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Chapter 35 - How?


“SHAUWN!?” Hazel and I both exclaimed loudly in shock. He keeps advancing at us at the speed of a bull towards a red flag like he hadn’t heard anything, only muttering profanities about god knows what under his breath.

“How?” Is the first thing he says when he finally reaches us.

“How what?” Hazel asks him, already fidgeting uncomfortably by Shauwn’s serious facial expression. Shauwn looks at Hazel and softly caresses Hazel’s cheek before giving her forehead a peck.

“Hi, little sis.” He warmly greets her and Hazel hugs him. I wish to one day have a relationship with my brother like the one Shauwn has with Hazel.

Will they ever love me as much as Shauwn loves Hazel? Will they ever look at me with love shining in their eyes like Isaack and Shauwn look at Hazel? Or are they going to hate me forever because I had a mother for twelve years while they had none?

“Hey, Isaack.” Shauwn moves Hazel to side hug him and does a weird handshake thing with Isaack, then his eyes turn to me. All warm gone and a serious and puzzled look on his face regard me.

“How?” He repeated again.

But how, what? What does he want to know? I kept quiet and wait for him to further elaborate on his question.

“HOW did you do that? There have been three generations of Sinners tormenting her. THREE! Yet, all it took you was sitting in her classroom and she’s a goner! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?” He hisses lowly, only for the four of us to hear, and waves his arms around in exasperation.

“To fuck if I know. The moment she met me she started calling me a demon! She didn’t even know my name before insulting me so no, I don’t fucking know how I did it since I didn’t even stay in her presence for more than ten minutes before she had a heart attack.” That woman hates our family so fucking much that she could spot a Sinner from two miles away (3.2 km).

“You know, we should start using Mrs. Donini as a Sinner detector. She hates us so much that she could spot an unknown child of any of our uncles in seconds. Just imagine it. Half of our family doesn’t know that I exist but the moment she sees me she knows immediately who I am. It could come in handy in the future, ya know.” I randomly comment, catching everyone off guard.

Isaack thought that my idea was so funny that he doubled over in laughter, not even able to speak properly to say whatever the hell he wants to say.

“Hey Shauwn, how did you know what happened to Mrs. Donini? I know that news travels fast on an island but, this fast? That’s just weird.” Hazel speaks up and looks curiously at Shauwn.

“Haven’t you read the messages on our family’s WhatsApp group? Vin sent a message saying that the old hag had a heart attack and our whole family went crazy. That’s how I knew.” Shauwn explained and Hazel took out her phone from her back pocket.

“198 unread messages.” Hazel whispered.

“Damn, y’all can really gossip.” I mutter and Shauwn smiles.

“You should read some of the messages in there.”

“Yeah, no way. I will not read tons and tons of messages if they’re not about a target for me to kill.” Shauwn looked at me wide-eyed while Isaack and Hazel were frozen in shock.

“How do you think I’ve survived all these years?” I direct my question to Shauwn, ignoring the other two. “By begging on the streets? That doesn’t work that well, you know.” Leaving them mute, I decide to move to the next topic.

“Can any of you give me nonno’s (grandpa’s) number? I need to speak with him.” That old man has a lot of explaining to do. I mean, where have you ever seen a crazy old lady like that, that’s been crazy since your grandfather’s time? Nowhere, right? This has something to do with him, it’s impossible that it doesn’t. Otherwise, if my theory is wrong then, the woman is simply crazy and needs to be put down or get retired and home arrested.

“Here.” Shauwn gives me his phone and teaches me how to save nonno’s (grandpa) number.

“Signorina, sua zia sta venendo qui. (Miss, your aunt is on her way here)” Aldus announced, unexpectedly, from behind me, almost making me break my phone on his face with the small fright he gave me. Hell, if it wasn’t for Shauwn I would have broken my phone on his face!

“God damn it, Aldus!” I’m so out of it today, this is not normal. My feet hurt, my back hurt, my daughter is very active and doesn’t let me keep food down for long and I’m sleepy as fuck. I need a good nap!

“My apologies, miss.”

“You can shove them where the sun doesn’t fucking shine!” I snap loudly while holding my chest, feeling my racing heart try to get out of my chest with each beat it gives.

“Someone is moody...” I heard Isaack whisper to Hazel. I sharply look at him and Hazel elbows him not noticing that I hear him and was already looking at them.

“Asshole.” I call him, amused by his display of fear when he saw me looking at him, and show him my middle finger.

“Yeah, well this was nice and all but if mom is coming, then I’m going. I’m not supposed to be here. Bye guys.” Shauwn kisses mine and Hazel’s forehead and hurriedly leaves the school grounds just as a limousine pulls up in front of us.

The back door of the vehicle is trow open and my aunt bends out toward us before signaling us to step closer.

“Let’s go.” My aunt declares and a woman inside the limo with her signals to Isaack for him to get in too. Right after we get in and close the door the car starts moving, quickly driving away from school.

“Hey, mom.” Isaack greets the woman sitting beside my aunt and Hazel does the same. “What are you doing here?” He asks his mother while aunt Jully releases a deep breath.

“Sage, I’m getting you out of the hospital, you are not safe there. From now on you will live with Meredith and Isaack.”

I think my aunt lost a screw. I haven’t been safe in that hospital since the first attack and now she wants to move me into a civilians’ house? Yeah, no way. I will not put anyone else in danger because of me.

“Wait! Wasn’t her name Davina?” Isaack spoke but he was ignored.

“Not gonna happen. I’ll get a house around here or something but I’m not going to put civilians in danger.” I refuted Jully’s order and she was going to reply when Isaack felt the need to speak again, seeing as no one answered him the first time.

“I knew she wasn’t telling us her real name!”

“Not now, Isaack.” Mrs. or Miss Meredith chastised him.

“Sage, no one is going to get hurt. I already sent men to watch Meredith’s house, both Meredith and Isaack are going to have bodyguards and you’ll still have the snipers watching over you at night but I need you to move in with Meredith and Isaack until you move in with your father.” But why? Why the sudden rush? And how can she when I move in with my father if I don’t even know for sure that he accepts me?

“Why do you suddenly want to move me so bad?” I asked her, stressed and already feeling Blaze start moving around. Aunt Jully signed deeply and turned her eyes away from mine.

“There was another attack last night. The snippers caught them but we won’t risk your safety again.” The car fell into a tense silence and nothing else was said after that.

My lack of proper sleep from Blaze deciding that nighttime is party time finally caught up to me and I started dozing off beside Hazel. My nap didn’t last long though, a sharp pain on my belly woke me up and an almost inaudible whimper involuntarily escaped my lips, alerting my aunt that something was wrong.

“What is it, Sage? Is it Blaze?” I nodded while holding my belly and felt Hazel’s and Isaack’s burning stares on me.

“I’m going to check you when we reach Meredith’s house, and just to be safe I’m also going to call Doctor Zelda to check you both.”

“Ok.” I whisper. I already know that what I’m feeling are Braxton hicks or kicks or something like that, Doctor Izelda told me so the last time she checked Blaze two weeks ago.

Hi guys! Just a small note for those who do not follow me.

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Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this chapter, and see ya next time!

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