The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 30 - Let the mischief begin...


After the whole office fiasco, Vitale ended up in scene after seeing the naked girl running through the school empty halls. My brother was taken to the principal’s office and got scolded while Flora gave me my books, schedule, and the rest of my things. Aldus ended up getting my aunt Stella to come to check up on me and she said I have a small wound on my throat that caused the bleeding as well as a small wound on my tongue made when I trowed myself on the floor to trow up.

I knew the food had been burning while going down lately, now I know why. Aldus and aunt Stella made me eat a fruit smoothie and, after making sure I didn’t throw up the smoothie aunt Stella left.

By now, Jacopo had joined us and both my bodyguards promised my aunt to keep a closer eye on me and to not give me as much freedom as I had wanted but I suppose this is normal after this shitty meeting with my brother.

“I’m ready to forget this morning’s disaster.” I mutter while holding my still quivering stomach. Even my daughter is quiet.

Miss Flora was very anxious with this whole ordeal and once we reached the office her nerves triplicated. We were met with principal Vitale and a disgruntled Diesel, I guess his scolding left him bad-humored.

“Tienilo nei pantaloni la prossima volta Diesel e per favore astieniti dal fare tali attività a scuola. (Keep it in your pants next time Diesel and please refrain from doing such activities on school grounds.)” Diesel sent a scorching glare towards Vitale and scowled at me while making his way to leave the office.

Feeling ticked off by his scowl directed at me, I acted before I thought and snapped at him. Diesel is taller than me and bulkier but that didn’t stop me, the moment he was passing by me I slapped him with all my strength on his shoulder and the resonating sound of the slap echoed all over the office.

“Tieni il tuo cazzo di temperamento per te stesso! Sono stato io a perdere la colazione per i tuoi modi disgustosi, dovrei essere io a fissarti e non il contrario. E ti suggerisco di aggiustare il tuo atteggiamento prima che lo aggiusti per te e ti sprechi qualche proiettile in culo! (Keep your fucking temper to youself! I was the one who lost my breakfast over your disgusting ways, I should be the one glaring at you and not the other way around. And I sugest you fix your attitude before I fix it for you and wast a few bullets on your ass!)”

“If it was anyone else I would have you hanging by your neck.” He growled darkly. My bodyguards immediately stood to attention and took a step closer towards me, as well as principal Vitale who was watching Diesel very tensely.

“Good thing then that I’m not ‘anyone else’.” I taunted him and turned my back on him, lifting my chin high up in the air like a brat, and made my way towards Vitale.

“Hey Vitale, how is it going?” I ask him and put a hand on my belly to secure it and bump my hip against principal Vitale, playfully.

Blaze has been very active since hearing Diesel’s voice and that makes me happy, almost as if every kick she gives me charges me with energy, either that or I’m just high on adrenalin. I know that if tonight she keeps acting like this I won’t sleep so I’m going to exhaust myself in hopes of sleeping like a rock tonight.

“You’re a brat, you know?” Vitale declared and stabilized me when I lost my balance. This man is a rock! He didn’t even move a millimeter when I bumped him.

“After almost two decades of being an adult, I think I earned the right to act like a brat for a few weeks.” He doesn’t answer me and instead starts guiding me towards his office.

“I’m going to call someone to give you a tour of the school and take you to your classes.” Vitale informs me and sits on his desk. He takes a pile of paper from on top of the table and reaches for a thing that was hidden in it.


Math’s class is boring. The year just started and I’m already tired of it!

I miss Sage. She was supposed to come to school last week but something happened and she didn’t come. I still don’t get why she didn’t let me go visit her at the hospital during summer but now, when she decides or is finally allowed to come to school I’ll be glued to her side like a leach. I really miss my best friend, but Hazel and Isaack help a bit with the loneliness, they’re my only true friends besides Sage.

I try to pay attention to class and start writing down some notes while listening to Mr. Baroffio, but the man is so boring...

“Questa settimana esamineremo equazioni, disequazioni, problemi con le disequazioni e grafici di funzioni. (This week we’re going to review equations, inequations, problems with inequations, and function graphs.)” Boooring!

“Apri il libro a pagina- (Open the book on page-)” And before Mr. Baroffio could complete his sentence the crackling of static over the loudspeakers interrupted him and alerted us that the director was about to make a statement.


Sage..? How the hell did she get her hands on the speakers?




HAHAHA! This is definitely Sage!

I get up from my desk and laugh at Sage’s antics. Only her would do something like this.

I ignore my teacher’s complaints and leave the classroom going all the way to the office with a skip in my steps. I pass by the office and greet miss Flora and head to the principal’s office. The moment I open Principal Vitale’s office door and over-excited Sage greets me.

“ZEKE BOY!” Sage yells, runs towards me, and jumps in my arms hugging me.

“SAGIE GIRL!” I yell back and grab her when she jumps on me. I hug her fiercely, just like she is hugging me, although a protruding belly is in our way we don’t mind it. After a few minutes, Sage stops hugging me and grabs my face, examining me.

“Damn boy! You’ve grown!” She exclaims after examining my whole face with her scrutinizing gaze.

“And thank god I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to pick you up. Football and training with the family did me good.”

“I hope you’re not insinuating that I’m fat.” Her whole body tenses and Sage glares at me with that ice-cold glare of hers.

“Of course I’m not! I’m just saying that if I was still the same lanky Zeke you meet last year that I wouldn’t have been able to pick you up! Don’t put words that I didn’t utter in my mouth.” Her glare intensifies and I’m almost afraid that she’ll explode and shot me in midst of her anger.

“Nhe... I’m done messing with you Z, give me a tour of the place, please!” Out of nowhere she breaks her facade and punches my shoulder while exclaiming those words. And fuck, she punches heavy... My poor shoulder. I hold in my hiss of pain and guide Sage out of the office to start the school’s tour.

I just hope this tour goes well, and without any drama. But, knowing Sage is a trouble magnet I’m hoping no one gets on her bad side, she can be quite violent even with just her words...


Hey guys! I know this wasn’t much but I still hope y’all enjoyed this chapter. I was going to write more but I still wanted to publish today so I stopped here.

What do you expect to happen in the next chapter? Tell me in the comments.

See ya next week.

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