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Chapter 20 - Cam


I rapidly find my new burner phone, given to me by my aunts, and call aunt Stella. I’ve decided that I want to go see Cameron. Swiftly, I dial aunt Stella’s phone number and wait.

“Sí? (Yes?)"

“Aunt, where is Cameron’s school? I would like to go see him before going back to the hospital. I mean, if that’s ok with you?”

“Well, I would prefer if you come back to the hospital, but... I know you miss Cameron and, I can guarantee you that Cameron misses you as well. He cries almost every night thinking that he will never see you again, I think this will do you both some good.” Yes! She said yes! Cami, here I come!

“Are you in the location we indicated you to, or was it not necessary?” Aunt Stella asks, through a little nervous, I can tell by her tone of voice.

“I’m at the location, why? Is Cam’s school too far for me to go by foot?” I ask her.

“I’m going to send my father to pick you up, he will drive you there. Please do not scare Cameron’s teacher. In case you don’t take my father with you inside, just show her your mark and she will let you pick him up. Just, don’t take him too far from school nor for too long, please.”

“Will do aunt, thank you for this. You are the best! Aunt Jully and Jayla included, y’all saved my ass.” Aunt Stella nervously laughs and tell’s me to wait a few minutes for Patrizio.

While waiting for Patrizio I got hungry and, so I decided to eat one of the oranges from my cover-up grocery bag.

After eating my orange, I still had to wait another twenty minutes. The moment Patrizio arrived, I started cussing him out.

“About goddamn time! And they say women take ions to get ready, they obviously haven’t met you. I’ve been waiting for almost an hour!” Patrizio sneered at me but kept his mouth shut like a good boy. He grabbed my bags and hid them in the trunk of his vehicle.

~ Fifteen minutes later ~

We arrived at a building full of little kids, all the way from the age of three to the age of ten. It brings back memories... Pity, it only lasted a day and, I broke a kid’s nose... Hahaha...

“The gate is over there, ask for Cameron Sinner. When his teacher comes, you show her your neck and tell them you have his mother’s permission to take him, if she still complains-” I cut Patrizio off.

“I pull a gun to her head, a knife to her side, and see if she has the guts to go against me.” I finish his sentence and grin at my plan. I’m a hundred percent sure that my plan is more efficient than his. Patrizio scowls at me and shakes his head muttering under his breath the words ‘just like a Sinner’.

“No Sage, you will come and get me from the car. You will not terrify the woman.” Patrizio sternly tells me.

See, I told you his plan was shit, and boring. The old-age caught up to him already, that’s why he is so boring! Let’s hope I don’t get like that when I reach his age.

I open the car’s door and step outside. A sudden shadow passes on the floor, I look up and a bird is flying high in the sky. A black bird...


For the last few weeks or days, I don’t know, a bird has been flying over my school’s playground. The teachers are all acting weird, they say that this bird brings death with him so they are scared but I think the bird is just flying around. Adults are weird.

I’m in first grade and it was break time when the bird decided to come down from the sky. It’s the first time he does it and when the teachers saw that they all came to take us inside. I was one of the last kids to be collected, but before the teacher got me inside the building, I turned around and saw the bird.

A raven... this bird is a raven, my teacher grabbed my arm and tried tugging me inside but I didn’t let her.

“Ray Ray!” I yelled. My teacher looked at me as if I had squished her spider pet, horrified, but to her absolute horror, the bird answered my call.

“Cra CRÀ! CRÁ CRÁ!” He jumped up and down and looked at me, speaking to me in his own language.

“Ray Ray!” I called him, happy to see him, and started running towards him. My teacher caught my arm again but I was able to shrug her off and ran to Ray Ray.

“CAMERON! Non avvicinarti all’uccello! (Don’t approach the bird!” My teacher, Mrs. Agostini screamed. I ignored her and held my arm out to Ray Ray, he flew and landed on my arm.

Immediately after landing, Ray Ray started to rub his head on my face and neck and crawling softly. I started giggling at the ticklish feeling of his feathers on my skin and petted him.

“Ray Ray, is Say Say with you?” I ask him, remembering that he was always with Sage. Ray Ray shakes his head and tears fill my eyes when I understand the I will never see Say Say again, if Ray Ray and Say Say are not together then I don’t know. All I know is that something bad happened to her.

“Signora Agostini, c’è un problema al cancello principale e devi andare lì. (Mrs. Agostini, there is a problem at the main gate and you need to go there)”

“Torno subito. (I’ll be right back.)” My teacher excuses herself and before leaving she warns the lady who came to fetch her to “Guarda il ragazzo. (Watch the kid.)”

I ignore them and keep on petting Ray Ray with a few tears running down my face. I keep this up for a few minutes but curiosity got the best of me and so I went towards the front gate. Ray Ray left my arm when I started walking, but he was still close to me. He was flying above my head.

“OI! OH RAGAZZO! (Kid!)” The lady who was watching me called for me, but I didn’t turn back.

Abruptly, Ray Ray started to fly upwards, he went higher and higher and then, he suddenly started to descend towards the main gate of my school with crazy speed.

My teacher screamed at Ray Ray’s unexpected appearance, but what caught my attention was the loud voice who yelled “MY BABY!” when Ray Ray landed on their shoulder. The only person who would yell that is Sage, so that means...

“SAGE!” I started screaming and running towards the front gate. “SAGE! SAGE!” I pushed my teacher out of my way and...


Right after Ray Ray landed on my shoulder, a tiny voice started screaming my name.

“SAGE! SAGE!” The tiny boy yelled. I looked over the woman’s shoulder and, the next thing I know, the teacher is on the floor. I bent down and opened my arms to Cameron who instantaneously trowed himself at me and hugged me.

We hugged each other tightly as if the world would end in the next second, both of us crying like babies.

“I- I- I missed you so much Say Say! I thought I would never see you again! I tough you had died!” He sobbed in my shoulder, each word he uttered bringing me more pain and making me sob harder.

“I missed you too, Cam.” I whispered between sobs and kissed his head at the same time as I rubbed his back in hopes of bringing him some comfort.

“RAGAZZO!(BOY!)” A woman from inside the school suddenly yelled and came running from the small hill Cameron came from. When the woman started running down the hill she suddenly fell and rolled the rest of the way down the hill, only stopping rolling a few meters away from the main gate. Cameron’s teacher watched the woman fall with wide eyes, and I, I couldn’t control my laughter and ended up falling on my ass from laughing so much! Hell, even Cameron joined me when he saw the woman rolling down the hill!

Patrizio chose this exact moment to get out of his car and come to get me and Cameron.

“Come on, you crazy asses.” He mumbled and helped us both get up from the floor.

“GRANDPA!” Yelled Cameron and jumped on Patrizio’s arms.

“Hey buddy, come on Sage, let’s go.” Patrizio put Cameron down and Cameron gave me his hand. We started walking towards Patrizio’s car, Patrizio stopped but Cameron and I continued walking towards his car.

“Signora Agostini, riporteremo indietro Cameron tra due ore. (Mrs. Agostini, we’ll bring Cameron back in two hours)” Patrizio turned his back to the shocked woman and got inside the car with us.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked us.

“La gelateria, per favore! (the ice cream parlor, please!)” Cameron and I yelled at the same time.

In those two hours we ate ice cream, we ate dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, we played in the park, we spoke... I told Cameron about my baby and he stayed twenty minutes telling stories to my small bump. Patrizio filmed the two of us and at the end of those two hours, we took Cameron back to his school and Patrizio left me at the hospital.

"How was your morning Sage?" Aunt Stella asked me when she found me in my room just a few seconds after I arrived.

"The best!" I told her and fell asleep with a happy smile.

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