The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 23 - Shauwn part 2 - Cousin


The girl has a mark on the left side of her neck. If it wasn’t impossible for her to be a Sinner, I could swear that she belonged to my family.

And, just to make sure that I’m not seeing things, I rub my eyes for a few seconds to clear my vision. When I open them again, I still see the same weird-shaped mark on her neck like mine.

“What the hell is going on?” I ask the girl while eying her mark. I’m starting to get agitated and annoyed, and with a Sinner that is never a good combination.

“Here we go again.” Jazim trowed up his hands in the air and complained. “Another bitch whose mother made her tattoo your family’s mark to ‘convince us’ that she’s your uncle’s daughter. And here I trough that shit had stopped six years ago.”

“At least this one does actually look like Sin. Heck, I’ll give her mother some credit, the mark is even in the same spot as him!” Jazim starts fidgeting with his hands on his pockets and the girl looks a bit worried. I keep on studying her reaction, trying to see if she cracks and admits that Jazimis right, but the only thing I see is that she is confused, worried, annoyed, and slightly irritated.

I don’t know if she’s a really good actress or if she doesn’t know what’s going on for real. This shit is making me feel torn...

“Let’s get this shit over with.” Jazim says as he finally finds whatever he was looking for in his pockets.

With one hand closed tightly around a small object, Jazim takes a step towards the girl. Immediately the girl sits up and puts a protective hand over her belly, her eyes frantic looking around the room and when she looks gaze with me she looks scared out of her mind, almost like she was pleading with me for help.

My heart starts beating so fast it feels as if it was trying to escape my chest. I look down at the girl’s protective hand over her stomach and it’s then that I notice the small bump.

She is pregnant... And Jazim is walking towards her with an unknown object in his hands.

Slowly, I watch as the girl’s right-hand creeps under her pillow. and the left one wraps over her bump more protectively. And, just as I was going to call back Jazim the door of this room bangs open, and there, in all his glory stands my uncle in a wheelchair with a gun pointed at Jazim...

“ONE MORE FUCKING STEP AND I’LL BLOWN YOUR BRAINS OUT!” Uncle James yells at the top of his lungs.

Jazim freezes on spot and looks at my uncle with his eyes wide. Cassiopeia has her jaw wide open and her eyes the size of saucers while I, on the other hand, am too shocked to react other than stare at the scene in front of me.

Just then my mother rushes in and runs towards the girl, completely ignoring the scene she just walked in on.

“Sage!” My mother loudly calls the girl. “Let go of the knife, love, come on Sage. Answer me, damn it!”

The girl or Sage as my mother called her, looks around her slowly and warily and gradually lets go of the knife she has under her pillow, fixing her gaze on me.

A loud and very irritating fast beeping can be heard in the room, Sage starts hyperventilating and my mother looks a bit panicked.

“Sage, they won’t hurt you. I swear! No one will touch you!” My mother quickly and in a panicking voice tells her.

“They all said that... but it didn’t stop it from happening.” Sage brokenly whispers and starts turning paler and paler by the second. The way she said those words make my skin crawl and my heart squeeze painfully, her steady gaze on me is unnerving, making me feel as if she is speaking those words directed at me.

What the hell is happening? I want to scream this question but I can’t. Like an invisible force is holding me captive, I feel panic and fear of what this may mean.

My uncle starts awkwardly steering his wheelchair towards Sage and curses loudly when the chair doesn’t move the way he wants. I move to help him but his hard gaze and the move of his gun being pointed at me make me stop in place.

This girl has to be family or someone very important otherwise uncle James would never act the way he is right now.

“Shit, she’s not breathing properly.” My mom says and quickly runs past me to the doorway.


My uncle James reaches Sage and grabs her hand, caressing it softly.

Soon after my mother yelling for oxygen a swarm of doctors and nurses come running inside the room. They kick us out only leaving mom and uncle James with Sage and start getting to work.

“What the hell just happened?” Jazim asks no one in particular, still in a daze with what just happened.

“We just meet the first female Sinner born in the family in more than a hundred and fifty years...” I murmur, still shocked by what just happened.

Jazim and Cassiopeia say something but I don’t hear them. I just can’t believe what just happened, it feels too unrealistic to be true.

“She is pregnant.” I murmur.

I hear Cassiopeia gasp and Jazim gulp loudly. Sage is pregnant, she’s a Sinner and he just threatened her and made her panic and fear for her child’s life, he is in for a treat and he knows it.

“Jazim, you’re dead. You’re fucking DEAD!” The look in my cousin’s eyes keeps replaying in my mind and that’s enough motivation for me to lunge at Jazim. But to this motherfucker’s luck the doctors and nurses start leaving her room the moment I get off the wall to beat him. This motherfucker just escaped from a beating.

I look inside the room and see my mother fast walking towards me. A pissed-off look on her face.

“What the hell are you doing here and why were you in Sage’s room? Do you know what could have happened to your cousin if I hadn’t come at the moment I did, huh? Jazim could have ended up dead and Sage could have hurt herself or worse, she could have lost her baby!” Hearing my mother’s rant makes me feel worse than I did a few seconds ago but at least my suspicions were confirmed. Sage is my cousin.

“When will she wake up?” I ask my mother ignoring all her questions. Mom glares at me and observes my body language for a few seconds, soon her eyes soften and she sighs.

“It will depend, Shauwn.” Mom softly says.

“Depend on what?” Cassie asks, speaking for the first time since we left Sage’s room.

“It depends on Sage and on how far her memories, nightmares, and PTSD are holding her right now. She may wake up in an hour and be completely out of herself just like she may wake up in an hour and be ok.” Mom explains. “This girl has been through too much for her age.” Mom sighs and goes back inside my cousin’s room, I follow her and see that she’s checking on Sage’s vitals.

I walk closer to Sage’s bed and to my uncle and, without even turning to look at me, uncle James threatening says: “Not even a word about this to the rest of the family. Especially to your uncle Sin. That bastard deserves to have his head bashed in on a rock!”

Christ! Where has this hatred for uncle Sin come from? Before uncle James’s coma, they were ok.

“I promise I won’t breathe a word to anyone about my cousin.” Uncle James nods his head, still with his back to me, and keeps on caressing Sage’s hand.

“Umm... Her oxygen levels are up again, let’s take this mask off of you, Sage.” Mom murmurs and takes off the mask from Sage’s face, caressing her hair afterward.

~ 2 hours later ~

For two hours I’ve stayed up and besides my cousin, waiting for her to wake up. Jazim and Cassiopeia also decided to stay and wait for Sage. I’ve called my sister and she is staying with her half-brother Isaack and his mother Meredith for the time being.

During those two hours of watching Sage, many things jump you to the eye, her scars being the first. Her arms, face, and head are uncovered, allowing me to see the many scars she sports, from tiny things to big scars resembling claw marks.

“Are those claw marks?” I ask my uncle, finally being unable to hold back my tongue.

“I guess, so.” Uncle James answers.

Jazim and Cassie exchange a look, and I can tell they are impressed and worried about Sage. Especially Cassiopeia, with her being pregnant and all her maternal instincts are going a bit overdrive.

“Umm... Mimi Mama wasn’t at fault, they stabbed her to make her attack me. She was the best tiger momma I ever had.” A voice mutters and yawns loudly afterward. I lower my gaze towards Sage and find her sleep-filled eyes looking at the ceiling.

“I would ask you about what you’re talking about but making sure that you’re ok is my first priority as of right now. So, are you ok?” I ask Sage and watch as she lazily squeezes uncle James’s hand, smiles, rubs her belly softly, and reaches over a remote to lift her bed, making her sit up without having to move her position.

“I’m ok now, thanks for asking but... Don’t you hate me?”

Hate her? Her question threw me off guard. I mean, I’m the one who invades her room, whose friends follow and made her have a panic and PTSD attack mixed and she’s asking me if I hate her. What in the world does this girl have in her head!?

“Why in hell would I hate you? I am the one who should be asking you that. Not you.” I exclaim in disbelief.

Sage looks at me, scrunches up her nose, and raises an eyebrow at me. “Well, my father hates me so I trough you would hate me too. Isn’t he the head of the family? Don’t you all just follow his example? He hates me so you should hate me too.” She rambles quickly, leaving me utterly confused with her word vomiting.

“Here we go again...” My mother mutter while checking Sage’s vitals once again. I’m confused with her statement but, once again, I choose to ignore her words and ask my own questions.

“Why would your father hate you?” I ask her. Sometimes I don’t really understand what these girls have in their heads, I mean they have so confusing thoughts and beliefs that it’s hard to keep up with. “He doesn’t even know you!” I exclaimed trying to make sense of the situation.

“I’m pregnant.” She simply says with a blank face as if this statement was supposed to make me understand her.

“So? I’m either very stupid or you’re just complicating things too much but why would I hate just because you’re pregnant?” I watch as her blank facade fell and she sniffs, trying to hold back the tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

“My father hates me because I am pregnant.” Her face scrunches up in an ugly sneer and she hugs her belly protectively.

“He saw me on the streets last week and through I was a whore, he basically rejected me just because I’m pregnant.” She bitterly explains and sniffs a bit.

I see a tear run down her face and, without thinking about it I reach over and wipe her tear away. Sage freezes the moment my hand makes contact with her face, afraid that I had frightened her I step away. I was going to apologize for invading her personal space when I saw her start to turn pale and then a greenish color.

“Ugg.” She groans and turns to the side and just in time, Jazim runs towards her with the trash can and puts it under her in time for her to empty her stomach.

“See!” Cassiopeia triumphantly exclaims. “I’m not the only one who hates your perfume!” Jaw wide open, I look between Cassiopeia and Sage surprised.

Did my perfume really do this?- I ask myself while watching Sage violently trow up.

“Shauwn, you’re forbidden from approaching me until you take a shower.” Sage wheezes out after stopping vomiting.

“I’m going to throw that perfume out. That shit is toxic!” Jazim yells. “As you can see SHAUWN, Cassiopeia is not the only pregnant woman who trows up at the smell of your cologne!” Just then my mother walked back inside the room.

“This is your fault isn’t it, son? Ugg! Go take a damn shower if you want to be allowed to stay in your cousin’s room. I have spare clothes for you in my car. And Sage, you can’t go around throwing up! You need more weight not to lose weight. I’m going to get you more vitamins, food, and water. These kids will be the death of me!” Mom left the room complaining and I went to Sage’s bathroom to shower like she said.


We stayed we Sage for a few hours and let’s just say Cassiopeia made a new friend. She and Sage will go baby shopping next week.

Cassie was shocked when she learned that Sage does not have anything for her daughter yet. She immediately marked a shopping trip and showed Sage some online cute baby girl clothes and toys.

I was really shocked when Sage said she was going to have a daughter but then again, Sage isn’t supposed to exist either, so her having a daughter may be considered normal, I guess.

In the end, all that matters is that I have a female cousin, she’s awesome and very strong for her age after going through everything she did.

She made me promise to keep the secret of her existence but other than that she’s cool. Although I’m sad that she only ‘allows me’ to visit her once per week. She does not want to catch anyone’s attention if I started visiting more often.

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