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Chapter 32 - Thanks for lunch!


The whole ordeal in the hallway left me hungry as hell. I can’t wait to reach the canteen.

“Are you hungry?” Zeke asked me when we reached some big double doors.

“I’m starved! I’m so hungry that I could eat a bull.” He chuckles at my enthusiasm for food and stops me in front of the double doors.

“Then, it’s a good thing we just reached the canteen!” He exclaimed and made a big show of opening both doors at once for me and made an exaggerated bow. “After you, your royal highness.” He said and I laughed at his playfulness, stepping inside the canteen where everyone was looking at us.

“And now where my knit in shining armor?” I asked him, going along with this playful display. Zeke gave me his arm I grabbed it with my hand, letting him guide me to the lunch line.

“Choose whatever you want to eat and I’ll pay. I usually sit with Hazel and Isaack at lunch but if you want we can go eat outside.” Zeke quickly told me as if expecting me to argue, something I would have done if Diesel didn’t pass by me. I shouldered my brother and watched as he turned his murderous glare to me, his scowl deepened when he saw me and his expression darkened when he saw me glued to Zeke’s side.

“Watch it, Sinner.” I snapped, glaring hard at Diesel to hide my amusement. Diesel clenched his fist and gritted his teeth at the same time as Zeke anxiously pulled me more towards his own body, trying to act like my shield. I quickly turned my head and sent Zeke an almost unnoticeable wink before turning back to my brother.

“Ainda me deves um pequeno almoço. (You still own me one breakfast.)” I told him seriously and he scoffed loudly before turning his back on me and walking away.

“What did you tell him?” Zeke asked me when I started laughing uncontrollably. I waved him off and turned to the lunch lady, I grabbed a bowl of soup, a plate of salad, and a plate of spaghetti with a piece of a very delicious looking chicken breast with cream and mushrooms, and, before Zeke could react I opened a brown leader wallet and took a bill of ten euros to pay for my lunch and Zeke’s.

“Keep the change.” I told the gobsmacked lady with a smirk. Zeke started to protest over me paying his lunch but I simply put my hand over his mouth and shut him up. I survived the canteen looking for my brother and found a very similar clone of Diesel before finding Diesel sat next to him. That must be Vin, I thought.

“HEY DIESEL!” I called him loudly and, once again I had the whole canteen’s attention on me. Diesel looked angrily at me and Vin narrowed his eyes, observing me.

“Grazie per avermi pagato il pranzo! (Thanks for paying my lunch!)” I cackled laughing and trowed him his wallet, which he caught with a gobsmacked expression, which soon turned into a very angered one. From afar I saw Vin and a black guy restraining Diesel’s fuming figure, I keep on laughing at his face but Zeke didn’t like my games and soon he put my tray on my hands and dragged me with him towards a table with two brown haired persons.

“Dude! Where the hell did you find that girl? She must be suicide for messing with Diesel!” The guy, which I’m guessing must be Isaack since his name was one Zeke spoke about on our way here, looked between me and Zeke with a mix of fear and amazement while the girl that’s probably my cousin Hazel, looked utterly anxious.

“No, she’s simply their sister and wants to mess with them to see their boundaries before formally meeting them.” Zeke tiredly, and lowly mumbled. I elbowed him strongly on his ribs and looked around to make sure nobody heard this loose-mouthed fool’s comment.

It seemed as if nobody heard him besides the four of us at the table but that still didn’t reassure me, Zeke started babbling apologies after noticing what he said but I choose to ignore him for the time being.

This fool, for real! Even Blaze decided to protest by kicking me with abandon.

“If you weren’t my cousin and my best friend I would cut your tongue out!” I hissed harshly in Zeke’s ear and turned my watchful gaze to Aldus. I beckoned him to eat with me and then focused on Isaack and Hazel, both looking very lost and shocked with this newly revealed piece of information.

“Good afternoon.” Aldus greeted the whole table and set his tray beside mine.

“Where is Jacopo?” I asked Aldus, who quickly told me that Jacopo was informing my uncles of what happened in the hallway, as well as speaking with principal Vitale.

“What happened in the hallway?” Isaack asked no one in particular while eyeing Zeke, Aldus, and me.

Hazel is very shy and quiet, I’ve noticed. We’ll get along well, I can tell, but there is something familiar about her... Sooner or later I’ll wrap my fingers around it, I just feel like I’ve met her before...

“Rosetta happened.” Zeke replied drily. “What else could it be?” He sarcastically asked.

“Damn, you just got here and you already got in a catfight with Rosetta. That’s bad luck girl.” Hazel silently nodded her head in agreement with Isaack and went back to eating.

A few seconds passed before Isaack interrupted my lunch again. “Sorry, not to be rude but what’s your name?”

“For now, you can call me Davina.” Isaack looked unconvinced with my response and was about to ask me more questions when suddenly, Hazel elbowed him straight on his ribs, making the boy hiss loudly.

“Thank you, Hazel.” I beamed at her happily. I like quiet girls like her, they seem inoffensive but they hold a fire with them and are not afraid of showing it when they deem fit.

Hazel shily smiled at me from across the table and lowered her head, blushing. “It’s nothing.” She mumbled almost inaudibly.

Jacopo even ended up joining us at some point and after that lunch went by in a breeze. Of course, if we ignore my brothers scrutinizing glares torching the back of my head and the blond bimbos speaking between themselves while glaring at me the whole time, then yes, lunch went in a breeze.

I last on my last piece of chicken when Blaze decided to make herself know and kicked my insides with so much force that I hissed loudly and doubled over slightly with my hand over the place she kicked me.

“Miss Davina, are you ok? Do I need to call your aunt? Or your uncles? Or the hospital?” Jacopo spontaneously got up from his spot at the table and took his phone out while Aldus wrapped one arm around me and started checking me for any sign of whatever the hell he is looking for.

“Calm down, Jacopo. Stop overreacting, you too Aldus, I’m fine!” I exasperatedly signed and turned towards Hazel to find her worried gaze on me.

“Are they always like this with you too?” I asked her to which she giggled and nodded her head.

“All the time! I can’t even sneeze without being put on bed rest!” Her declaration affronted me. I will not stand for such a thing. I am not a baby!

My expression of horror must be very amusing, everyone at the table was laughing at me except for my bodyguards who I could see were holding back their own laughter.

“I know, Davina, I feel your pain but that’s just how our family is. They are an overprotective bunch of scary men.” Just as Hazel finished her sentence the bell rang signaling the end of lunchtime. We got up from our table and walked out of the canteen.

“What do you have now, Davina?” Hazel asked me and I handed her my schedule. She looked at the piece of paper for a few moments and handed it back to me.

“You have Italian with Mrs. Donini now. She’s an old lady but doesn’t worry me and Isaack are in that class with you.” She explained and my mind started putting the pieces together, an old lady as my teacher and she teaches Italian... It can only be that old hag!

“Great, I’m going to get indigestion. That old hag hates me and I don’t even know why! My poor stomach will have to handle her for two hours straight, what a fucked up shit!” I blurted out and Isaack started laughing at me.

“Good luck. She hates your family with a passion. Diesel can’t even show up in class without almost sending the woman to her coffin. And she only doesn’t hate Hazel because she was adopted into the family and is still an ‘uncorrupted angel’.” Isaack spoke and started leading us down the hall.

“Why couldn’t he just send her to her coffin, then? They have enough money to pay her family an indemnity.” I complained and Zeke soon explained that our family likes to mess with the woman, all three generations of Sinner’s and the last two of Morelli’s have great stories to tell of pranks and accidents that have happened with/to that woman in their presence.

I almost pity the hag, almost but not yet.

I managed to double update today 😁

I hope y’all enjoyed this two chapters, see ya next week (hopefully) 🥰

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