The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 22 - Shauwn

WaRnInG: THIS chapter will have many POV changes and a few time skips so, please, pay attention and read carefully.


I was sleeping. A very peaceful sleep until a goddamn shrike from my aunts woke me up.

“YYYYYYHHHH! JAMES IS AWAKE!!” They shrieked loudly while jumping up and down like little kids on a sugar rush.

“SAGE! SAGE! Wake up, James is awake!” Aunt Stella exclaimed while shaking my shoulders softly.

“дай мне поспать... (let me sleep)” I mutter, exhausted after last night’s events.

“What??” Aunt Stella asks and aunt Jully is probably shrugging her shoulders as an answer.

“Let me sleep...” I mumble again. “Uncle James already meet me, *yawn*, he will come to visit me later.” I inform them between yawns and start to fall asleep again, leaving my aunts gobsmacked.

“How the hell have they meet?” I hear them whisper to one another.

“I don’t know, but if I find out that he’s been awake for longer than just last night, I’ll kick his ass!” Aunt Jully whispers a bit loudly.

~Meanwhile, Hell Sinner’s main warehouse, in Sin’s conference room~

The attack at the Sinner’s turf has helped keep them away from the alcohol, only leaving behind a bunch of hangover Sinners.

“DAD! I found something on the paper with a message for you.” Vin called loudly making everyone groan except for Claude, Jym, and Zeke.

“Fuck, Vin. Can’t you keep it down?” Sin groaned from his spot at the head of the table.

“I’m dying over here.” Jack spoke, his words coming out muffled from him having his head on top of the table and buried in his arms.

“Me too.” Diesel complained.

“You shouldn’t have drunk so much.” Chastised them, Jym, who was watching his brothers and nephews all around the room suffering from a hangover. The only one who was doing a good job at hiding his headache was Vin.

“You shouldn’t drink so much, you aren’t twenty anymore. Before you know it y’all will be grandpas.” Claude said, smirking at the loud groans coming from his boyfriend’s brothers.

“We aren’t that old yet.” Sin complained and slowly started straightening his stance. “Fuck Vin, get over with it quickly and let me go back to sleep.”

Zeke smirked at this, but keep quiet. ‘If only they knew.’ Zeke trough to himself.

“Ok, so the note had invisible ink in it.” Vin started explaining and all the men in the room opened their eyes and fixed their gaze on him.

“Does that mean the girl had something to do with this?” Diesel asked, quite angry with the idea.

“Yes and no.” Vin answered and quickly proceeded to read the words written in invisible ink.

“She wrote the following message: ’Sinner, keep your eyes open. Abuela asked me to take care of the problem, but if I hadn’t managed to get out of the hospital to sort out your shit y’all would have Igor at your doorstep in no time! You are living in the middle of a fucking rats’ nest. Abuela identified Reginaldo Praga as the main guy, he has been passing information to Igor. You should thank your son for being a ‘psycho’ and keep the rats afraid of being caught, otherwise, y’all would have been exterminated while I was being held in a cell from which I could do nothing. Diesel, keep being a psycho, they fear you, which is good. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN SINNER and call your mother.’

“Ugg... This is not good.” Sin exhaustedly mumbled.

~One week later, 4 June, at the hospital~


I’ve been studying from Shauwn’s school books the whole week, and that’s how I found out that I need glasses to help with my tired sigh. Hell, I never knew my eyes could get tired. The doctors said that I only need them to read since other than that my vision is perfect, it only starts getting tired after a few hours of having my nose stuck inside a book.

I have a feeling that today is going to be different. My daughter has been moving a bit more lately and when I asked my aunts about it the day after the mission they told me that most women don’t feel their babies move until they are around their twenty-fifth week of pregnancy. I trough it was weird but they told me since I’m so alert and aware of what’s going on with my body and my baby that it was somewhat normal for me to feel her move around so soon. Although I still think it’s weird.

I had my nose stuck on a maths book when I started hearing a commotion coming from down the hall. I lowered the book and stayed quick trying to understand if whatever was making all this noise would end up being a problem for me.

Let’s just hope that the person doing all this noise is only here to visit someone and not cause trouble cause honestly, I’m not in the mood to deal with bullshit.

~ Meanwhile... ~


“Come on guys. Let’s take advantage of the fact that we’re already here and let’s visit my mom. After all, I have to deliver her lunch and you Cassiopeia can gush all you want about my godson to my mom. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to hear everything about today’s appointment.”

Jazim and Cassiopeia, my best friends who are also secretly married and expecting their first child. Cassiopeia is thirty-seven weeks pregnant with a baby boy and today was her last appointment before her due date.

Jazim’s and Cassie’s parents have always been ‘enemies’ although they are from the same gang. You can never have both couples in the same room without having a fight break out. Cassie and Zim didn’t want that to happen during an appointment, so I’m the one who comes with them to every single appointment.

As you can guess, neither set of parents is supportive of their relationship and, because of that, my best friends have very strained relationships with their parents. My family is the one who has always been there for them, and so, my mom and my dad see my soon-to-be-born godson as their own grandson.

Cassie is always excited to speak with my mom because unfortunately my mom, aunt, and sister are the only female friends Cassie has.

‘Why?’, you may ask. The answer is simple. Every time a girl tried to befriend Cassiopeia was to get closer to me and Jazim. Something that none of us appreciates.

“Come on, Shauwn! The elevator doors are open!” Cassie exclaims and pushes me forward to get me to move.

“Eww! Jazim, get me disinfectant, quickly! Shauwn’s horrible perfume has glued itself into my hands.” I watch as Jazim moves quickly and gets a small bottle of disinfectant from Cassiopeia’s bag, which he is carrying by the way.

“I’m going to throw up!” Cassie exclaims, her face turning an alarming greenish shade and Jazim glares at me.

“I’m throwing that perfume of yours in the trash.” He informs me and quickly secures after Cass who is fast walking towards a bathroom.

“Yeah, blame me for your girl’s misfortune! Why am I being attacked today? My perfume is awesome!” I yell after them and turn around to face the receptionist who is watching me.

“Hey Soeli, do you know where my mother is? I brought her lunch.” I cheerfully ask the brunette. She gives me a seductive smile and smacks her gum.

“She’s probably in the room beside your uncle.” She says and goes back to watching something on her computer.

“Door before or after my uncle’s room?”

“After.” She quickly responds.

“Alright, thanks for the help!” I exclaim and walk towards the room my mother is supposed to be in.

I pass by my uncle’s room and quickly pop my head in.

“Hey, uncle! I’m gonna give my mom her lunch and I’ll be right back.” Uncle James jumps in his bed with my sudden appearance and looks at me shocked.

“SHAUWN!?” He calls my name but I’m already out of his room and close to the room next door.

“I’ll be right back, uncle!” I yell and quickly invade the room my mom is supposed to be in.

“Hey, mom, I brought your lunch!” I exclaim as I throw open the room’s door.

Only... that my mom wasn’t here. Instead, a young blond girl wearing glasses was on the bed, surrounded by books and papers and with an IV connected to her hand.

The girl narrows her eyes at me and observes me, arching an eyebrow when she spots my birthmark on my forearm.

“Sorry.” I awkwardly mutter and get ready to leave the room when the girl spoke.

“It’s ok, Shauwn. I’ll call your mother and she’ll be here in a second.” The girl calmly tells me and closes her book.

How the hell does she know my name?

The girl moves the books off the bed and puts them all on the small bedside table. The books look so familiar... But I don’t remember from where...

“Hey. Aren’t those Shauwn’s old school books?” Cassiopeia says, suddenly appearing beside me.

The blond girl looks at Cassi and Jazim with uncertainty, but she doesn’t say anything, just watching us warily and keeping quiet. And I do the same, watching her and observing her reactions.

Dark marks around her wrists, faded bruises, and scars catch my attention. She definitely survived something that explains her reactions around my friends and me.

Everything in me is telling me to go to her and find out what the hell happened, my cop instincts are trying to get in action, but I know better than that to act upon them.

“I knew I would end up meeting you before my brothers but I wasn’t expecting this to be so soon.” The blond girl says as she eyes me with a weird expression.

“I truly wasn’t expecting this.” She mutters and moves a piece of hair away from her neck, leaving the left side of it exposed to mine and Cassiopeia and Jazim’s attentive eyes.

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