The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 29 - EWW!


We step foot through the main doors of the school building and, with Jacopo and Aldus always flanking me we make our way towards the office. Once there the same petit woman from last week was behind the counter, when she saw me she gave me a shy smile and looked wrily at my two bodyguards before starting to leave the counter.

“Aldus, Jacopo you’re dismissed.” Both make a face before nodding their heads and slowly leaving the office.

“Good morning, miss.” The shy lady greeted me.

“Good morning miss..?” She caught up to what I want and quickly answers me.

“Flora, miss, my name is Flora.” She rambles and blushes profusely when I chuckle at her nervous rambling. This woman seems too cute to be working in a high school with nasty teenagers.

“Well miss Flora my name is Davina and I was told by my aunt to come here to get my schedule, books, and locker number as well as the locker keys.” At the mention of my books and the rest of my shit Flora starts turning a worrisome tone of white and sweat beads start forming on her forehead.

“Are you alright, Flora?” I ask her worried and grab her arm when the poor woman starts swaying.

“I- I- I’m so sorry m- miss Dav- Davina bu-but I a... I-” She starts hyperventilating and I quickly understand she’s having a panic attack. I try to smooth her, to help her calm down and clean away the few tears that fell from her eyes.

“What’s wrong Flora? You can tell me what’s bothering you.” I whisper softly, trying to keep her calm enough to tell me what’s wrong. She took a few deep breathes and then nodded her head as if to reassure herself of something.

“I- I left your things in my office to make sure they were secure. No one informed me of what time you would arrive and I didn’t want to keep them at the counter with me when anything could happen to them but less than five minutes ago your nurse called me warning me that you were on your way and giving me a quick rundown about things to keep an eye on while you were here and so, I went to my office to get your things but when I got there- *deeps breath*, when I got there someone was inside and he wasn’t happy with my interruption.” Flora shivered at her last words and started turning pale again.

“So a kid invaded your office and you’re afraid of kicking him out?” I ask her slowly, trying to make sense of this weird situation.

“Kick him out!?” Flora whisper yelled. “He would kill me if I dared to interrupt him again! I don’t want to be his next victim!” Flora started fricking out but she managed to keep her voice down, almost as if she was afraid of the guy hearing her rant.

Whoever she’s afraid of is about to get a taste of Sage Sinner’s temper because I won’t stand for bullies like this piece of shit!

Blaze gave me a strong kick as if she was agreeing with me and that was all I needed to get a move on.

“Flora where is your office?” The woman’s eyes widen comically at my question and she looks at me as if I had grown a second head.

“Are you crazy Davina!? That boy is not to be messed with! He is in the mafia!” She whispered harshly at me and refused to show me her office.

“Ug... Flora, don’t be complicated and just show me where your office is, I promise I’ll take care of it. And as far as I’m concerned, I have enough connections to get me out of trouble with some little gang in case that ever happened.” Flora eyes me as if I had lost my mind and slowly nods her head, almost as if she was afraid I’ll decide to use my connections against her.

“O- Ok, they might be finished by now.” She whispered and guided me out of the office. She turned the corner beside the office and walked me down the corridor until we started approaching a door with weird noises coming out of it.

“This is it.” She whispered and pointed towards the door with ′signorina Berlusconi ufficio’ (miss Berlusconi’s office) written on it.

“I’ll try to open the door first, if it doesn’t work, just know I’ll pay all the damage.” I told her and ignored her questioning glances. I try to open the door but the handle only rattled. A loud growl comes from the inside office and a girlish moan followed.

“Umm... Ignoralo piccolo, probabilmente è solo la ragazza dell’ufficio, di nuovo. (Umm... Ignore it, baby, it’s probably just the office girl, again.)” The girl’s whiny voice commented and I noticed then and there that plan B was needed.

“Ok, miss Flora, step back, please.” Flora did as I said and watched me as I took two bobby pins from the waistband of my pants and bent down to pick up the lock. Less than two minutes later and while hearing those animals moaning and grunting, I successfully picked the lock.

“I’m so done with this shit.” I mumble lowly to myself and dramatically, against all the doctors and nurses’ orders, I lift my right leg up and kick the door open with all my straight. A tad over the top since I already unlocked it but I need to be dramatic!

“Done, Flora.” I call her over without even looking at who was behind the door only feeling their glare at the back of my head and if their glare is anything to go by, they are pissed. I turned around unfazed and quickly examine the situation, a naked girl with a condom wrap on her teeth and a tall naked tattooed guy stand against Flora’s secretary in an indecent position.

I start feeling nauseous with the naked situation but I made the biggest mistake of my life when I decided to lift my gaze up and look at the guy’s face. Because the naked tattoed guy inside Flora’s office is non-other than Diesel...

Ugg! My brother is naked in front of me, I’m going to throw up!

“EWW!” I yelled and grabbed hold of my stomach feeling the organ turn over in revolution to what I just witnessed.

“I’m going to throw up!” I complain loudly, feeling myself turn green and my breakfast coming fast up my throat burning me on its way up. I ran to the trash can on the other side of the hall and throw myself on the floor just in time to grab the small trash can and hunch myself over it, puking my guts out.

I can feel Diesel’s heavy gaze on me as well as Flora and the other girl, all watching me trow up. Diesel is watching me with curiosity but Flora is panicking and the other girl, she thinks she’s too smart to get caught. She used Diesel’s distraction to take the condom fully out of its wrap and bit the tip of it. This bitch is so full of herself...

“Davina! Are you ok? Do I need to call a doctor? The hospital? Your nurse? Your uncles? Your bodyguards?” I hold one hand up to stop Flora’s rambling and hunch forwards again to punk some more.

Ugg... I hate this so much!

A few moments later my stomach finally calls down, Flora is still panicking and Diesel is still watching me while the girl is smiling smugly thinking she will get away with what she did. Just wait a moment bitch and you won’t be as smug anymore.

I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and watch as a small bit of blood appears in the middle of my vomit.

Ugg, I hate this so much! I can’t let anyone see this or I’ll be sent back to the hospital. Just then Aldus appears at the corner leading to the office, he sees me on the floor and runs over to me.

“Signorina Davina, sta bene? (Miss Davina, are you ok?)”

“Sí, sí. (Yes, yes.)” I try to wave him away but he’s not buying it.

“Vado a chiamare tua zia. (I’m going to call your aunt.)” He proclaims and takes’s out his phone.

“No!” I exclaim and jump on my ass catching his hand before he deals my aunt’s number. “No, Aldus, non ce n’è bisogno, digli solo di coprirsi, per favore. (No, Aldus, there’s no need, just tell them to cover up, please.)” My voice starts off strong but ends in a whisper by the time I finish speaking. Aldus looks behind me and his breath itches when he sees my now half-naked brother that had the decency of pulling up his pants and boxers and the girl still as nacked as ever, only using a piece of fabric to cover her front. Aldus knows a bit of what happened to me, all my five bodyguards do and they know I don’t deal well with nakedness, it brings back too many memories and can go as far as provoking me a PTSD attack. Not funny at all.

Aldus moves in front of me and covers my vision from the office. He bents down and slowly put’s a hand on my back rubbing soothing circles to calm me down when another sudden wave of nausea hits me.

“Coprirti senza vergogna! (Cover-up, you shameless!)” Aldus hisses loudly and I feel my brother scowl. The girl starts whining something about a second round but I decided to intervene once my dry-heaving stops.

“Smettila di piagnucolare puttana, non pensare che non abbia visto cosa hai fatto! (Stop whining bitch, don’t think I didn’t see what you did!)” Swiftly she goes quiet and starts sweating bullets, blushing. Diesel’s attention goes from me to the girl beside him and he scowls hard at her.

“Che cosa hai fatto? (What did you do?)” He asks her with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Niente! Sta mentendo! (Nothing! She’s lying!)” Her high-pitched voice shrieks.

Aldus helps me get up and grabs my backpack off the floor for me. A sudden spell of dizziness hits me but I use Aldus as my anchor and wave the dizziness away, not wanting to look week in front of my brother and a common whore.

“Umhu. Se sto mentendo, allora perché nascondi il preservativo su cui hai fatto un buco dietro la schiena? (If I’m lying then why are you hiding the condom you made a hole on behind your back?)” My voice comes off strong and the girl goes pale. Diesel’s face goes murderous. He grabs her arm and forcefully pulls it from behind her back. He takes the condom from her hand and takes it from its wrap checking then if I was indeed telling the truth or not. He found the hole and growled like an animal, turning his murderous glare towards the girl and reaching behind his back. If I don’t do anything now I’m afraid he will kill her, I think to myself and quickly speak.

“Dovresti scegliere le tue puttane più da vicino, altrimenti potresti essere in grado di fare un’altra acrobazia del genere senza che tu te ne accorga. (You should choose your whores more closely otherwise one might be able to pull another stunt like that without you even noticing.)” The girl took that moment to run away and escape my brother’s wrath.

Gosh, I can’t believe this just happened. If mom was here she would kill him! Hell, she would kill me for not killing him! Without meaning to, I start muttering this out loud but in Portuguese, gaining Diesel’s attention. The guy already didn’t stop scrutinizing Sage with his gaze, but now his suspicions had been reaffirmed he would keep his eyes on this girl.

Hey guys! I knew you were probably expecting something more exciting when Sage used plan B to open the door of miss’s Flora office, like shooting the door, and at first that was the plan but I went searching and found out that unless she had a big ass gun that wouldn’t possibly fit inside her backpack than it would be impossible for her to open the door like that. I’m not sure if that’s true or not since I’ve never tried doing it, obviously, but I want this book to be as close to reality as I can possibly make it in some aspects.

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