The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 28 - Bodyguards


~ One week later ~

I never knew that killing my boredom by studying would pay off so well. The knowledge I demonstrated on the diagnostic tests was enough for the teachers to put me on senior year with my brothers. Yes, because after learning that I’ve never been to school they all gave me huge-ass tests to test to which level my knowledge reached and were all very impressed with how much I knew. I’ll have to thank Zeke and Shauwn for their books and Shauwn, Jazim, and Cassie for helping me whenever I wasn’t understanding a subject.

This last week I’ve been having a hard time keeping my food down, which shouldn’t be happening but unfortunately, it is, my hair also started getting thinner than it has ever been and it got me worried. I know poisoning signs and these are some of them. I noticed this started happening right the day after going to meet principal Flavio. I communicated my concerns to my aunts and aunt Stella immediately took a few of my hairs from my hairbrush and took them to the lab to be analyzed. Turns out I wasn’t completely wrong, and while I have not been poisoned, the traces found on my hair and on the blood sample I gave the lab came back positive to that shitty drugs Igor used to drug me with.

As you can guess, my aunts and I nearly had a heart attack when we heard the results, my aunts immediately flipped their shit and started examining every single millimeter of my skin and they ended up finding an almost invisible needle mark on my neck... Someone had tried to take me during the night the previous night or the day before for the symptoms to start showing when they did. We came to find out that uncle James has been spending the nights in my room after he had a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach the night before I went to meet Flavio. Without knowing he saved me and I love him for that, he’s the best uncle I could ever ask for.

Aunt Jully communicated this whole issue to my uncle John and now, instead of two I have five bodyguards with me at all times and four snipers watch my room by shifts at night to make sure nobody tries to get in while I’m asleep.

My uncle James also ended up spilling his guts about Blaze to uncle John and the result was a bit catastrophic, to say the least... On the same day, I received five bodyguards, my uncle John came to visit me too. He drove like a bat out of hell and when he arrived at the hospital his tires squeaked so loudly that I hear them from my room.

The man was completely distraught when he met me, the first thing he did was hug me and plead for forgiveness, crying in Italian about how his poor little girls seem to have been condemned by God to suffer, muttering about how it wasn’t enough that his daughter had been raped as a child and now his niece had suffered the same tragedy and was pregnant because of our family’s incompetence.

One can say that our meeting was very emotional... He cried I cried, uncle James cried, my aunts cried and my daughter kicked with abandon as if there was no tomorrow. It was a good day. Another family member was mad at my father, my aunt Jully no longer had to hide the truth from her husband and my uncles had fun together, talking and bickering like kids. Both of my uncles spent the day with me and any chance they got they would fight to see who could spoil me the most... And then they started fighting about who could beat my father to oblivion, who would spoil me and my cousin, Hazel, the most, who was the funniest, who would spoil Blaze the most, and so on... Having a family who cares is draining you know, after years of being alone so much spoiling, hugs, kisses, gifts, chocolate, and bickering is abnormal to me but it’s heartwarming. I love my family no matter what and even if my father rejects me, I know I’ll always have my uncles there for me.

And now, after postponing going to school for a week, I’m finally better and allowed to go.

“Grazie per avermi guidato, Rochu. (Thanks for driving me, Rochu.)” Rochu, one of my five bodyguards and the current driver, nods his head in acknowledgment of my words, and immediately after that Ercole leaves the passager seat and rushes to open my door and help me out of the car.

“Grazie, Ercole. (Thanks, Ercole.)” He helps me steady my stance and grabs my backpack, handing me the almost empty bag after making sure that it wasn’t heavy. Sometimes, these people are too much, but I know this is because of my uncles. My uncle James told my uncles John and Alan that I’m in a very critical and fragile state, so the bodyguards are over the top.

“Non devi ringraziarmi, signorina. (You don’t have to thank me, miss.)” He mutters lowly and gives me a small smile. I woke up very nice today, it seems. My manners are also sharp at the moment, I bet it won’t last long.

“Signorina Sage. (Miss Sage.)” Cosmo’s voice, my third bodyguard, called from behind me. He and the other two missing guys came out of the second car escorting me to school and approached me with a small piece of paper in his hands. I bet that’s the list my aunt told me uncle John made for me... Ugg... These men are going to drive me crazy, I can already see it. I don’t know how Hazel can stand this but I’ll find out later, let’s just see what crap John wrote on that piece of paper, I decided and roll my eyes at the paper in Cosmo’s hands.

“Sí, Cosmo? Facciamola finita, va bene? (Yes, Cosmo? Let’s get this over with, alright?)” He smiles at my annoyance and starts reading the list.

“Medicine e vitamine? (Meds and vitamins?)”

“Qui. (Here.)” I drily answer and he nods after I show him the small boxes inside my backpack.

“Bottiglia d’acqua e snack? (Water bottle and snacks?)”

“Qui. (Here.)”

“Cercapersone? (Pager?)”

“Qui. (Here.)” I show him the small device and he nods once he sees me put it back in my pockets. I’ll have to get a better place for that but I’ll work on that later.

“Pistola e proiettili? (Gun and bullets?)”

“Giusto qui! (Right here!)” I exclaim with a smirk and watch as the five-man chuckle at my obvious glee at having a gun with me.

At first, I was truly surprised when my uncle John gave me a gun to bring to school but then he told me James was the one who informed him of my liking and knowledge of guns and he was more than happy that I carry a gun with me. John makes Hazel carry at least two knives with her to school every day since she refuses to touch a gun so I’m glad I was given the option of having a gun with me, it’s quicker to use in case anyone threatens my Blaze.

“Ok, controlla tutto. Aldus e Jacopo staranno con te a scuola, non ti staranno incollati se non vuoi ma staranno sempre da queste parti. Se dovessi avere un problema, saranno sempre vicini. (Ok, all check. Aldus and Jacopo will stay with you at school, they won’t stay glued to you if you don’t want them to but they will always be around here. If you ever have a problem they’ll always be close by.)” Cosmo’s information was annoying, I mean I knew they were going to be around here but I never trough they would be sniffing my ass like dogs the whole day! I really don’t know how Hazel can stand this.

“Sì, grazie, ma non voglio che tu rimanga incollato a me tutto il giorno. Ora sparisci. State attirando troppa attenzione e non voglio che i miei fratelli vi riconoscano. (Yeah, thanks but I don’t want you glued to me the whole day. Now get lost. Y’all are attracting too much attention and I don’t want my brothers to recognize you.)” Already used to my cold temper and my mood switches, the guys don’t even flinch at my voice’s harshness.

“Sarò io a venirti a prendere alla fine della scuola, signorina Sage. (I will be the one to pick you up when school ends, miss Sage.)” Rochu informs me and I nod dismissively. I already knew he was the one who would pick me up, between him and Ercole, Rochu is the designed driver so this wasn’t anything new.

“Va bene per me, ora perditi. (Alright by me, now get lost.)” Cosmo, Ercole, and Rochu nod their heads and robotically make their way to the SUVs.

“There goes my idea of being discrete!” I complain to myself and start making my way inside the school all the while Aldus and Jacopo chuckle at my complaints.

“Non appena siamo in ufficio, voi due mi mollate, mi senti? Non ti voglio da nessuna parte nelle vicinanze dopo che mi avrai lasciato in ufficio. Starò bene da solo. (As soon as we’re at the office you two are ditching me, you hear me? I don’t want you anywhere nearby after y’all leave me at the office. I’ll be ok by myself.)” At first, they seem reluctant to comply with my wishes but they quickly change their minds at my next words.

“Just remember that I have a great aim.” I taunt them and pat the gun in the waistband of my pants.

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