The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 3 - Getting help with the escape plan


With the help of the steel bedposts I sat up, I got up, climbed the bed and with the help of the wall I walked towards the ‘window’ until my hands were securely wrapped around the bars, all this happened very slowly and I had to warn Oscar to hold on and not go away. He listened to me and when he saw my hands, he dropped down on the floor and looked at me from outside.

“OH MY GOD, IT’S IT, THE FUCKING KILLER CLOWN! IT’S COMING AFTER US!” The guys accompanying Oscar screamed and started running away.

“Nina!” Oscar gasped as he took in my appearance.

“Wha-” Oscar was probably going to ask me what happened to my face but I cut him off, and with the small bit of energy that I had left I told him:

“Get help. I’m breaking out tomorrow with a guard’s help.” My strength left me and I fell on my knees. The pain was unbearable, I let a small scream lose from the pain and laid on my side. A very agonizing thing to do so but I can’t exactly lay on my back and I’m afraid of laying on my belly, even though that my baby bump isn’t very big, I’m still afraid of hurting the kid and end up losing it.

“NINA! WHAT HAPPENED?” I didn’t answer Oscar. I couldn’t, it hurts too much to even speak. Oscar got a flashlight and shined it towards the inside of my cell. The light illuminated me and Oscar gasped very loudly when he saw the state I’m in.

“My god Nina! Don’t worry, tomorrow you will be out of here. You have no idea how worried everyone has been. Scott and Dwain went to my house a few months ago looking for you. They were so desperate that they even went to my house.” I moved my fingers in a ‘continue speaking’ motion and Oscar went back to talking.

“Apparently you were supposed to be in Sicily but your plane got attacked and you never made it. One of your uncles in there died twice, he had to be revived but he’s still in a coma, he got your family so worried that they forgot most of things. It got so bad that your uncles even forgot to take your little cousin to school. They found one aunt of yours, and from what I understood, the woman was supposed to be dead but she was found in an old warehouse. She just got out of ICU and suffered from such a bad trauma that she’s mute. She’s scared of her own husband and son. Some other things were happening but I forgot most of them, but don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll fill you in on everything.” Oscar started moving away from the bars and before he could leave I quickly told him Vasco’s address.

“Go to the fifth street, house seventeen.”

“Ok Nina, see ya tomorrow.” Oscar got up, turned off his phone’s flashlight, and left, leaving me alone to my dark troughs.


I left Nina and started running towards the address she gave me. I don’t know what happened to her or how she got here but I’m going to help her. By tomorrow she will have the whole gang here.

I found the street and soon the house. Out of breath, I start knocking on the door with more straight than necessary and nonstop. I keep this up until a woman, no older than twenty-five years old opened the door.

She looked at me and frowned her brows and then she looked inside the house and her expression held worry.

“What do you want?” She asked me bitterly.

“I... *pant* *pant* need to talk... *pant* with Nina’s guard...” The woman gave me a look and went to close the door while saying “I don’t know any Nina nor her guard.”

I put my foot in the doorway and stopped her from closing it. “I just spoke with her she gave me this address. I know that you’re breaking her out tomorro-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence, the woman grabbed me by my shirt and pushed me inside her house, closing the door loudly in the process.

The next thing I know I’m on the floor, my arm is twisted behind my back and the woman has her foot on my neck. Three other persons surround me and point their guns at my head.

“How do you know that we’re breaking her out tomorrow?” One of the guys asked me aggressively.

“I told you, I talked to her. I spoke with Nina through a gutter on the street. She told me to come here.”

“Nina? That’s not her name. Who are you? Did Igor sent you?” What the hell are they on about? Igor? Is that the guy who kidnapped Nina?

“My name’s Oscar. I meet Nina almost seven months ago, that’s the name she gave me and my family. Look, dude, she probably didn’t give me her real name because she was scared that someone would come after my family, but I came here to help. I need to know the time you’ll break her out to make sure that I got her family here.” They are all staring at me and making me nervous, but a nod from the youngest guy and the woman let me go.

“Well Oscar, I’m Vasco and these are my siblings Deze, Camie, and Maia.“I shake hands with everyone and before anyone could say anything Deze or Dez as he told me to call him asked me a question.

“How are you going to get her family here? Aren’t they in Italy or something?” I rub my arm and roll my neck a few times to try to get the ache to go before answering.

“I just need to call a guy here that works for Nina or Sage’s whatever name you prefer, the guy will call her uncle and after that call, her family will get here in a glimpse. Even if her family doesn’t get here in time the gang will help us.” They all look at me wide-eyed and I stare back at them.

I really don’t understand these people, what did I say wrong now?

I choose to ignore them and their wide-eyed look and took out my phone to call Scott. I dial his number and wait for a few seconds before he picks up.


“Yeah kid, what’s up?” I hear chatter and cutlery beating on plates from his side, I guess I just interrupted his dinner, but oh well. Nina is more important.

“I FOUND NINA!” I couldn’t help but scream the news. I hear Scott start choking and Dwain came to his aid.


“Look I don’t have time to explain, Nina is in a very bad state and one of her guards is going to break her out. You need to gather the troops.” Immediately orders start to be screamed, chairs drag across the floor, and boots ran up the stairs, everyone with Dwain and Scott got to work and Dwain immediately grabbed his phone and started making calls. Hearing all this while on the phone with Scott is fantastic, it shows me how much this gang cares, they truly are a family.

“Tomorrow Boston will erupt in flames.” Scott told me. They traced my phone and then Scott hanged up.

“Well, you heard the men, tomorrow Boston will go up in flames. The Italians are not happy.”

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