The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 38 - Nuisance


After Davina left the classroom, I quickly shot a text to Vin to go check on her while I waited for the teacher to stop cussing at me and get up off the floor.

“Are you done, stronzo (asshole), or are you going to keep on wasting my time and cry like a baby?” After I finished reprehending him, the man quickly got up and dusted his pants.

Is this guy for real?! I should have let Davina and her happy fingers shot the bastard.

“DIESEL SINNER! GET UP. I’m taking you to the principal’s office.” I complied and got up, pushing past the teacher to walk ahead of him.

‘Is the girl ok?’ I messaged my brother and impatiently waited for his answer.

‘Panic attack’ He texted me back quickly and I frowned at his answer. I was so distracted frowning at my phone that I didn’t even notice we had already arrived at the office.

“Mr. Primo, Diesel.” Flavio greeted us. “What are you doing here? Better yet, what did you do this time Diesel?”

“This is going too far, Principal Flavio. This young man should be expelled! He is not doing anything in school and, today he tripped me in the middle of class.” Ah, so now this bastard is trying to blame me? Um... Keep on poking the demon, you bastard, and you’ll see how I’ll make you burn in hell.

“Diesel-” I cut him off.

“Don’t forget to tell him why I tripped you.” Flavio narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, his gaze shifting from me to Mr. Primo. “It was either that or let Davina shoot him after he cornered her.” Flavio’s eyes widened and his reaction was instantaneous.

“YOU DID WHAT, MANUEL PRIMO!? THAT GIRL ESCAPED HUMAN FUCKING TRAFFICKING AND YOU CORNERED HER? ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?! You should thank Diesel for saving your life. HELL, you should BEG him for mercy! The day this girl’s father or family finds out what YOU did they will rain hell upon you until there’s only DUST LEFT OF YOUR BONES! Oh, God almighty, two days in school and disaster on both of them. CAZZO! (Fuck!)” Flavio punched his desk hard and started pacing around his office. Sweat began dripping down his forehead and he pulled at the roots of his hair in what seemed like a mix of anxiety and despair.

The sign, although very amusing and entertaining, leaves me curious. Who is this girl’s family and why do they leave Flavio so out of character? He’s with the Hell Sinners, he has nothing to worry about.

I know that my aunt Jully is involved with this girl because I overheard them talking that other day in the office when Davina caught me with a puttana (whore) but who is her family? Who could they possibly be to stress Flavio like this? I’ll have to investigate this further... If there’s a possible threat to my family and legacy it’s my job to eliminate it.

“Jacopo! Go find Davina right now before she kills someone or gets sick.” Flavio yelled at his phone and ended the call quickly, slamming his phone down on his desk. He went behind his desk and let himself slump heavily on his chair before reaching for a compartment on his desk and taking out a cigar. He lit it up and took a long drag before turning to face me.

“Get out of here Diesel, I need to speak with Mr. Primo...” He glared at the said man and expelled a lungful of smoke in his direction. I left without a word and went outside for a smoke.

‘Has she calmed down?’ I held my cigarette between my lips and sent the message to Vin, leaning against a wall while waiting for his reply.

Two smocks later and there was still no reply from Vin. The shithead normally doesn’t take this long to answer...

I moved away from the wall I was leaning against and went back inside the school searching for my twin.

“Better start searching near the maths classroom, with the state the girl was in she couldn’t have gone far.” I muttered, under my breath, to myself.

I didn’t have to walk much farther from the maths classroom before I heard Vin, and what sounded like Zeke, yelling at one another.



Damn, the bitches are angry. Never thought I’d live long enough to see Zeke angry or yelling. Grandma sure is right, live long enough and you’ll see a bit of everything.

“I told you, I’m not fucking done with you yet, you little fucker!” I turned the corner and found them right on time to see Vin grab Zeke like a rag doll and throw him against the lockers.

I watch as my brother moves swiftly towards Zeke and grabs hold of his neck.

“And I don’t care. I’m not a pervert like you. I only want to check on my best friend, who, by the way, is going to shoot you if she finds out you touched me.” Zeke gasps out and I decided that it’s time to intervene.

I move silently towards the two and give a quick, strong jab to Vin’s side to take him off guard and make him lose his grip on Zeke’s neck. The plan worked and the moment my brother’s grip slacked, I hurriedly pried his fingers off of Zeke’s neck and got in between the two of them.

“Stop arguing like little bitches and take it out on the ring later tonight like real men.” I harshly commanded them, my words being more directed at my brother than Zeke.

I know my brother was the one who started this and probably over something stupid and involving Hazel. Zeke is too chill and peaceful to even kill a fly, nonetheless to start a full-on argument with a psycho.

I took a look at my brother’s face and immediately took notice of his eyes, dark as night with fury and his pupils shrunk, making them resemble those of a wild animal, making him resemble me when I’m having one of my attacks of fury. His panting was loud, his nostrils flaring and his face all red from rage.

People think that I’m the most dangerous between the two of us but that’s only because I have my anger tucked right under my sleeve and I use it as my daily mask but when my brother snaps... He is the true danger, a pure psycho whose trigger is a small hazel-eyed girl.

“Ice your neck and scram, Zeke.” I order him coldly and harden my grip on my brother’s shoulders, restraining him from following after Zeke.

“I sent you a message earlier, I expect an answer now.” Vin completely ignored my words and keep on a crazed look on his face, turning his head away from me to follow Zeke’s retracting figure.

“SNAP OUT OF IT!” I yell on his face and shake him before punching him on the shin. He comes out of his haze but he still doesn’t answer me.

“YOU BETTER NOT GO TO THE GIRLS’ BATHROOM!” Vin bellows to Zeke’s almost unnoticeable figure in the distance.

“You better pray that I don’t! You may have seen her at her weakest but she still won’t hesitate to shoot you!” Comes Zeke’s faint response.

“Stop measuring dicks with Zeke and ANSWER ME, GODDMN IT!” I shake him again and trap him against the lockers with my arm against his throat. Vin pushes against me and tries to leave my chokehold, failing miserably because I tighten it.

“Damn it! I don’t want to look t your ugly face, Diesel. Get lost and leave me alone!” Yeah, as if. When I wanted him to leave me alone he didn’t, now he has to put up with me.

“Too bad, fucker, your face isn’t that much different from mine.”

“HA! You wish! I’m the better-looking twin.” Amid our playful banter, I stopped applying pressure on his neck and let him loose.

“You wish, Vin. Now, answer my fucking question. How is the girl?” Vin rolls his eyes and takes something out of his pockets, showing me an asthma pump.

“She’s good. But now, because of her, I have to talk to Hazel again to give her back her asthma pump. And the bitch didn’t even thank me for helping her! And did you know she is aunt Jully’s new ‘protected’? She even assigned Davina some of our men to be her babysitters.” Umhu... He’s back to acting like a whiny bitch. I shouldn’t have hit him so hard last year.

I roll my eyes at my brother and answer him. “It’s time you stopped avoiding her, anyway. And stop calling Davina a bitch, you whiny bitch. Mom wouldn’t have been happy with you calling her names.” Time to deliver the bomb. I hope I’ll still have time for a smock or two after this...

“Yeah? And why do you care, Didi? Mom’s dead. She’s not here to chastise me and she hasn’t been for the last sixteen years!” Immediately, and without thinking, I punch my brother. No one speaks about my mother like that. No fucking one.

“FUCK YOU, VIN!” This time, before I could punch him, Vin reacted and quickly dodged my attack before punching me. We started circling one another and any chance we got, we lashed, leaving the other bruised and a bit bloody.

“Mom might be dead but that is no reason to disrespect her!” Vin didn’t react well to my words and instead tried to punch me. I dodged him and pushed him away from me and against the lockers to keep some distance between us. I don’t want a repeat of last year and I still need to tell him of my suspicions.

“And we especially don’t need to be tormented by mom’s spirit because you disrespected the kid she raised. You know, the girl I told you about that shared the cell with mom. On that old property of ours where we found aunt Xana?” Vin’s body stilled and he tensed before slumping down the lockers with a look of bewilderment on his face.

“I need a fucking smoke.” I mutter to myself after wiping some blood from my nose. I flex my sore knuckles and shake my head dismissively and start walking away from my brother.

~ Meanwhile... ~


I arrived at the bathroom after Hazel, Rochu lead me inside and Hazel was there crying. Ugo was with her, trying to smooth her but it didn’t seem like it was working and Ugo looked rather uncomfortable.

“After I pee, I’ll shoot Vin and he will start thinking twice before opening his big mouth.” I mutter under my breath and hurry inside a stall.

“Miss Hazel. please stop crying before you make yourself sick.” Ugo begs Hazel, clearly desperate and utterly uncomfortable with the situation.

“B-Bu-b-but he- he s-said that I’m n-not fam-family!” Hazel sobbed loudly.

“Miss Hazel, please. Mr. Vin didn’t mean what he said, you shouldn’t take it to heart. You know that he’s dumb when it comes to you.”

“I don’t know, Ugo, if he didn’t mean it he would have apologized or come after me when I ran but he didn’t even blink in my way. That was not my Vin. That was a possessed Sinner; that was Vin acting like Diesel!” Hazel blabbered, almost incomprehensible, in between her cries.

I could feel through Hazel’s shaky voice her anguish with the situation, and her fear. My brother scared her today.

She loves one brother and fears the other, how weird.

I finished my business and went to wash my hands.

“Stop crying, Hazel, you’re stronger than that. And you shouldn’t fear them, they are assholes and don’t deserve your tears. You are a princess, someone’s future Queen, don’t bow down to your fears and fight them head-on. The twins may act scary but they are tame. And you, girl, are family no matter what. Blood doesn’t mean anything nowadays.” I kept my back to Hazel while I spoke and dried my hands. I heard shuffling behind me and soon Hazel was by my side.

“You’re wrong, Davina. Blood is everything and so is family. And I’m none of that, just like I’ll never be anyone’s Queen. I’ve been claimed by Vin for years, and even if he stopped caring for me, if he stopped wanting me and being possessive over me, people already know I’m his. No one would ever dare to try and approach me to be my friend even less to make me ‘their queen’.”

“That may be the case, Hazel, but you only accept that title if you want it. It all depends on you, don’t let yourself be controlled by someone who obviously is brainless enough to push you away but still fights for you just to keep other boys away while he, himself stays away. You’re a mafia princess, Hazel, you are John and Jully Sinner’s daughter, start acting like it and toughen up. Vin doesn’t control you, you make your own fate and you are choosing to be a little mouse, if you want things to change you have to be the one to change them." With that, I left the bathroom with my chin held high and my back as straight as Blaze allowed me, leaving behind a frozen Hazel.

My bodyguards joined me the moment I stepped out of the bathroom, Rochu immediately offering me his arm, in case I wanted help to balance myself. Blaze was starting to get active again, moving around a bit, I patted my belly softly and decided to call Pokemon, my American hacker, and solve my money problem once and for all.

I started walking away from the bathroom and dialed Pokemon’s burner phone number.

″Who is this?″ A robotic voice asked. I roll my eyes and shake my head at the hacker’s antics. Aldus, Jacopo, and Rochu look curios at me but stay quiet, just like they should. At least my father has some well-trained dogs.

“Stop your childish antics and get me my money back, I need it today, urgently. Once you’ve finished send me the shit I need to know. I’ll be checking on you in a few hours to pay you, Pokemon.” I immediately get down to business and my hacker, recognizing who is on the phone, quickly answers accordingly.

″Of course boss, less than three hours, and I’ll be done. I’ll text you as soon as that happens.″

“Good, I knew I could count on you.” I end the call and keep on walking towards the canteen, the next place in which I still have business to attend.

“Should I be worried?” Rochu asked me, referring to the call I just made.

“No.” I answered him coldly and he left it at that. We walked for a few seconds in silence before Jacopo recognized that we were making our way to the canteen.

“Why are we going to the canteen?” Jacopo asked. “It’s still too early for lunch.”

“If Miss Davina is hungry she has the right to eat whenever she wants.” Aldus spoke harshly, scolding Jacopo with his eyes.

“I’m just going to leave my lunch ordered before going to my next class.” The lie rolled off my tongue easily and they brought it.

“Who the hell is Pokemon?” Jacopo whispered when I was inside the canteen and a few steps ahead of them.

“I don’t know. But who the hell is named Pokemon? That’s just weird!” Aldus commented.

“He’s my American hacker.” I tell them over my shoulder and go finish my business in the canteen.

Pokemon or Yang Zhan is the hacker who helped me back in America when I was searching for my mother’s godfather. Yang was in the library I went and y’all know how I’m not the greatest with technology, he was the one who helped me search for Ferdinand and Malcolm. Hell, the middle-aged librarian was the one who told me to go to Yang for help, that he could help me with anything related to computers and that depending on the case it could be free or paid. And it just so happened that when I found him behind a book shelve he was complaining about a ‘motherfucking pokemon that couldn’t stay still’ and the name just stuck.

~ 2 hours later, in the canteen at lunchtime ~

Lunch was tense, I ignored Hazel and Hazel ate the whole time with her head down. Isaack could feel that something was wrong but he kept his mouth shut.

The twins came late to lunch with their ‘friends’ and Zeke was nowhere in sight.

Vin gazed longingly towards Hazel, regret, and sadness in his eyes while he gazed at her but Hazel didn’t even spare him a single glance, making him slump his shoulders in defeat.

“Good, at least now he knows what he said was out of line.” I mutter and Hazel glances at me. “Don’t look back, let him sweat.” I tell her. She adverts her eyes from mine but nods her head slightly, acknowledging my words. But Vin wasn’t the only one watching our table, Diesel and one of his friends were also watching us.

Suddenly one girl behind my brothers’ group pulls on the sleeve of the guy watching us with Diesel and makes them advert their attention from us. Curious as to what the cute black girl I helped the other day had to say to one of the rebels from my brothers’ group and probably future gang members, I watched her lips attentively and tried to catch what she was saying. This was a trick I used to utilize with my mom when we were in Vinico’s possession, she taught me how to read lips and that saved our asses from a lot of punishments.

“...saved me from Rosetta.” The girl said.

“The blond? Are you sure, Francesca?” The black boy asked her, looking confused.

“Of course, I’m sure bro. I’m not senile yet! She was with Zeke Morelli and she saved me and my friends from Rosetta and her minions.” Um... So the boy is her brother, interesting.

“I will have to thank her later for helping you then.” The boy said and side hugged his sister while smiling.

I could feel Diesel’s eyes on me since Francesca mentioned that I helped her, it was so... of putting, to say the least. It utterly unnerved me and adding that to the fact that I haven’t seen my best friend since I left him with his twin, I felt like stabbing him with my fork and making him watch as I strangle his brother until he tells me what happened to Zeke.

“I’m leaving.” I told Isaack and Hazel and left with Aldus and Jacopo behind me. The instant I passed through the door’s threshold I caught Diesel’s eyes and saw him nod his head slightly at me, thanking me for either paying his and Vin’s lunch or for saving his friend’s sister. Whichever thing it was, I still nodded my head back at him and left the canteen.

Two hours later, after my only afternoon class, I met up with Isaack, Hazel, and Zeke at the front of the school.

Hazel was fussing over Zeke and I could tell immediately that something had happened. I hurried my pace as fast as Blaze would let me while sitting on my bladder, and the moment I reached Zeke I pulled him by his shoulder to face me. Caught of surprise, he stumbled and turned like I wanted him to. I took in his figure from top to bottom and saw the bruises. His eyes widened in fright and he tried to stop me but it was already too late...


The deed was done.

Vin was leaning against a bike when I shoot his leg, it was just a scratch but if he was smart he knew this was a warning. He stumbled and held on to the bike and started looking around wildly with his gun in his hands, trying to see if he could identify his shooter.

“I FUCKING WARNED YOU SINNER! I WARNED YOU IF THERE WAS A SINGLE SCRATCH ON HIM THAT YOU WOULD PAY! MOTHERFUCKER!” Suddenly Jacopo grabbed me, his hold strong but careful and Aldus went towards Vin. Diesel and his group came running outside and once Diesel saw me holding a gun while looking at his brother, he knew I had been the one causing all this trouble and panic at school. He took his phone out and called someone, all the while scowling at me.

I let Jacopo take the gun from my hands and once they were free, I shot Diesel my middle finger and struggled free of Jacopo’s hold. Immediately, I grabbed Zeke’s face and started examining his neck and jaw, both bruised and one of his eyes was a bit bloodshot, probably a capillary vessel that burst, if I wasn’t pregnant I would definitely take my brother to the ring and beat the shit out of him.

I don’t know when or how but Ray Ray joined the commotion, he attacked Jacopo and made him drop my gun before setting on my shoulder. Only this crazy bird would do something like this, he knows I hate people touching my weapons, reason why he probably attacked Jacopo. I petted his head softly and let go of Zeke’s face.

“I should have done more than just scratch his calf. If he wasn’t my brother I would have made sure to cripple him!” I mutter while trying to reign my rage in.

Abruptly, feeling my bad mood, Ray Ray left my shoulder and took off flying over the school’s front yard, probably looking for something shiny to offer me. He’s a sweet bird but right now I wish I could kill someone, I miss playing with my prey and my hormones aren’t helping. At least Blaze is asleep.


“Davina, your Raven is dragging Sakaria by his ear!” Isaack exclaimed alarmed.

“LET GO, PLEASE!” The guy screamed and I recognized him as Francesca’s brother, Diesel’s friend.

“RAY RAY! LET GO THE BOY’S YEAR RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” He did as I ordered but the guy was already bleeding from his ear.

“God damn it bird! You need to learn some control, you cannot steal a piercing from someone’s ear.” I claimed in disbelief once I noticed the shiny rock on the guy’s ear. I hurried as fast as I could towards the boy in question and saw my brother do the same. Diesel looked angry but I couldn’t care less. I grabbed my bag from Jacopo’s hands and took out some antiseptic wipes.

As soon as I reached the boy I lifted my arms and put the wipes against his ear. He hissed in pain but held the wipe to his ear when I told him to. His blood filled the wipes and I hurried to take more out of the pack, I exchanged the wipes, and Sakaria, I think, held them against his ear.

“I guess this was a good thing that happened.” Sakaria started saying.

“Really? My raven almost tearing your year off because he wanted to offer me your piercing was a good thing? Because to me, it was only a nuisance.”

“Well, not exactly but I needed to talk with you. I have to thank you for helping my sister the other day, she says you saved her from Rosetta.” I glared at my brother while throwing the dirty wipes inside my bag and turned back to Sakaria.

“That was nothing, the bitch shouldn’t do the shit she does and it’s time someone starts putting her in her place.” I spoke while making him bend down for me to check on his ear.

“Yeah, well I’m still grateful that you helped my sister.” He said and groaned a bit when I shifted his piercing around.

“Yeah, well don’t be. And I don’t think this will need stitches but disinfect it with alcohol or go to the doctor.” My phone rang from inside my bag and Jacopo handed it to me. Cassie was calling me, right what I needed to get out of this awkward situation, she’s an ANGEL. Besides, it’s already more than time for me to be on my merry way to Meredith’s home.

“Sorry about my raven but I need to go.” After saying this, I turned to glare at Diesel. “Keep your fucking brother away from Zeke and Hazel or next time I’ll do worse than just a scratch.” Diesel’s eyes fill up with a fire that if I was anyone else I would be scared, but I’m not anyone else, I’m Sage Sinner and my brother doesn’t scare me.

I pick up my still ringing phone and quickly walk towards Zeke and the others, where the cars are waiting for us.

“Hey Cassie, I can’t speak right now, give me ten minutes and I’ll call you back, thanks!” I ended that call and a boy bumped into me. He didn’t hurt me or anything but the slight shoulder bump was enough to have Zeke running towards us like a maniac and for Jacopo to grab me, in case I would fall.

“Watch where you’re going.” Jacopo snapped at the guy but he was so transfixed looking at my forearm that he didn’t even notice Jacopo. I looked down to see what was so interesting on my arm and saw that my hoddie’s sleeve had rolled up when I was taking care of Sakaria’s ear and my forearm was showing, displaying all my scars, from the shackles to the knives cravings and simple cuts.

“SCRAM!” Zeke yelled, scaring the kid who, turned white in the face and ran away from us.

“Are you ok?” Both Zeke and Jacopo asked me simultaneously.

“Yeah, now let’s go, I should already be at Meredith’s house.” I grumbled and dismissed their worry, starting, once again walking towards the cars.

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