The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 31 - Confrontation

Warning: Mentions of racism in this chapter.


The school tour was almost over and we were on our way to the canteen, the last place I needed to show her and where we were going to eat lunch when my worst fear happened. Sage found drama and she was not going to back down.

Rosetta, the school’s self-entitled Queen Bee, and her six minions were surrounding three dark-skinned girls, two were a lighter shade of brown and the third girl was a rich dark brown, this one is the younger sister of one of Diesel’s friends. This won’t end well... Rosetta for some reaction has been a racist bitch since she was little. Everyone in her little squad is light-skinned and blond, no one without those characteristics is allowed in her quad. Even Rosetta’s own sister, who has brown hair and freckles is mistreated by them. As you can see she is a big A+ bitch.

“Sage, don’t intervene.” I stop her when she started walking towards the surrounded girls and whisper, trying to keep her away from trouble.

“Like hell, I won’t. My mama raised me right and I may be a killer Zeke, but I still take my mama’s teachings to heart. And racism is one thing I despise the most.” She whispered back and got lose of my hold, taking long purposeful strides towards the circle formed by Rosetta’s minions.

Sage pushed her way through Rosetta’s minions and stepped in front of Rosetta, putting herself between Rosetta and the girls, more precisely in front of Rosetta and Francesca, the sister of one of Diesel’s friends.

“Che diavolo sta succedendo qui!? (What the hell is going on here!?)” Rosetta frowned at Sage and pursued her lips in a scowl.

“Togliti di mezzo e fatti gli affari tuoi! A meno che tu non voglia sentire la mia ira! (Get out of the way and mind your own business! Unless you want to feel my wrath!)” Rosetta yelled, utterly outranged with Sage’s audacity to interrupt her ‘play time’. Sage’s eyes took a crazed glint at Rosetta’s last words and she started cackling like a maniac. The way she was squirming in laughter, no one could tell she is pregnant, if I hadn’t known her personally I would think she is just crazy. She looks like the Sage I saw on the ring. Adrenalin running high and a thirst for blood like no other.

I have to stop her.

“Oh, ragazzina... sei così divertente! Credi davvero che una bambolina come te potrebbe spaventarmi? Il tuo sforzo è stato carino ma patetico. (Oh, little girl... You’re SO funny! Do you really think a little dolly like you could scare me? Your effort was cute but pathetic.)” Sage spoke the whole time with an animated smile and even examined her nails in between words but when she got to her last sentence... She looked Rosetta straight in the eyes, scowled, and sneered the word patetico (pathetic) with so much venom that even Rosetta’s minions took a step back intimidated.

“Sei bella e crudele. Ti voglio nella mia squadra. Vedo che ti troverai bene. Dovrai smetterla di proteggere questi farabutti, però, o rovinerai tutto il mio divertimento. (You’re beautiful and cruel. I want you in my squad. I can see you’ll fit in well. You’ll have to stop protecting these scoundrels, though or you’ll ruin all my fun.)” And just like that, Rosetta turns her back on Sage and click’s her fingers to signal to her minions that they’re leaving.

Sage gives me an is-she-for-real look and sneers at Rosetta’s retracting figure. I walk towards Sage and join her watching Rosetta go away.

“Is she demented?” Sage asks me with a straight face, making the girls behind us laugh. I crack a small smile at Sage’s question and shook my head softly. This will bring us a lot of trouble in the near future, I can already tell.

“Something like that.” I answer and Sage nods her head.

“I thought so too.” She mutters with a distasteful look on her face.

“Bionda, tieni il passo! (Blondie, keep up!)” Rosetta called loudly over her shoulder, obviously calling Sage who didn’t like Rosetta’s manners and started fuming.

“I am going to kill this fucking bitch, Zeke. Call zio (uncle) James or zio John to get rid of the body.” She hissed harshly at me and started fumbling with her backpack.

I seriously hope my uncles did not fall into the mistake of letting her come armed to school. I know that she is being hunted by a mad man but don’t they know the niece they have? Are they seriously clueless about the deadly temper this girl has? Can’t they see that while armed the first person who pisses her off is as good as dead? Heck, she doesn’t even need to be armed to be able to kill!

A metallic shine coming from Sage’s backpack and her smile of triumph break my chain of thoughts immediately. In her hands, and still, half-hidden inside her bag is a gun, which she is more than happy to use on Rosetta.

“Fuck Sage...” She hears me curse and her devilish smile widens. Quickly I grab Sage’s hands and make her drop the gun inside her backpack again before playing tug of war with her over the damn thing. “Fuck, cousin, only you to make me curse this much!” I whisper shout again when she carves her nails in my hands. Finally, I win and take the bag from her. And just in time because not even five seconds later and Rosetta is turning back to face us.

“BIONDA! CONTINUA IL CAZZO! NON MI RIPETER PIU’! (Blondie, keep the fuck up! I won’t repeat myself again!)” Rosetta screams at the top of her lungs, outraged and expecting to see Sage cower away like a wounded puppy and quickly obey her. But, much to Rosetta’s bewilderment, Sage screams right back at her

“NON SONO UN FOTTUTO CANE DA COMANDARE DA TE, FOTTUTO MONELLO DALLA MENTALITÀ RISTRETA! (I’m not a fucking dog to be commanded by you, you fucking narrow minded brat!)”

“ARRHG! COME OSI PARLARMI COME FOTTUTA PUTTANA INSULENTE!? TI HO OFFRITO UN POSTO NELLA MIA SQUADRA, LA POSSIBILITA’ DI ESSERE QUALCUNO IN QUESTA SCUOLA, E TU HAI SFRUTTATO LA MIA OFFERTA COME TRASFERTA!? TI MERITI QUELLO CHE STA ARRIVANDO PER TE, SCIMMIA AMANTE CAGNA! PERCHÉ RENDERO’ LA VOSTRA VITA UN INFERNO VIVENTE ANCHE PER AVER OSATO PARLARMI IN QUESTO MODO! (ARRHG! How dare you speak to me like that you fucking insolent whore!? I offered you a spot in my squad, a chance to be someone in this school, and you trowed my offer away like trash!? You deserve what is coming for you, you monkey-loving bitch! Because I will make your life a living hell for even daring to speak to me like that!)” With each word she spoke, Rosetta closed the distance between her and us. The tension in this hallway was so thick it could be cut with a knife. At the end of her rant, there were only three feet of distance between her and us, Rosetta was panting for air, her face so red that she could rival a tomato but the worse was yet to come...

Behind Sage and I and the three girls we were still in front of, Sage’s two bodyguards appeared, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem now was me. Rosetta and her minions were trying to chain themselves into the popularity chair and worm their way into my cousins’ beds. They had already slept with basically every popular member of the schools’ popular clubs and I’m the last one on the soccer team to give in to their traps. Not only have I not sleep with any of them but I am also, Rosetta’s mostly, ticket to my cousins’ beds. These girls had it in their heads that they will be able to square themselves the title of ‘future Mrs. Sinner’ if they sleep with Diesel or Vin and, for once, my cousins have been smart and have kept the bitches away, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

“ZEKE MORELLI!? FOTTUTA SANGUINELLA! SEI APPENA ARRIVATO A SCUOLA E TI SEI GIÀ INCOLLATO A ZEKE! HO CERCATO DI DORMIRE CON LUI PER MESI E TI BASTA SOLO UNO SGUARDO E LUI TI RISPONDE E TI CHIAMA!? TI STA ANCHE PORTANDO LA BORSA! CHE CAZZO INFERNO ZEKE! E QUI STAVO PENSANDO CHE STAI SOLO GIOCANDO DURO PER OTTENERE. (ZEKE MORELLI!? You fucking leech! You just arrived at school and you have already glued yourself to Zeke! I have been trying to sleep with him for months and all it takes you is a look and he is at your back and call!? He is even carrying your bag! What the hell Zeke! And here I was thinking you were just playing hard to get.)” To Rosetta, this was the last drop. She stepped forward and reached to slap Sage but before I could stop her or even before Rosetta could touch her, Sage beat her to the punch and literally punched Rosetta in the face.

Rosetta screeched and fell to the floor holding her bleeding nose. Rosetta’s minions and the three girls behind us all gasped in shock while Sage glared at the sobbing, bloodied girl on the floor and I laughed my ass off. It seems that Sage’s psychotics is rubbing off on me. However, while I found the scene in front of me funny, Sage was pissed.

“RAGAZZA STUPIDA! MUOVITI E LASCIA QUESTE ADORABILI RAGASSE E MIO CUGINO ZEKE DA SOLI O LA PROSSIMA VOLTA CHE INCROCERAI LA MIA STRADA SARÀ SU UN SACCO PER CADAVERI! (Stupid girl! Move along and leave these lovely girls and MY COUSIN, Zeke, alone or the next time you cross my path it will be on a body bag.)” Once again, all the girls gasped in shock when Sage claimed me as her cousin, yet I couldn’t be more elated that she did it. I’m happy to know that she is not ashamed of me.

In my happiness I couldn’t hold myself back and hugged an enranged Sage to my side, fortunately, she calmed down almost instantaneously and hugged me back with an arm before smiling up at me. Her mood swings sometimes can come in handy. I hugged Sage more protectively to my side and started guiding her out of this hallway. I don’t know about her but this whole ordeal left me very hungry.

“Could one of you two inform Principal Vitale of what happened, please? We’ll be at the canteen eating lunch with our cousin Hazel and with Isaack.” One of the guy’s nodded his head and the other followed us to the canteen.

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