The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 37 - Bonding with the brothers

~ The next morning ~


*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*...

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

Begrudgingly, I open my eyes and sleepily look around the room searching for whatever is making this noise. My eyes travel all over the room and linger a bit on the window before I let myself sink back on the bed, not seeing anything.

“I must have imagined it.” I silently mutter to myself and pull the covers back over me.

“Crá CRÁ!”

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*


“Damn it, I should have known it was you!” I facepalm myself over my stupidity and get up to open the window for him.

“You’re an annoying bird, especially in the mornings, Ray Ray. Did you know that?” I tell him as I open the window and his response is to bite my hand lightly and hop on my shoulder.

“*Yawn* Let’s go downstairs, Ray. I have a lot to do today. I need to contact my hacker in America and have him hack my dad’s bank account to get my money back. I need to pay Meredith back for the expenses I’m dropping on her by being here.” Ray Ray makes a ‘scoff’ like sound and starts grooming my hair.

“Are you mocking me, bird?” I stop midstep and watch Ray Ray’s reaction. He takes his head from in between the mess I call hair and tilts his head to the side in a mischievous way.

“Of course you were, I should be expecting this from a rude bird like you.” I roll my eyes and make my way towards the kitchen, where I heard Isaack and Hazel’s voices.

“Sage? Dear? Is everything ok?” Meredith calls out from the kitchen.

“Yeah. Don’t worry.” I walk inside the kitchen and bid them good morning.

“I was just talking with Ray Ray.”

“Who, dear?” Meredith asks me again without taking her eyes of the pancakes she’s making.

“WoW! That’s a big raven! Or is it a crow? Eh, I don’t know and I don’t care. He’s so cute!” Isaack gushed. This time Meredith takes the pancake off of the stove and turns to face me, when she sees Ray Ray she looks shocked.

“I’m sorry for not asking if I could let Ray Ray inside but if you don’t like or want him here or if someone is allergic to him I can send him outside.” I quickly rushed out, not wanting to overstep my boundaries.

“No, no, dear... I was just surprised. It’s not every day that I have a crow inside my kitchen.” Meredith gives me a small smile and hands me a plate with pancakes and a glass of chocolate milk.

“I don’t know if you like this or not but your aunt wants me to give you sugary things to try and get your weight up and keep you from passing out during the day... If you want anything else just tell me and I’ll make it.” I slowly eat the pancakes while listening to Meredith, taking notice of how these pancakes taste very well.

“No, Meredith, there’s no need for that. I’ll eat anything you make. I’m already troubling you too much by being temporarily living in your house.” I absently tell her, while eyeing the soft, gold piece of pancake on my fork trying to figure out if later on today I’m going to regret eating them or not. My mom’s pancakes were disguised killers, they looked gold and tasty, had a weird flavor and then they sent you to your death bed!

“Sage, are you ok?” Hazel asked me, looking very worried at my reaction to breakfast.


“Are you sure dear? If you don’t like the pancakes you don’t have to eat them.” Meredith assured me.

“Sí. (Yes.) I was just thinking of my mom.” Everyone in the kitchen adverted their gazes from me and Ray Ray took that moment to steal one pancake from my plate.

“One time, she made pancakes and if one of our neighbors hadn’t been a nurse I would have died from food poisoning. Mom was an awful cock. And her cakes killed more than bullets!” Meredith looked surprised with my revelations while my cousin and Isaack laughed at my last declaration, if only they knew that I was not kidding. My mom was lovely but her cocking skills were extremely deadly, I- no, WE got food poisoning so often that we ended up only eating cheap take-out, whatever I managed to steal in the markets and stores and or whatever our friend Rufus made.

A clock on the kitchen’s wall caught my attention, it marked seven-thirty a.m.

“Shit, it’s already seven-thirty a.m. and I’m still not dressed!” I hurried to eat while both Hazel and Isaack ran to go get their things ready.

I finished eating fairly quickly and remembered that I did not see any of my things from the hospital in my room, that either means that one, I’m blind and the things are there, two I’m supposed to go to school in Shauwn’s stolen shirt and Isaack’s borrowed pajama pants or three my aunts forgot to send me my things and are expecting me to stay at Meredith’s house today.

“Hey, Meredith, did my aunts send my clothes or any of my things, yesterday?” I ask her, just to be sure.

“Shit, they didn’t honey. But no worries, we’ll find something for you to wear.”

~ Twenty minutes later~

Hazel ended up handing me a huge, warm sweater that I’m fairly certain does not belong to Shauwn since it does not smell like him and Isaack handed me one pair of his sweatpants.

“This is like having two sisters.” Isaack muttered. “They both use my clothes.” Hazel and I giggled at him and followed him outside where three freaking cars were waiting for us. Rochu and another guy that I don’t know came out of the middle car and the other cars each had one or two of my bodyguards and Hazel’s bodyguards.

When we reached school we were already late but still, Ercole and Ugo, one of Hazel’s bodyguards made us go through the routine check, meaning my uncle’s list...

My first class of the day was maths and the teacher wasn’t all that impressed with me. I managed to arrive later than Diesel and he already goes to classes twenty minutes later than everyone else! Mr. Primo kept an eye on me the whole class and Diesel didn’t stop watching me either.

Feeling the urge to go to the bathroom, again, I raise my hand and wait for Mr. Primo to give me permission to speak.

“Sí? (Yes?)” He looked at me and nodded his head for me to speak.

“Posso andare in bagno? (Can I go to the toilet?)” I ask and my Maths teacher scowls at me and shakes his head no.

“Questa è la seconda volta che mi chiedi di andare in bagno, signorina- (This is the second time you’ve asked me to go to the bathroom, Miss-)” He stopped speaking and went to check his computer, probably to search for my last name. “Perché il tuo cognome non è nel sistema? (Why isn’t your last name on the system?)” He asked me with creased eyebrows.

“Perché non sono affari tuoi. (Because it’s none of your business.)” I answer him smoothly. The man looked utterly offended by my response and if his reddening face is anything to go by then he was quite angry with me. He’s probably an old brat who’s not used to being refuted by a girl.

“Ah! Come osi!? Comunicherò il tuo comportamento al preside! (Ah! How dare you!? I’m going to communicate your behavior to the principal!)”

“Per favore fallo. Lui sa già come sto. Ora, se hai finito di fare i capricci, vado in bagno. (Please, do. He already knows how I am. Now, if you’re done throwing a tantrum, I’m going to the toilet.)” I got up and started walking towards the other side of the classroom, towards my brother.

“COME OSI! Chi ti ha dato il permesso di alzarti e andare in bagno!? (HOW DARE YOU! Who gave you permission to get up and go to the bathroom!?)” The teacher yelled, advancing towards me with large steps and a threatening stance.

“L’ospedale. (The hospital.)” I answered back, keeping my ground and showing him that his behavior was not intimidating me. “E se insisti a tenermi in questa classe, ti farò causa. (And if you insist on keeping me in this classroom, I’m going to sue you.)” I wish, that instead of suing him I could kill him. I already feel my instinct of fight or flight flaring up. My hand is in my pocket, feeling the knife I have hidden in there, while my other arm is behind my back, feeling up my gun to make sure it’s still there.

This is a dangerous game that I’m playing, my brother behind me, observing me, and my maths teacher in front of me, glaring.

Sweat started accumulating on my forehead, flashbacks passing fast before my eyes, and trigger memories rising just under my skin creating goosebumps. My panic rises with them and before I did something that would put me at risk I left the classroom.

The teacher tried to follow me, but the second he stepped close to Diesel’s desk, my brother tripped him. I took that opportunity to get out of the classroom since I was not out yet and ignoring all the yelling coming from behind me I hurried towards the bathroom.

I managed to reach the next hall before I fell on the floor against the lockers. My breath was coming out in hard gasps, my lungs started burning like I was drowning, constricting, and a huge headache makes my head vibrate as if my heart had decided to temporarily lunge in my brain. Everything around me started becoming blurry, no sound could reach my ears but I could feel the floor vibrating slightly under me. Someone is coming and whoever it is, is going to find me in a very vulnerable position...

In a haste, I tried to get up but my attempts did not work and I ended up feeling more panicked and breathless than before. The vibrations got stronger and soon someone was right in front of me.

“Davi-... -ina. -vina... -vina!” A hand grasped my face and I struggled to get loose. The person lets me go but grabs one of my hands and puts it over something palpitating.

*Thump thump, Thump, Thum thump thump thump, Thump*

“Feel my heartbeat and try to match my breathing.” The sound of the voice cleared up a bit and I succumbed to its command and tried to make my heartbeat calm down a bit and get on a rhythm close to the one beating under my palm.

“Here’s the pump.” A panicked feminine voice spoke.

The hand holding my open palm over someone’s chest left and something was put against my lips. Afraid of what kind of drugs they might be trying to give me may do to Blaze and me, I started struggling again. Once more, breathing get’s hard to do and black dots start filling my vision before a hard voice get’s through my heavy struggling panicked mind.

“Stop struggling, Davina! This will help you breathe. No one will hurt you.” The male voice yelled at me and held my shoulders firmly with what felt like one of his knees and one of his hands while his other hand kept something firmly pressed against my lips.

“I’ve called Rochu, he’s on his way, and so is Zeke.” The girl softly whimpered, seeming to be struggling with keeping her emotions under control.

My hazy mind somewhat recognized her voice and, without noticing I had closed them in the first place, I open my eyes. At first, everything was blurry but after accepting to breathe in from the plastic shit in my mouth and blinking a few times, the blurriness fades away. In front of me with his face so close to my own that I have the need to punch him, is my brother Vin, and just a couple steps away from us is the owner of the feminine voice, Hazel.

“Why did you call Rochu? He doesn’t have anything to do with this.” Vin stiffly asked Hazel, not once turning to face her.

“My dad put him responsible for Davina’s safety. She’s my mom’s protected.” Hazel smoothly answered him, with her head held down. Vin went silent at Hazel’s answer and stood frozen in front of me. I pushed the asthma pump away from my mouth and Vin turned his focus back on me.

“Are you ok?” He questioned me and, before I could demand him to back off of my face, Zeke appeared, running from the same hall I came from.

“Step away from her!” Zeke yelled at Vin and took large strides in our direction. He looked and sounded so angry. I’ve never seen him like this before.

“Chill, cousin, I was just checking on your lil’ girlfriend.” Vin taunted smugly and got up slowly, taking equally calculative steps while watching me and Zeke like a hawk.

“She’s not my girlfriend, she’s my best friend!” Zeke spat harshly at my brother, so angry at what I assume was Vin’s incorrect assumption, that a vein was popping on his forehead.

“Are you ok, Say Say?” Zeke tenderly whispered asked the moment he reached me and dropped down on his knees by my side.

“I’m fine, Zeke boy, I just really need to go to the bathroom. I don’t know how I didn’t piss on the damn floor.” I told him honestly and he chuckled at me.

“Ok, Vi (another one of my new nicknames, courtesy of Isaack), let me help you up and I’ll take you to the bathroom.” Earlier than I could answer Zeke, a loud snort sounded from behind us along with an equally long tired sign.

“You can’t go to the girl’s bathroom, Zeke. Believe me, we’ve tried but that is one place you will always be caught.” Vin commented and snorted again, shaking his head as if remembering something.

“SHUT YOUR TRAP!” Zeke shouted at Vin, who started laughing like a maniac.

“*Sigh* I’ll go with Davina.” Hazel said after sighing. She sounded so tired, though, I hope she’s ok. I don’t want to be a burden for her.

“I will help you up.” Rochu’s voice suddenly speaks from beside me, temporarily ending Vin and Zeke’s fight. I turned my head to face him and found Jacopo and Aldus with him. I don’t know where he came from so suddenly but I still lifted my arms up and let him help me up. He supported my back and was quite careful with me.

If this had happened a few months ago, I would have cowered away from Rochu like I did with the taxi driver. Thank god for my recovery.

Rochu settled me on my feet and held me against him for a few seconds until I got my stability back.

“Let’s go.” Hazel told me with a small smile after she saw that I could stand by myself on my own two feet. She started guiding us away from Vin and Zeke and when we passed by them Zeke tried to follow us but Vin didn’t let him take more than two steps in our direction before he grabbed Zeke.

“Hell no, you’re not going with them.” Vin snapped and pulled Zeke back by the back of his shirt.

“WHY THE HELL NOT!” Zeke exploded. I don’t know what the boy has today but he really is a walking stick of dynamite waiting to be ignited.


It’s official, those two are crazy.

“Should we interfere?” I whispered to Hazel and Rochu. They were going to say something but the urge to go to the bathroom hit me again so strongly that I almost pissed down my legs.

“Better yet.” I turned my head to the side, facing Vin and Zeke, and yelled a warning.

“If there’s a single mark on Zeke when I come back I’m going to make you regret ever being born.” The two didn’t even spare me a glance, with how focused they were on being two bristled roosters trying to intimidate one another but I didn’t mind. That just gives me a reason to hit my brother if he doesn’t mind my warning.


“SHE’S NOT MY FUCKING COUSIN! WE SHARE NO BLOOD TIES.” The moment Vin declared that Hazel wasn’t family, she took off running with tears rolling down her face.

It’s in moments like these that I wish I could run after her.

This bastard just broke her heart like she wasn’t even standing here. What the hell was he thinking? Hell, who the fuck does that!?

I know that we were walking away from them but even if they were talking normally we’re still in a deserted hallway. And we weren’t even that far away from them, the sound of their voice would have still been carried to us!

I have a brainless asshole for a brother...

“AND NONE OF YOU THREE ARE GOING INSIDE THAT BATHROOM WITH HAZEL INSIDE, DO YOU HEAR ME? I’LL END YOU ALL!” Vin yelled in my direction. I lifted my left arm in the air and showed him my middle finger, all the while my back was turned to him and still walking towards the bathroom with my bodyguards surrounding me.

This dude is completely fucked up.

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