The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 24 - Missing toe...


Meeting my cousin was interesting and funny. Especially when aunt Jully started bickering with Shauwn. Or when she made him go shower in my bathroom in order to stay in my room!

During those forty minutes Shauwn showered away the terrible scent of his cologne I got to know Cassiopeia and Jazim a lot better and honestly, I liked them. I’m still a little wary of Jazim but Cassiopeia assured me he would never again dare to lift a finger against me.

While Shauwn showered and aunt Jully fussed over me and made eat and take all sort of meds, prenatal vitamins, and fruits Cassie, Jazim and my uncles told me a very interesting, if not creepy, story.

~ Flashback ~

“When your mother first went missing her disappearance was the main focus of the global media. Everyone was talking about it, there was not a single channel in which your mother’s name and photo weren’t plastered.” Cassiopeia stopped speaking for a moment and shifted her sitting position to lean more on Jazim who immediately wrapped his arms more securely around her and kissed her forehead. His action was cute but seeing his arms wrapped around Cassiopeia made me remember him and instantaneously a shiver of disgust went through me. I averted my eyes from the couple and decided to focus on uncle James, who had yet to leave my side.

“At first the things were tame, one or other false report of someone seeing your mother in Mexico, or in Berlin and in Portugal but then things started getting out of control. After two months and no clues about your mother’s whereabouts, your father put a 100k dollars reward for whoever gave him useless clues and one million dollars to whoever found her and brought her to him safely. That’s when things started going crazy.” Uncle James told me.

“Women from everywhere started appearing at our door step, calls clogged our phones and at some point, we didn’t have any more hands to pick up the phones, people to verify the clues handed to us nor room to house the women from everywhere who tried to fake being your mother. Some went as far as to do plastic surgeries to look like her. It was crazy and your father lost himself, the whole ordeal was leaving us all crazy but after seven months of her disappearance a box dropped at our doorstep drove him mad." James took a deep ragged breath and continued telling me more.

“Inside that box was a... *deep breath* a-a- a baby’s tiny little toe.” My breath caught in my throat when I hear the word toe. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh and so, I choose to do the latter.

“Haha ha ha!” I laughed to the point of tears. Everyone in the room looked to me horrified, probably thinking that I most have a very twisted sense of humor, but little do they know...

“What are you laughing at?” Uncle James asked me, surfaced. Jazim and Cassiopeia looked at me wide-eyed while aunt Jully was looking at me with her jaw wide open.

“Hahaha haa! I’v-I’ve been wondering wh-wh-where my toe went for years! Haha Ha ha! Thank you, uncle, for clearing that mystery up for me!” I exclaimed in between wheezed breaths and a fit of laughter. Uncle James' eyes widened to the point of his iris looking none existents and then his head fell to the side. He fainted, making me laugh much harder than I was before!

We stayed like that for ten minutes before I lost my patience with their gobsmacked faces. “I still want to know the rest of the story!” I whined like a brat. This got aunt Jully, Jazim, and Cassiopeia’s attention leaving uncle James the only one still in ‘shock’.

“Here come the mood swings...” Jazim muttered under his breath and Casie smacked him loudly. At least someone is on my side, for once.

“Aunt, can you wake up uncle James for me, please! I’m feeling up to do bad things and I don’t want my FaVoUrItE uncle to be my victim.” Aunt Jully walks towards Uncle James and just when she was going to shake him, he starts waking up.

“Um... favorite uncle um... Good to know, good to know.” He muttered and sat up straighter.

“Anyway, after receiving your toe, your father buried himself in alcohol and did a vasectomy. The surgery was successful and he started drinking till he was shit-faced and fucking women left and right. Three years later and the women started bringing him too much trouble so he left them alone and went back to just drinking and smoking.” Um... Ok...

“First, what is a vasectomy, and second I assume the trouble was that shit Jazim was talking about, right?” I asked cause in case they have forgotten I’ve never lived this thing called normal life, meaning I don’t know the meaning of many simple things. For me, simple is killing, shooting, fighting, driving, and surviving other than that I need to learn a lot...

“Yeah, well you’re right about the second one. Women from all over Italy and other countries started coming here with babies in their arms claiming them to be your father's children. And when they heard it was impossible for your father to have a daughter they went even crazier to the point of subjecting five years old girl's to-do tattoos and paint their hair to look more like your father." Creepy... Those poor children, let's hope none of them turn into a future problem for me.

"And the first one it's basically a surgery in which the tubes that carry sperm are cut that way your father couldn't and can't make more children's until he does a surgery to reverse the vasectomy." Aunt Jully explained. Um... I think I got it.

"I got it now, thanks." She nodded her head and Shauwn walked in at that exact moment.

"Why the hell were y'all talking about my uncle's balls!?"

~ Flashback over ~

Anyway, leave the past behind and focus on the present, isn't that the saying? And right now my present is going baby shopping for the first time! I can't wait to spoil my little girl with everything and anything she may need and or desire!

"Sage, are you ready to go? We have to go meet Cassie at the mall." Aunt Stella said.

"I'm ready aunt, I just need help putting my shoes on." I told her and she immediately came in to help me.

"Ready, now we have a little surprise for you before we go." Aunt Stella said and smiled brightly at me as if excited about something.

What are those two planning, now?

We exited my room and went towards the elevators where aunt Jully was waiting for us. Weird thing was, the closer we got to the elevator the giddier aunt Stella got.

"Ok, what's going on, aunt Stella?" I ask her just before we reach this floor's front desk.

"Oh, nothing Sage, just turn around and you'll find your surprise besides your aunt Jully." Aunt Stella tells me and gingles. I do as she says and besides aunt Jully is someone I honestly thought I would never see again, even though she became my aunts' friend.

Mariza. The nice dermatology doctor's wife.

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