clean, I open my eyes and see him focused on my face. One of my eyes is swollen shut and the other one I can’t almost open, my whole face hurts and it hurts to breathe. I can feel a tooth missing, maybe there are more, but at least one of my top front tooth is missing.

“Sage.” Vasco softly called. I look at him and he’s crying... “I’m sorry that I couldn’t do anything!” He starts sobbing, I tried to comfort him but when I tried to open my mouth to speak, it hurt. Vasco understood what I tried to do and caressed my face.

“I’m getting you out of here, I promise!” His whisper sounded so determined that even I had hope.

Even if he didn’t offer to help, I decided that enough is enough. I won’t let Igor put my baby’s life in danger again. Yes, baby, because I know I’m pregnant, and even if this baby is a baby made out of rape, I’m going to love her till the end of my days. My little one isn’t at fault for its father’s wrongdoings. She is an innocent life and I won’t let that bastard take her away from me in one of his attacks of rage.

“Sage, I’m sorry for not putting a shirt on you sooner but I needed you awake to access all your injuries. I don’t want to accidentally hurt you. I’m going to help you sit up and then after cleaning your back wounds I’ll help you dress the shirt, ok?” I nod and Vasco takes his shirt off, he hands me his shirt, and, with hurting limbs I grab it and hold it close to my chest. Vascos helped me up, always keeping his eyes for himself and only touching me when and where I necessitated.

Vasco cleaned my wounds, but he didn’t have anything to patch me up with so my wounds were wide open. “Just try not to move too much, please. I promise that by tomorrow, at this time you’ll be out of here. I’ll get my sisters and brother to help and you’ll see, my older sister and brother are in the military and my other sister is in the navy.”

When he mentioned the name Navy I remembered Ferdinand’s daughter. Igor sent his men to attack her and her boyfriend. They suffered badly, they were jumped in Sicily, Ferdinand suffered a small heart attack when he heard the news, he survived but is now retired from the army. I hear all this from the men who walk around here, they are like old ladies, always gossiping.

“Thank you...” I whispered very softly. I thanked Vasco but my jaw hurts like hell!

“You’re welcome.” He said.

One hour after this and it was time for another guard to swap places with Vasco. The guard arrived and told us that he had orders to take me to a new cell. Vasco accompanied us and the older guard had to carry me on his arms bridal style upstairs to my new cell.

The trip was painful, but what did I expect? I’m all wounded, of course, it had to hurt.

My new cell was a tad smaller than my last one, but this one had an opening withs iron bars around it. If I got on top of my bed I could peek outside, but it hurt too much to do it so I didn’t even try.

Vasco left after making sure that I was okay and soon after that night came, Emanuel, the guard who was with me gave me a small iron made bowl with some boiled veggies. I ate it all and soon Emanuel fell asleep against the wall facing my cell.

I tried falling asleep but the pain didn’t let me, I stayed up and listened to the sounds around me. Sometimes a car passed near the small ‘window’ of my cell.

Too tired to keep my eye open, I closed it and tried to rest. It didn’t work, but I’m glad it didn’t, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to hear Oscar’s familiar voice.

Ok, Sage, this is going to hurt but you have to do it for your baby’s sake! I took a very big deeper breath and called out for Oscar.

“OScaR!” I heard the laughter die down a bit and some guys' voices.

“Oscar, what are you doing dude?” Someone asked.

“Nina?” Oscar called my name and very probably started looking around for me. Emanuel is a heavy sleeper so I didn’t have to worry about him hearing me.

“OSCAR!” I called loudly this time.

“Nina? NINA! Where are you ?” Oscar yelled, I could see his shadow approaching my ‘window’ and decided to do something very painful and maybe even dangerous.

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