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Chapter 26 - summarizing the summer

Later that day, when Jully Sinner reached her house she had a surprise awaiting her. Right after closing her front door her husband John, who she wasn’t expecting to be home yet, got up from the sofa and appeared behind her when she was putting her keys away.

“You know, Jully, just because you’re cunning and others fall for it doesn’t mean I’m stupid, my love. Remember, you can never deceive, I can see through you, you’re an open book to me.”

“HAAAAA!” Jully yelled, not expecting her husband to be in the living room with her, much less right behind her. She turned around in a hast and lost her footing whit how fast she moved. John immediately acted and grabbed Jully’s waist and held her against his chest to stabilize her.

“Now, Jully, there’s no need to be falling for me again, honey, we’re already married.” John taunted her and smirked when he felt her punch his chest.

“GOD DAMNED MOTHERFUCKING SINNER! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!? What is it with you Sinners, always trying to kill me with each fright y’all give me!? God damn it all, John! What it is it, now?” Jully exploded and stepped away from John, taking off her two-inch heeled sandals and throwing them at him at the beginning of her rant. John only chuckled at his wife’s antics and kissed her forehead tenderly once she stopped ranting, hugging her softly until she was calm again.

“Now, let’s talk.” John said and lead Jully towards their big sofa.

“What do you want to talk about?” Jully finally asked.

“Let’s start with the fact your lies do not stink with me.” Jully, ever the actress, crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at John.

“Whatever do you mean, honey.” She said with an eye-roll. John raised an eyebrow at her childish act but went with the flow.

“Oh, really love? So you didn’t tell me you were going to leave your part-time job as a bartender in one of my brother’s clubs when in reality you’re just taking time off? And you have been helping around the children’s yard, haven’t you? Because that’s funny. I went there the other day and I was told you haven’t left the private yard since May!” Jully’s facade didn’t fell with each accusation John trowed at her, instead, her smirk grew when she detected the small errors he said.

“Now, John, I never said I was leaving my part-time job bartending, I said I was thinking about it, that’s different. And did you know the private yard has a children’s yard inside it? That was one of the last updates the private yard got.” She mischievously smirked. John narrowed his eyes at his wife and shook his head, still sporting a small smile.

“So you’re telling me that you haven’t been in the private yard since May taking care of my niece and that I didn’t saw you today with Sage in the mall at the pizza place? Is that it, Jully? Or am I just going crazy and the weary blond who didn’t like others than your group to be too close to her wasn’t Sage? Umm, Jully? Am I crazy and the blond wasn’t Sage or are you keeping things from me and Sage has been with you all this time?” Jully keep silent at this accusation, but the quietness didn’t last long.

“WERE YOU FOLLOWING ME?” John shook his head no and Jully quickly fired another question.

“What were you doing at the mall, then?” Jully asks and throws her hands up exasperated.

“I took Hazel and Isaack to the cinema. I had gone on a walk around the mall to pass the time when I saw you all.”

“Oh, so it must have been you Sage felt observing her. You gave the girl the chills, John! She was ready to shot someone, if she had her gun with her, that is.” Jully’s comment left an unsettling feeling on John.

“When did that happen Jully? Because I did not see you until you were all eating together. Including Sage and Cassie with their disgusting pizzas.” Jully looked taken back by John’s declaration and immediately worry started taking root inside her.

“I never thought my niece would have such a bad taste.” John muttered with a shiver and made a disgusted face remembering the pizzas his girls ate.

“John, if it wasn’t you who Sage felt when we exited that shop, then who was it? Do you think Igor is watching Sage? We have to do something, John! We can’t let him get her again!” Indeed this was something to worry about...

~ One month later ~

He came one week late but Perseus Thanatos was born a healthy boy. That day, Cassiopeia surprise everyone, especially Sage when she asked the girl in question to accompany her to the delivery room along with Jazim. Cassie wanted Sage to be prepared for what was to come when it was her turn to give birth to Blaze.

That was the first surprise of the day but after six agonizing hours Perseus was born and while Jazim went to shown him to everyone in the waiting room, Cassie asked Sage if she accepted to be the boy’s godmother. Obviously Sage said yes.

~ End of the Summer, September 1 ~


Do you want to know what else happened this summer? Then, let me tell you!

First, thanks to my abuela (grandma) I got in contact with Vasco, I own him and his siblings everything in this life, and in the next one so, I asked him to be Blaze’s godfather. And he accepted!

Vasco informed me that Igor vanished, he hasn’t heard or seen anything from him since I escaped. Honestly, I don’t know if I should be relieved or afraid but for now, I just need to keep my eyes open and my guard up at all times.

Vasco hasn’t been punished for anything so we’re both sure Igor doesn’t know that he was the one who helped me, or at least he doesn’t know it yet.

I started physiotherapy with uncle James just two weeks before Perseus was born and even though my belly can get in the way and the physiotherapist’s around here can get overly gentle and protective because of my pregnancy and knowing a bit of what I went through. It’s not something I’m happy with but I think my aunts told them I was some kind of runaway slave and old war prisoner, hence the way the ladies treat me so gently. They’re afraid I may break down at any time.

During this summer I found out that I’m passionate about anything with a motor. A few weeks ago uncle James and I were in the jym completing the small physiotherapy exercises our doctor ordered us to when a damned vending machine started getting on my nerves. The thing was broken and keep doing a weird noise, it got so bad that my temper went haywire.

Uncle James said I looked like Hulk, a man who can turn green and has inhuman force and a bad temper. He said that I suddenly left the jym with my face all red and purple and when I came back I had a toolbox with me. I stole it from the Janitor, the poor old man was lost for words when he saw me fuming in his direction after leaving his closet with his toolbox. He thought I was going to murder someone! Haha! Anyway, after getting the toolbox I was still very pissed of and so, this is the part uncle James said I resembled Hulk, I grabbed the vending machine and pulled it almost three meters away from the wall, plopping my ass on the floor afterward and staying two hours entertained with arranging the machine. Once I was done I put it back in place and finished my exercises as if nothing happened.

My aunts are still pissed about that but, eh, I don’t care. At least I found out I like motors.

I remember when I was five or six years old and sneaked up to the underground garage. Vinico had a kidnapped mechanic and made him work on developing an altered car/jeep thing. The jeep was used on the robberies he made me be the getaway driver. The press used to call me the ′ghost driver’.

I guess it’s from there I developed my interest in mechanics.

Well, anyway I have to go now. School starts tomorrow and I have to sleep early to try and have the patience to endure that place. I already know tomorrow will give me a migraine. After all, I have no documents and I’ve never been to school (I went one day but Vinico quickly took me out when I started causing trouble), aunt Jully better have her batteries charged tomorrow because this is not going to be an easy task.

Oh, and before I go, uncle John still doesn’t know I’m pregnant. He only saw my back and my hands when I was eating so he didn’t see my belly. He also assigned me, two bodyguards, much to my distaste... but at least he doesn’t know I’m pregnant yet and aunt Jully didn’t tell him anything.

Now, I’m off to bed for good. See ya!

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