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Chapter 34 - De ja vu?

~ Meanwhile, while the drama unfolds at school ~

“Meredith, thank you so much for coming to meet with me.”

“There’s no need to thank me, Jully! What are friends for? Especially if you’re buying lunch.” Meredith winked at the lunch reference and both women sat down with a laugh.

“I have a favor to ask you but let’s order lunch first.” Jully said and before Meredith could protest she called the waitress and gave her her lunch order, leaving Meredith to do the same.

“Jully, do you seriously expect me to wait until after lunch to know what’s going on?” Meredith asked and gave Jully a disapproving look. The Sinner woman signed and checked her phone.

“Look, I know that I still haven’t paid you the last favor I asked you b-” Meredith interrupted her.

“Are you CRAZY woman!? YOU saved my son’s life! If it wasn’t for you and Stella, Isaack would be dead! You more than paid for that favor. Besides, it’s not as if that favor was something bad. I very much enjoy Hazel’s company. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister and best friend for Isaack and it’s all thanks to you that we kept in contact.” Jully got a bit emotional with her friend's speech and had to clean her tear-filled eyes before Meredith noticed them. Jully sniffed and cleared her throat before speaking again.

“I don’t know what to say Mere...” Meredith reached her hands out to Jully from across the table and grabbed Jully’s hands, caressing them friendly.

“Then don’t say anything, just tell what you need.” Meredith said softly, comforting Jully and trying to ride the prideful woman off of her shame for having to reach out to someone for help. Just then, their lunch arrived, saving Jully from having to speak and giving her more time to organize her thoughts.

They ate in silence and Meredith didn't push Jully for answers while they were eating, she understood that her friend had to organize her thoughts before she could speak them out loud. But food couldn't save Jully forever and, once they finished eating she exhaled loudly and started spilling out her guts.

"Please let me say all I have to say before you ask any questions." Meredith nodded her confirmation and Jully started speaking.

"Sin has a daughter that he doesn't know. The girl is Dalila's daughter and has been in Hedgehogs claws all these years, she was the one who helped us during this war and the one who got us a safe place to stay while the men fought but she was caught. Short story, Sage has been hospitalized since May and there's a crazy maniac after her and the baby she carries. Sage refuses to meet her father while in this condition and there's been an attack at the hospital, she's taking medication and she needs a safe place to stay while she doesn't have the baby. My question is, can she go to live with you and Isaack for the next few weeks? I promise she won't be a bother, she doesn't know that I'm speaking with you but I can guarantee you that I can pay for her stay and, and I-"

"Jully, you're rambling." Meredith pointed out and Jully swallowed hard, feeling ashamed of herself for getting nervous while explaining such a serious matter.

"You don't have to worry with anything, I'll take in your niece and you don't need to pay me shit. I'm just worried about one thing..." As if reading her mind, Jully immediately concluded what Meredith was afraid of saying.

"Your safety, I get it but you don't have to worry. Sage has a team of snipers guarding her during the night and either four or six bodyguards assigned by my husband and James to watch her during the day. If you want I can also get bodyguards assigned to you and Isaack." Meredith was very quick to refuse Jully's kind offer.

"Yeah, no way my friend. I've seen how those guys are with Hazel and the poor sweetheart is tired of the men following her. I don't want to end up like her, swallowed up in hot men that won't speak to you without it seeming like they're in pain and strict as shit because they're afraid of daddy dearest, that's just not my thing Jully. If they were hot, sexy as sin, and kinky and would go all macho on me I would consider it, babe. But, for real, we all know that's not gonna happen and Isaack would freak if he, out of nowhere, started being followed by men in suits." Jully didn't insist on the matter for, she herself was tired of the bodyguards lurking in the shadows reporting everything she did to her husband. She liked her friend's honesty and Meredith's no filter system never failed to amuse her, even in the darkest of times.

"Thank you and I understand." Jully said with a chuckle and went to pay their bill. Soon she returned to their table and the last detail that needed to be fixed was addressed.

"When will she move in with me?" Meredith asked and Jully's happy smile disappeared, giving air to the seriousness of the situation.

"Today." The woman breathed out, just loud enough for Meredith to hear. Remembering the danger her niece had been in while staying in the hospital and the last attempt of endangering and perhaps even kidnapping the young Sinner, attempts still unknown to the girl in question, Jully kept her decision firm. This was all the motivation she needed to back up her demand without feeling guilty over such a short notice favor she was asking of her friend.

"We'll move her to your house right after the kids get off school, this way the men who seem to be watching the hospital will be trow off track." Meredith was going to protest against her friend's decision but quickly shut her mouth when the seriousness of the situation hit her. This young girl was in serious need of a new hideout and with a demented man after her... She was no longer safe in the hospital.

Both women fell into silence, both thinking about what they had to do and to prepare for today's sudden turn of events when their peace was interrupted by Jully's phone ringing. Jully took her phone out of her purse and watched as the screen light up with the same number that called her this morning, Aldus, one of Sage's bodyguards. Immediately fear filled her body.

Did something happen to Sage? Has she been kidnapped? - Where the first things Jully thought before answering the call.

"Jully Sinner speaking." She answered the call as she normally would as if everything was ok, afraid that somebody may be watching her she decided to act naturally, something that Meredith noticed, and left the other woman on high alert.

"Mrs. Sinner, miss Davina had trouble with her Italian teacher. The woman had a heart attack and miss Davina is currently emptying her stomach into the trash can for the second time today." Mixed emotions hit Jully when she heard those words. On one hand, she wanted to shout and laugh in glee that the old bat was done for and could never torment anyone else at that school but on the other hand Sage being sick again for the second time today was something she worried about.

"I'm on my way." She asnwered Aldus and got up. Jully hang up on Aldus and called one of the family's drivers before telling one of her bodyguards to drive her car.

"What happened, Jully?" Meredith asked, very worried about the call Jully took that left in 'bossy-no-nonsense-lady' mode.

The limo arrived and Jully grabbed Meredith's hand, dragging her to the limousine with her.

"Tommaso, to Hazel's school, quickly." Hearing this Meredith almost had a stroke. 'Did something happen to the kids?' - she wondered, frightened.

"Yes, ma'am." The driver answered and they were on their way.


"No, Meredith nothing is wrong with the kids except with Sage. She fought with the old bat and the lady had a stroke. Meanwhile Sage is emptying her guts out on a trashcan, for the second time today..."

~ At the school ~


Once I finish emptying my stomach we went outside, to the school's yard, and happily waved goodbye to the old hag. Blaze continued active as ever but with my stomach empty it got a bit more bearable.

Some weird people from my class came up to me thanking me for 'getting rid of the bitch', as they called her. And once again in my life, I repeat myself, if this is how normal people behave then I prefer to be abnormal. It's easier than having to be social and communicate with people!

Suddenly the screech of tires almost right in front of me broke me out of my thoughts. I really need to stop thinking so much, it dulls my sense of awareness.

"De ja vu, anyone?" Isaack asked loudly and elbowed Hazel at the same time, who lost balance and fell on me. Thankfully I caught her right when she touched my arm. Both me and Hazel gave Isaack disapproving looks and he scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Sorry sis, sorry Davina." I nod my head in acknowledgment and look at the black car who arrived, its door wide open and a scandalous figure with quiet, big steps quickly started closing his distance between him and us.

"SHAUWN!?" Hazel and I both exclaimed loudly in shock.

And while this all was happening...

~ Somewhere in Russia... ~

"Report." Igor loudly commanded the man in front of him.

"The extraction failed, James Sinner has interrupted me more than once and-"

"YOU IMBECILE!" Igor got up from his chair and slapped the man with strength enough to turn the man's face to the side.

"-the drug you created almost killed the baby and your fiance. The drug has affected the baby's growth and the kid is a bit smaller than normal, it may be born with lung problems or addicted to the drug. Your fiancee is another story, she has her thermoregulatory system fucked up and some other shit. Here, I stole the doctors' report and made a copy to give you." The man continued talking as if nothing happened after turning his head to face forward again. With each word, he uttered Igor's jaw opened further. He accepted the report handed to him and mumbly skimmed his eyes over it.

"Fuck me..." He murmured under his breath.

"You're dismissed, Hunter." Hunter bowned slightly to Igor and left the room.

"What the hell did I get myself into? I NEED that CHILD ALIVE and of good health! Fuck... Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" Igor passed around the room distressed.

If the child doesn't make it due to his newly created drug then his plan will go down the drain. He needs that child to have beverage over Sage and the Sinners, he simply cannot afford to lose the kid. It doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy he will train it, all the same, to be like Sage, an exact replica, but this time, one that he can control... One that doesn't have a mother who undoes all the brainwashing he does. He needs a kid who he can manipulate and shape into his own perfect toy...

"This is going to be harder than I wanted..." Igor muttered.

"WHY DID THAT BITCH HAD TO BE SO FUCKING COMPLICATED!!" He yelled, stressed, and grabbed his bald head to try and make his headache go away.

"That good for nothing only gives me headaches. And to think she had been so many months under my nose before I caught her... HAHA!" A plan suddenly formed in his head and ended Igor's psychotic rant.

"HUUNTEEERRRR!" A few seconds later the man in question entered the room again and waited to hear his new orders.

"Leave Sage alone. Lurk around in the shadows, watch her but don't do anything to her. Report daily. When the baby is born you simply take the child, the baby is your first priority. After getting my son you may try to get my fiancee but my son is your top priority."

"Yes, sir." A creepy smirk formed on Igor's lips as satisfaction set in. Soon he would have his child in his arms and his plan could be put into motion...

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