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Chapter 25 - Baby shopping


After my surprise, the four of us went to aunt Stella’s car and drove to the mall to meet with Cassie. The car ride was so wild that when we arrived at the mall aunt Stella had to run with me to the bathroom before I pied on myself from laughing too much. These three ladies are crazy! I swear!

Cassie, Jazim, and Shauwn were waiting for us at the mall’s entrance when this happened so y’all can imagine their confusion when the four of us appeared laughing our asses off with tears running down our faces and aunt Stella running with me to the bathroom. Hilarious!

“Sage? Are you ok in there?” Aunt Stella asks me from outside the bathroom stale I’m currently occupying.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just, one second.” I tell her and flush the toilet.

“Public bathrooms are disgusting.” I inform my aunt and walk rapidly to the cinque to wash my hands with extra soap. My aunt laughs at my declaration and waits for me beside the bathroom exit.

Her phone suddenly dings and aunt Stella takes it out of her handbag. “It’s a text from Jully.” She tells me when she feels me stare at her. She lowers her head again and goes back to reading the message. “When you’re done, we’re meeting the others at the stationery store.”

“Ok, let’s go.” I say after drying my hands. We leave the bathroom and aunt Stella starts guiding me to the stationery store.

From afar I could already see our group talking and laughing between one another, I saw Shauwn lift up his hands as if complaining and then he saw us. He smiled widely and started running towards us.

“MY SWEET COUSIN!” He yelled like a child and engulfed me in a hug. I swear if he hadn’t shown me last week how much of a child he is I would have probably tough this man with the mentality of a six-year-old was drunk or high.

“I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” My poor eardrums... “It’s been torture not going to visit you and not be able to tell my sister about you!” He pouted.

See, he behaves just like a child.

“You have to give me your phone number.” He demands and takes’s out his phone waiting for me to dictate to him my number.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t have a phone.” His face falls at this newfound information and he starts shaking his head and tapping his foot on the ground like my mom did when I would beat up the kids at one of the bad neighborhoods we once lived in.

“This won’t work.” He said as he kept his stance and added his hands to his hips. “We have to solve this now.” He declared and took my hand in one of his huge ones.

“We’ll be right back!” He yelled loud enough for everyone in this hall to hear us and started carefully dragging me with him around the mall.

“Here we are. Now choose a good phone and let’s go back before my mom drags me out of the store by my ear and cusses me out in front of the whole mall for taking you away from your girls' day out.”

“HahA! I can already see your mother doing that.” Shauwn frowns at my laughter and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh at my misfortune but at least do it while choosing a phone. I can already see my mother from here.” He grumbles and steres me away from the store’s window from which he spotted aunt Jully. He leads me farther inside the store and towards the rows full of phones on display.

“Choose one.” He tells me while watching the door as if he expects his mother to barge in at any given second and drag him out of the store by his ear. I snicker at the thought but quickly sober up when Shauwn gives me a soft push and gestures with his head to the phones.

“Well, cousin you are on an unlucky streak because I don’t understand anything about phones. You will have to help me with this task.” This time, Shauwn was the one to snicker at a memory.

“Yeah, I remember your video. You spent more than one-hour filming without knowing! Haha!” I raised an eyebrow at him and looked back at the store’s window where aunt Jully was waiting for us. I smiled at her and waved making her shock her head while smiling amused at me. I grin back to Shauwn and make sure he sees who I am waving at before he stops laughing and leads me to some of the ‘best phones’.

I ended up getting a gold Samsung Galaxy something-something and a glass film for the phone along with a transparent cover. When we stepped outside of the store, Shauwn quickly programmed my new phone with everyone’s numbers and left with Jazim leaving us girls to go on a baby shopping spree.

At some point during our visit to a shop full of cute babygrows, I remembered that my uncles are supposed to already be in Sicily, and if that’s the case then what did my aunts tell them as an excuse to pass so much time with me?

“Hey, aunt?” I call aunt Stella who is the closest to me at the moment.

“Yes?” She asks as she lifts her head to look at me and puts down a blue babygro saying ‘I’m cute, mom’s hot, dad’s lucky’ “I miss having a baby, I’ll have to ask Alan for another one. Cameron is already six!” Aunt Stella mutters under her breath.

“Ok, aunt I didn’t need to know that. Anyway, I was going to ask what you and aunt Jully told uncle Alan and John as an excuse to pass so much time with me.”

“Ah that, I told your uncle Alan to not question me because in a few months he would thank me and to not freak out when he saw the dent in his bank account today. He already knows how Jully and I get when we go shopping.” Really, just that and my uncle didn’t ask any more questions? Aunt Stella really has him wrapped over her fingers.

“Oh, don’t be so wide-eyed, your uncle loves me too much to question me about something as simple as a shopping spree and I know he has at least three men tailing me to ‘keep me safe’.” I didn’t notice I was wide-eyed until my aunt called me out on it but shit if she’s being followed then they must report to my uncle. I’m so fucked if he finds out aunt Stella came shopping with me.

As if sensing my inner turmoil aunt Stella quickly assured me that the men wouldn’t tell my uncle anything unless we had trouble, which I hope we don’t, I’m not in the mood to fight.

“Hey Jully, what did you tell John when you stayed overtime at the hospital and about today?” Aunt Stella asked loudly to aunt Jully who was on the other side of the shop with Cassie and holding a babygrow saying ‘Grandma spoils me with grandpa’s money!’.

“I told him I’m thinking about leaving the bartender part-time job and I’ve been staying at the hospital longer helping around the children’s yard. And today I told him I was going to spoil my girls rotten in a shopping spree!” Aunt Jully exclaims the last part and winks at me.

After that, we shopped for two more hours for baby clothes and another two hours for other baby items as well as for some clothes for us.

The last shop we stopped at was a small baby shop owned by an old lady. She has many handmade things and homemade oils and creams for the baby's and their moms and I loved that shop.

“Buongiorno signore, c’è qualcosa in cui potrei aiutarvi? (Good morning ladies, is there anything I could help you with?)” The old lady moved from behind the counter and came to our encounter.

“Buongiorno signora, abbiamo visto il set di coperte e pannolini nella sua finestra e vorremmo vedere la varietà che ha. (Good morning ma’am, we saw the set of blankets and diapers in your window and we would like to see the variety you have.)” My aunt Jully quickly explained to the lady and the frail-looking woman lead us towards a... table I think, covered with beautiful sets of blankets and diapers. She showed us the most popular people brought and then underneath those, there were the sets both me and Cassiopeia fell in love with.

Cassie chose a soft yellow wool blanket and a light blue diaper with yellow borders and a cute bear sewed on the blue part and I choose a white blanket with a dark blue crown embroidered and striped black borders along with a white diaper with some dark blue details. As you can see I didn’t go to the typical ‘it’s a girl so all her things must be pink’, I brought her some pink clothes, yes, but I decided to vary the colors of the things I brought her.

While Cassie and my aunts were entertained with the blankets I decided to look for a toy for my daughter, a soft plush of some kind to be her companion. In one of the far corners of the store, I saw some plushies but I quickly found out none of them were up to my taste making me quite disappointed.

“Mi dispiace disturbarti, cara, ma ti ho visto sembrare piuttosto deluso da questi peluche e penso di averne alcuni esposti sul bancone che potrebbero piacerti. (I’m sorry for disturbing you, dear but I saw you looking quite disappointed at these plushies and I think I have some displayed on the counter that you might like.)” Smiling at the lady’s thoughtfulness I followed her towards the counter and she was right. The plushies at the counter pleased me very much but still, none of them caught my eye for my girl.

“Grazie per avermi aiutato, ma nessuno di loro cattura la mia attenzione.(Thank you for helping me but none of them catch my eyes.)” I sadly tell the lady, feeling quite disappointed that I can’t do something as simple as finding my daughter a plushie.

“Oh, no. Non preoccuparti cara. Sto lavorando a qualcosa che penso possa interessarti. (Oh, no. Don’t worry dear. I’m working on something that I think might interest you.)” The lady walks behind the counter and grabs something from the basket full of thread, needles, wool, fabrics, and scissors.

“Non l’ho ancora finito, ma penso che ti piacerà. (I haven’t finished it yet, but I think you will like it.)” The lady brings her hands up and shows me an unfinished tiger blanket plushie with who I fall in love.

“Lo adoro! Lo prenderò come sson come finisci! (I love it! I’ll take it as soon as you finish!)” I excitedly tell the lady and caress the plushie carefully feeling its soft fabric. The lady smiles widely at my enthusiasm and grabs a needle with thread and starts working on the plushie.

“Sage? What has got you so enthusiast?” Cassie asks me, waddling towards me.

“The lady showed me these cute plushies and I finally found one for my daughter!” I brightly tell her, Cassie and my aunts smile brightly at my enthusiasm and join me at the counter.

“Oh. My. God! Io amo questo! (I love this one!)” Cassie squeals looking at a fox plushie the same gender as the one I chose for my girl. The old lady looks at Cassie’s bright smile and chuckles softly, she takes Cassie’s hand and caresses it softly.

“Tuo figlio sarà astuto e intelligente come una volpe. Custodito come suo padre ma premuroso come sua madre. (Your son will be cunning and smart like a fox. Guarded like his father but caring like his mother.)” She says this to Cassie and pats her hand softly. Then she turns her attention to me and carefully takes my hand.

“Tua figlia sarà bella e graziosa ma pericolosa quando vorrà, come una tigre e proprio come sua madre. (Your daughter will be beautiful and gracious but dangerous when she wants to be, like a tiger and just like her mother.)” My jaw drops at her words. How does she know I’m having a daughter? I didn’t tell her and the things I’ve picked from her store didn’t hint at it.

“Come fai a sapere che mia nipote sta avendo una figlia? (How do you know my niece is having a daughter?)” Aunt Jully quickly asks her and wraps her arms around me as if to protect me.

“Non ho mai sbagliato signora, me lo sento solo nelle ossa e fino ad oggi e negli ultimi sessantacinque anni non ho mai sbagliato. (I am never wrong ma’am, I just feel it in my bones and up to this day and in the last sixty-five years I have never been wrong.)” The old lady softly says, always with the same smile and bright look in her eyes. My aunt’s apprehension lessens a bit but she still keeps her guard up.

“E fatto. Ecco qua signorina. (And done. Here you go, miss.)” She hands me the tiger plushie and I admire it, feeling its soft fabric between my fingers.

“Grazie segnora. (Thank you ma’am.)”

“Hey Sage, have you thought about names yet?” Cassie suddenly asks me.

“Yes and no. I have something in mind but I still want to look for a strong first name for her. She deserves it after surviving all the stupid drugs her father flushed in me and the ones he created and tested on me. She is a strong girl and I want an equally strong name.” The old lady looks at me with admiration in her eyes and take’s a book from under the counter handing it to me and leading me towards a table not too far from the counter.

“Questi libri hanno dei nomi e il significato e l’origine dietro di loro. Penso che questo ti aiuterà nella tua ricerca di un nome adatto per la tua bambina. (This books has names and the meaning and origin behind them. I think this will help you in your quest for a fitting name for your baby girl.)”

“Thank you, Ginevra.” The old lady freezes and looks at me shocked.

“Come sapevi il mio nome? (How did you know my name?)” She asks me, looking at me as if I’m some kind of miracle or weird godsend gift.

“Ecco il tuo portafoglio. (Here is your wallet.)” I tell her and grin widely while handing her her wallet. Ginevra's shocked look leaves her and she laughs loudly taking back her wallet.

“Brava, giovane peccatrice, hai lo stesso umorismo della tua bis bisnonna. Aveva già centoquattro anni quando l’ho incontrata ma mi ha fatto lo stesso scherzo. Le assomigli molto. (Good one, young sinner, you have the same humor as your great great grandmother. She was already a hundred and four years old when I meet her but she played the same prank on me. You look a lot like her.)” How the hell do I look like my great-grandmother? Do we share the same wrinkles? I thought they weren’t noticeable.

And as if she hears what I thought Ginevra barks a laugh and grabs onto her things to keep herself up from laughing so much.

“Oh, giovanne peccatrice, le tue facce dicono tutto! La tua bisnonna è la ragione per cui il mio negozio è ancora aperto e per ringraziarla per avermi aiutato mio marito ha dipinto il suo ritratto. Dipinse due ritratti, uno di lei in piedi accanto a me e l’altro ha ricreato il ritratto di quando era più giovane. La tua bis bisnonna era una vera bellezza. Ho anche alcune sue foto. Ha continuato a visitare il mio negozio fino all’anno in cui è morta. Mi portava sempre qualcosa quando stavano per nascere i suoi pronipoti. (Oh, young sinner, your face says it all! Your great great grandmother is the reason my shop is still open and to thank her for helping me my husband painted her portrait. He painted two portraits, one of her standing besides me and the other he recreated the portrait of when she was younger. Your great great grandmother was a real beauty. I also have a few pictures of her. She kept on visiting my store until the year she died. She always brough something from me when her great-grandchildren were about to be born.)”

~ 1 hour later ~

I finally chose a name for my daughter. Ziva Blaze Sinner, Ziva means brilliance and brightness and Blaze means fire both names seem a good fit for my little girl.

“Have you chosen a name yet, Sage?” Aunt Stella asks me.

“I have.” I inform her and aunt Jully and Cassiopeia come towards me to hear the name.

“Signorina Ginevra, anche lei può conoscere il suo nome. (Miss Ginevra, you can know her name too.)” I beckon the old lady towards us and once all four are surrounding me I whisper loud enough for only them to hear.

“Ziva Blaze Sinner, but you shall only call her by Blaze. I don’t want her to be underestimated just because she is a girl and in the future, I have a feeling this little arrangement will come in handy for her.” The four women around me agree with me and assure me to keep secret, praising me for the beautiful name I chose. In the middle of all the praises, I suddenly remembered that I still don’t know what Cassioepia’s son’s name is.

“Hey Cassi, what about you? What are you naming your son?” I ask her and watch as her smile widens.

“His name will be Perseus Thanatos Federico Ricci. A mouth full, I know but I simply loved the name. Besides Jazim and I couldn't agree on the second name so with put both names we wanted and honestly, I think it’s beautiful.” I agree with Cassie, the name is a mouth full but it’s still beautiful. I remember seeing his name on the book I choose Blaze’s name from. Perseus means avenger and or destroyer. Thanatos means death, but I also read it somewhere that he was a god of death, and Federico this one is the contradiction of the other two. Federico means peaceful ruler. My thoughts were disrupted by Ginevra’s voice.

“Entrambi i bambini hanno nomi forti e saranno all’altezza di loro. Il loro futuro sarà pieno di difficoltà e problemi ma li conquisteranno tutti. (Both children have strong names and they will live up to them. Their future will be full of hardships and troubles but they will conquer them all.)” I hate what she is insinuating and I hope to God that she’s wrong but fuck, deep down I have a feeling that she’s right. The only thing I can hope for is to be by Ziva’s side when that happens and for Perseus to have his parents by his side as well, of course.

After this disturbing news, the four of us grabbed all the things we picked from this store and paid, leaving a five hundred euros tip for Ginevra.

Once outside the store, Cassie was the one who broke the silence.

“I hate what miss Ginevra insinuated. Our kids haven’t even been born yet and trouble is already part of their destiny.” My aunts agreed with Cassie ad I do to but we are both part of the underworld, we know the hardships this world brings so I don’t understand how we could expect our kids to have a safe untroubled life when we’re in the mafia life.

“I would like to think miss Ginevra is wrong but how can I when we’re both part of the mafia life? Our life was never something simple and our kids will follow the same path. You know they will, Cassiopeia so don’t even try to deny it.” I quickly say when I see her try to reject my words. “At some point in their life they will get in trouble or trouble will follow them, you know this is how our lifestyle works.” Cassie hung her head down after muttering a small “I know.” And keep walking to the food court where Shauwn and Jazim are waiting for us.

Five minutes after leaving Ginevra’s shop I felt the hairs in the back of my neck stand up, my whole skin started prickling and a sense of danger overcome my senses making me stop in the middle of the hall and supervise the place around me. Aunt Stella noticed me stop and came back towards me.

“What’s wrong, Sage?” Still scanning the area around me, I don’t answer her immediately. I have a feeling someone is watching me, and whoever it is is not here on a friendly visit.

“Someone is watching us...” I mutter, hiding my mouth while speaking, and go back to walking behind aunt Jully and Cassie. Whoever is watching may be able to read lips and I don’t want to alert them, even though my stupid behavior may have given me away.

“What do we do, then?” Aunt Stella asks me, keeping her composure and following my lead as if nothing happened.

“We go inside that shop.” I said, without missing a beat, and walk towards a jewelry store in the same direction I fixed my gaze for so long. Hopefully, this will cover up my small slip.

~ 40 minutes later ~

We joined Aunt Jully, Shauwn, Jazim, and Cassie at the pizza parlor and quickly sat down. My aunts' bodyguards took away the bags aunt Stella and I were carrying and took them to Jazim’s car. It seems they are the ones who will keep my things hidden until I go to live with my father.

“Hey, guys, where were you?” Aunt Jully asks us.

“Jewelry store, I went to order a necklace locket to be made for my Blaze.” I quickly show the pictures of the design I choose to Shauwn and aunt Jully and once my stomach grumbles Cassie growls at Jazim and takes my hand dramatically declaring: “I’m leaving you and your disgusting pizza, Jazim. Sage is my new lover and I’m sure she has better taste than you!” Leaving us both, Jazim and I, dumbfounded at the turn of events. I mean, I saw that they were having an argument but for me to be dragged into it and for it to be about pizza... It’s just stupid. Must be the pregnancy hormones, I conclude and follow Cassie to the ordering counter.

“Buonasera ragazze, cosa posso portarvi? (Good evening ladies, what can I get you ?)” The young man asks us as he takes out a notepad and a pen to write down our orders.

“Buonasera, voglio una pizza extra al formaggio con salsiccia, prosciutto, peperoni, cipolle, salsa barbecue, peperoni, gamberi e spinaci. (Good evening, I want an extra cheese pizza with sausage, ham, pepperoni, onions, barbecue sauce, peppers, shrimp, and spinach.)” The man’s jaw falls open and he looks to be on the verge of passing out. Jazim and Shauwn who have been watching us this whole quickly nod their head at the man.

“Dalle solo quello che vuole amico, è incinta e ti denuncerà se non rispetterai il suo ordine disgustoso. (Just give her what she-man, she’s pregnant and will sue you if you don’t comply with her disgusting order.)” The man behind the counter stiffly nods and before any of us can react, Cassie has dragged the small bell from of the counter and trowed it at an unexpected Jazim who gets hit in the head with it.

“Stai dormendo sul divano! (You’re sleeping on the couch!)” Cassie yells and turns her back on Jazim puffing irritated at him.

“Order whatever you desire, Sage.” Cassie tells me and I nod.

“Buonasera, voglio una pizza al cioccolato con mozzarella, funghi, olive, ananas e pancetta e pezzi di cioccolato. (Good evening, I want a chocolate sauce pizza with mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, olives, pineapple and bacon and pieces of chocolate.)” The guy numbly nods and hands our order to the kitchen guy who gives him a disgusted look.

“Donne incinte, non chiedere. (Pregnant women, don’t ask.)” The counter guy says and tells us to wait a few minutes for our order.

“Your pizza sounds tasty.” Cassie tells me and bumps my hip with hers playfully.

Twenty minutes later the six of us are at our table eating and laughing together, and that’s how our day of shopping went.

~ Meanwhile ~


I watch as the four women leave the baby shop, focusing my attention on the blond one. That’s the one who ran away from my boss, his pregnant fiance.

Honestly, I don’t know how she managed to leave Igor, especially while carrying his son. Suddenly Sage stops in the middle of the mall’s hall and starts scanning her surroundings.

“Don’t fucking tell me she sensed me... Igor did warn me she was very astute...” I stay still and keep on watching her but something weird pocking from one of her bags caught my attention. Pink clothes...

“Fuck! I don’t think Igor will like this.” I just hope he doesn’t behead me for the news I’m about to deliver...


Quick authors note

As soon as I can I will post all or most of the pictures of the outfits and plushies referred on this chapter along with the locket on my Instagram.

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