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Chapter 39 - Babysitting


Once in the car, I quickly returned Cassie’s call.

“Hey, Cassie! How have y’all been? Is my little Perseus letting you sleep at night? Or is he being a little devil and you want to hand him over to me so that you can nap?” I laughed at myself and waited for Cassiopeia’s reply. Not that I would mind watching over my godson but last I heard he was a complete angel, only crying when he was hungry or has cramps.

Perseus is already 2 months old, it seems like it was just yesterday that he was born... I haven’t seen him since the beginning of September, he must be so big now! It’s incredible how much a baby can grow in the span of just a few days.

“Hey, Sage! We’re good, Perseus is still an angel but you’re partially right. Jazim and I wanted to ask you if you could babysit him tonight, just for a few hours. We wanted to go on a date but you know we can’t leave him with our parents... Shauwn will also be there and you haven’t seen Perseus in almost two weeks...”

“Cassie, dear, you don’t have to convince me. I will always be free to babysit my godson as long as I’m alive, even if I have to clear my schedule for him. I only have one slight problem.”

“What is it? Is there anything I can help you with? Are you on bed rest? I heard from Jully that you’ve been having some trouble with our girl.”

“No, no, nothing of that kind. I’m just staying at Isaack’s house and I don’t know if Meredith will approve of me watching Perseus there.”

“Oh, that’s no problem, mom loves babies.” Issack quickly exclaimed.

“I’ll call her to make sure she is ok with this and then I’ll call you back, if need be we could always pick you up and you could watch Perseus at our house.”

“Ok, Cassie, see ya in a bit.” We end the call and after that, it didn’t take us long to arrive at Meredith’s house. We left the car but Zeke didn’t come out of the car.

“Are you not coming, Zeke?” Hazel asks him.

“No, I need to go to the warehouse today. I have training with uncle Jack and my dad is there waiting for me.” Oh, so that’s how he got so robust. Well, at least he’s more muscled than he was one year ago, and he’s taller, a lot taller. He transformed from a stick to a tall less stick guy with some muscle.

But leaving Zeke’s physic alone I have one idea. It’s a good thing Zeke is going to the warehouse after all. He just needs to hold on for a bit before going.

“Yeah, well you’ll just have to be a bit late because I need you to do a small delivery. Give me twenty minutes and you’re good to go.” Hazel and Isaack looked at me confused but Zeke nodded his head, he understood what I meant and came inside with us.

“Sagie! Why didn’t you tell me you have a cute baby as your godson? I can’t wait for Jazim and Cassie to bring him over! Oh, I just LOVE babies so much!” Meredith was singing and running and dancing around the house while carrying boxes around, you would think the kid is moving in with us by the way she dances.

“See, I told you she would have no problem with it.” Isaack muttered while shaking his head and left to go leave his backpack upstairs in his room.

“Mom what are you doing? Are those my baby things?” Issack asked Meredith when she passed by him on the stairs with a huge box in her hands.

“Of course they are. It’s not like you need them. Perseus will be a very happy baby tonight, I will make sure of that.” She told us and went back to singing.

“Ok, this is weird.” I muttered and Hazel cracked a smile.

“You should have seen her with Cameron, she offered to watch him whenever aunt Stella needed and freaked out uncle John so bad that he went to do a triple background check before deeming Meredith baby crazy.” Damn, that’s something...

“Ok, let’s forget about Meredith and head over to the kitchen to prepare the paint, Zeke needs to go to training and I’m sure Perseus will be here soon.” We left our backpacks on the sofa and hurried to the kitchen where I made the invisible paint and wrote a message for my father.

’Control your son. Today may have been a scratch but tomorrow may be a hole. Keep cleansing your nest because you’re still knees deep in rats. Igor is keeping a close watch over all of us. Watch out and any time you felt observed don’t ignore your gut. Oh, and by the way, thanks for taking so good care of my money. I’m getting it back today so don’t miss it too much.′

“Yeah, this is enough of a warning. He better listen to my words or I will have a lot of work taking care of that mess.” I hand the paper to Zeke and Hazel and I accompanied him to the door.

“See you tomorrow, Zeke boy. Tell your mother hello for me.” I hug him goodbye and he leaves with the promise of greeting his mother for me. I hope my father doesn’t catch him when he delivers the message, the man is probably angry enough to hunt me for shooting his beloved son.

One hour later, Shauwn arrived, and with him came Jazim, Cassie, and our godson.

“SAAAGE! COME GREET OUR LITTLE PRINCE! Oh, yes you are, yes you are, you are uncle Shauwn’s little prince, aren’t you, my little talking Percy?” Shauwn was all over Perseus, tickling the baby and playing peek-a-boo with the kid while Jazim held him.

“Shauwn! Stop hovering Perseus, Sage is the one who hasn’t seen him in two weeks, not you. Move aside before I decide to make you.” Cassie ordered him and smacked Shauwn with a diaper.

“Hey, guys.” I greeted them and hugged Shauwn and Cassie before giving Jazim a head nod and a smile. Perseus was cooing on his father’s arms, looking around with his huge eyes and chattering in his own way while drooling all over his fist.

“Hey, there little one.” I whispered softly to the baby and caressed his face. He grabbed my fingers with his drool-filled hand and looked at me while cooing.

“That’s right, son, go to your godmother but let her seat down before holding you. You have turned into a little squirming worn and we don’t want to trouble your godmother while she’s carrying your playmate, right champ.” Perseus looked at his father and cooed before letting go of my hand. We went to the sofas and sat down. Meredith appeared then, her arms full of blankets, toys, and even a folded high chair under her arm, the woman was ready for an army of babies!

“Don’t mind me, I’m just setting everything for the little one.” She excitedly told us and we laughed at her, the woman really misses having a baby around.

“Ok Sage, I’ve told Shauwn this but I don’t think he listened to a word I said.” Cassie mumbled and rolled her eyes before turning to watch Shauwn who was on his knees on the floor playing with Perseus who was on my lap. Just then Perseus kicked Shauwn on the nose and giggled, making us all laugh.

“Point taken, Shauwn is only here to play.” I said and Cassie rolled her eyes again before going back to explain what she needed to explain.

“Ok, as I was saying. Percy has already eaten, but there is a box of formula and a bottle, in his bag, for him to eat again in two hours in case we’re still not back by then. There are diapers, wipes, his pacifier, the fox plushy, and his blanket for when he naps. He napped the whole way here so he should be fine for at least another hour. If anything happens don’t be afraid to call, if Percy starts getting restless give his pacifier and the fox and he’ll be ok other than that I don’t think I forgot to- Oh, yes, there’s a small notepad with instructions on how to make a bottle and change his diaper, it’s on his bag. Also, I changed his diaper just before coming, if he happens to soil this one before we’re back, be careful while changing him, he has a bad habit of peeing the moment he feels his downstairs area free of his diaper.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the disgruntled and disgusted face both Cassie and Jazim made, it was hilarious! And it just made me decide that Shauwn is the one on diaper duties.

“Alright guys, I got it, no worries you can rest assured that he is in good hands. Go on to your date and enjoy it!” I accompanied them to the door and, after Cassie went over her instructions me twice more, Jazim managed to convince her to leave. Before they left, we turned to watch Perseus, to assure Cassie that he was indeed in good hands, and what we found was adorable. Shauwn was laying on the blankets with him playing, and so was Meredith. Hazel and Isaack were sitting on one of the sofas laughing at the silly faces Shauwn made while Perseus laid on his belly and held his head up for small periods of time and laughed at Shauwn.

“As you can see dear, he is in great hands and Shauwn is doing tummy time with him without him even noticing.” Jazim commented and reassured Cassie, ending up convincing her. Soon after they left and we were alone with Perseus.

“Shauwn move over and help me sit on the floor. I want to have some quality time with my godson and you are hovering.” Shauwn laughed and got up, coming to my aid on sitting on the blanket. Halfway to the ground and the need to pee overruled me and I had to signal Shauwn to lift me up.

“I need to pee.” I told him and everyone started laughing, even Perseus when he heard everyone around him start laughing, which lead to hiccups, but they were gone by the time I came back from the bathroom.

“Can I help you now, madame?” Shauwn asked me, I nodded. He smiled down at me and half curtsied before offering me his hand to help me sit down.

“There you go, madame.” Once I was on the floor, I propped my back against the sofa and Shauwn helped me take off my shoes. He sat beside me Meredith handed me the baby. Shauwn helped me position him better and more comfortably on my arms and soon we were all silently admiring the baby.

Perseus nestled his head closer to my chest and as if a switch had gone off, Blaze started kicking me right on the stomach, exactly where my arm was positioned and cradling my godson.

“I see someone woke up cranky, Blaze. There is no need to punish your momma for holding another baby, there is enough love for the both of you.” I spoke out loud and Shauwn snickered, switching his gaze from my belly to Perseus’s face.

“I think someone is more worried about getting her food supply stolen.” Isaack coughed and started choking on laughter, his mother laughed as well but got up to help Isaack who started turning purple from choking so much. Only Hazel looked horrified at her brother’s remark while I only found it stupid. I mean, how could Ziva be jealous of Perseus while still in my belly? Her food supply wasn’t going anywhere, she’s not even born yet to feed on my boobs, she eats whatever I eat!

“SHAUWN don’t be so crude!” Hazel reprimanded him.

“Sorry sis, but it’s true. I didn’t hear Sage complain until Perseus nestled his head on her boobs and the hoodie Sage is wearing hides her belly very well so I can’t see Blaze move to check when she started moving. By the way, Sage, can I feel her move, please?” I allowed Shauwn to touch my belly but my daughter seemed more interested in kicking my godson’s butt than in kicking Shauwn’s hand on the side of my belly. I ended up laying Perseus on the blanket and taking off the comfortable hoodie Hazel handed me. I pulled up the rest of my shirts and let everyone see the little crazy girl on my belly move around, deforming my belly and kicking all over the place as if searching for Perseus. We watched her move for close to five minutes before she stopped and went back to sleep.

Perseus started getting fussy, crying a bit and kicking his legs around, and from time to time he would heavily blink his eyes and so we dreamed him sleepy. Shauwn got up and grabbed Perseus’s pacifier, his fox, and his blanket. We gave Perseus his pacifier but he kept on spiting it out so I grabbed my godson, gave him his pacifier and plushy, and propped him on top of my belly with his head against my chest. Then I put the blanket over him and started petting his back while humming. The baby still tried to fight sleep, cooing a bit his complaint and all, Ziva woke up again and started kicking him but it didn’t take long with the warmth of his blanket and listening to my heartbeat for Perseus to fall asleep. Even I fell asleep with my head against Shauwn’s shoulder.

One hour and a half later, and with my head against Shauwn’s chest, I woke up to a baffling scent coming from whatever was on top of my chest. Remembering that I had fallen asleep with Perseus on top of me I knew that the horrible smell had to be coming from him. I looked down at the baby and found him still sleeping with a huge smile behind his pacifier.

“Shauwn go change Perseus diaper.” I grunted while still half asleep. I felt Shauwn move and saw him look down at me with a bright smile on his face.

“You’re awake, sleeping beauty? Did you sleep well?” Shauwn asked me while still hugging me comfortably to his side. No double that was why I sleep so well.

“Yes, now go change Perseus’s diaper. He smells worse than a rotten egg!” I hand Shauwn the baby and watch as he tries to argue with me over this. I fake gag and Shauwn immediately get up knowing that his mother would be pissed if I started throwing up again.

“That’s playing dirty, Sage, not fair. Not fair at all.” He muttered and grabbed both Perseus and his bag before going to the living room’s dining table and setting them there.

I pushed myself up from the blanket with the help of the sofa and sat down on the said piece of furniture. I cracked my back and massaged my sore neck before bailing up my first and rubbing my still tired eyes, when I opened them I noticed that we were the only ones in the living room.

“Where are the others?” I questioned Shauwn while watching him look down at Perseus as if he was the hardest quiz he ever found and quirk his nose from the smell.

“Hazel and Isaack are upstairs, probably doing their homework, and Meredith is in the kitchen.” He muttered and started unbuttoning our godson’s clothes. Perseus started crying from being woken up and Meredith appeared on the living room’s door.

“Have they woken up?” She asked, before noticing Shauwn and Perseus on her dining table. “Oh, wait a moment Shauwn I’m going to grab the small changing diapers table I have, and you can put little Percy on that instead of the cold table.” I left them to change the dirty diaper and went to the bathroom.

“OH MY GOSH! HIS SHIT IS YELLOW!? Ugg! I’m going to-” First I hear Shauwn’s girlish scream and then I heard Shauwn start gaging and hurried to leave the bathroom, I couldn’t miss the show. Hahaha!

“He shitted out of his diaper.” Shauwn groaned and held his stomach. Perseus was cooing loudly, even laughing a bit but the best part was when he started shiting again and a jet of shit hit Shauwn’s shirt and trousers. This godson of mine is truly the best. Hahahaha!

“OH MY GOSH, HE’S SHITTING ON ME! HE’S SHITING ON ME! OH, OH I’M GOING TO VOMIT... UGGG!” Shauwn started throwing up and I couldn’t hold back my laughter. I could even hear Isaack and Hazel laughing from upstairs.

“I got the bath ready, let’s just let this little guy finish his pooping and we’ll give him a good bath before feeding him.” Meridith said from beside me and that’s what we did. Hazel had to come downstairs to help Shauwn and Isaack had to clean vomit but other than that the rest of the night went very well. I even got to give Perseus his bottle. I never saw a little guy so happy while eating.

~ Meanwhile, with Zeke ~


I arrived very late for training and Jack was already outside the jym waiting for me but I managed to buy myself some time.

“Hey uncle Jack, sorry I’m late. I just need to go warn uncle Sin of what happened before-”

“Yeah, yeah, kid, I saw Vin when he walked in, if it wasn’t seeing your neck now I wouldn’t have believed that he was shot because of you.” He was not shot because of me! I wanted to scream that in Jack’s face but I knew I couldn’t, just like I knew he didn’t mean it badly, he just didn’t phrase it correctly. So instead I choose to add the missing information.

“It wasn’t just because of me, he hurt Hazel too. I need to warn uncle Sin before John’s gets here.” Jack’s eyes widened and I heard him swear under his breath, before quickly nodding his head in allowance. I didn’t even look back and quickly went to Sin’s office. I know he won’t be there so there’s no risk in getting caught leaving the paper. If anything I’ll just tell Jack that I didn’t find him in time before John got to Vin.

To keep up the theatrics, I knocked on the door twice and waited for a few seconds then I repeated the knocks and when no one answered me I slipped inside and swiftly left the piece of paper on Sin’s desk.

‘The job is done.’ I thought to myself and silently left my uncle’s office.

“What were you doing in there.” Vin’s stern voice demanded from behind me. He almost gave me a heart attack with the fright I caught but luckily I managed to not jump in surprise and still close the door silently.

“I was searching for your father to warn him before John got to you.” I told him, keeping my voice neutral, and turned around to face him. Vin scowled at me and looked as if he was going to threaten me when loud rushed footsteps surged from down the hallway. The both of us turned to face the oncoming person and soon the man was revealed to be an infuriated John.

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD DARED TO MAKE MY DAUGHTER CRY. JUST WHEN I WAS COMING AROUND WITH THE IDEA OF YOU TWO TOGETHER, why do I still listen to Jully... GET READY BECAUSE YOU ARE COMING WITH ME TO THE RING.” John pushed Vin against a wall and yelled all this in his face. He pushed back from Vin and was turning to leave when he seemed like he noticed me. John grabbed my chin and lifted it up examining my bruised neck.

“Look what you did to your cousin! You should be ashamed of yourself, hurting my princess and bruising your cousin.” The way John spat his words at Vin was so... hate-filled that even I shuddered from the panic this was causing me. I’ve had enough of being brave for a day, I may have changed a lot physically but I still have a lot of anxiety inside me just as I still have panic attacks from time to time. Meeting Sage helped me a lot but I’m still the same little bitch, as my old school called me. I think I’ve had enough of this day, with a match happening on The Ring, Jack may dismiss me for the evening.

~ A few hours later ~

Jack made me train for half an hour while everyone prepared The Ring and once the time was up and I went to meet with my father, he made us stay until the match ended.

It’s almost eleven p.m. and we’re just now arriving home, I feel utterly exhausted but dad didn’t seem to notice. He’s different now that mom is here, at first he never left the house or the hospital, wherever she was he was too but once he started seeing how bad mom psychologically really was, he started leaving for long hours to the bar. I knew he feels guilty for what happened and I know mom feels the same for panicking every time dad moves too fast or speaks loudly but it’s not their fault. It breaks my heart to see them like this.

People think that being a Sinner or a Morelly is all money and roses with gun pounder in the mix but it’s not just that. We’re a broken family, everyone is missing their bits and pieces and we have only now started composing ourselves but we still need to heal and that’s what these people don’t get. I fell asleep every single night crying for my broken family, and for my anxiety that gets the best of me when I’m alone in my room at night. People always told me “Get it together boy, real man don’t cry!“, but that’s not true! Real men have feelings, and they are allowed to cry when things get too hard, it’s unhealthy to keep things bottled up for long periods of time.

I open my house’s front door and walk inside while my dad puts the car in the garage. Mom was still awake and in the living room when I entered. She immediately left the Tv alone and came to greet me with a hug and a kiss on my cheek. She is still not talking but the psychiatrists and psychologists all say that its normal due to the huge trauma mom went through. That’s another thing that leaves dad pissed, he felt that he was not a man enough to keep my mom safe and is afraid of it happening again so he started putting distance between the two. He says that he doesn’t want to scare her but personally, I felt like he is the scared one. Mom has even come close to him on her own, a couple of times to offer him lunch, a snack, and even the newspaper but he doesn’t take the hints... He just runs away like a kicked puppy with his tail in between his legs.

“Ah!” A gasp from my mom breaks me out of my thoughts and I look at her to see what shocked or hurt her. She’s scrutinizing at my bruised neck with tears in her eyes and keeps frenetically looking between me and the front door.

“It’s ok, mom. I’m alright.” I told her and she hugged me to her body, pulling my head to the crock of her neck and petting my hair. She’s trembling in fright while hugging me but I don’t get why. I’ve told her that I’m alright, what else could be scaring her other than my bruises?

The front door opens and dad walks in all happy and pumped up from the fight, even if the ones fighting were his own nephew, who got more punches in than what he gave, and his adopted brother who looked like he was fricking possessed by a demon, beating Vin up like there was no tomorrow. The moment he closes the door mother puts herself in front of me and while still trembling frowns at dad.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Why are you putting yourself in front of me?” I ask her and catch dad’s attention. Dad’s smile immediately leaves his face when he sees the position mom put us into, and even though I don’t want to admit it, I think mom thinks dad was the one who bruised me.

Mom starts pointing at dad and then at my neck, crossing her arms over her chest and beating her feat repeatedly on the floor, she seemed annoyed and mad and she was not trembling anymore.

“Mom, dad wasn’t the one who did this to me.” I rushed out quickly. Dad looks at me shocked and then at mom as if she had lost her head.

“You think I put my hands on our son?! Really, Xana?” Dad looked shocked and sad, desolated even, with mom’s assumptions.

Mom grabbed her phone and started writing quickly before her phone spoke. ″If it wasn’t you then who was it? And where were you when it happened?″

“It was Vin, mom. He got mad and we argued and he choked me. Dad was working, he had nothing to with this, mom.” I reassured her and she looked relieved. She kissed my forehead softly and mouthed ‘I love you.’ before turning back to dad.

“I can’t believe you would think the worse of me, Xana.” Dad admitted and I saw his shoulders visibly slump, but this time I didn’t hold back my tongue.

“Of course she did! You’re never here anymore. You stopped trying to spend time with mom, and now that she’s better and tries to do small things for you or with you, you simply smile at her and leave! Mom is not the same frightened woman she was when she first got here and because you’re rarely home anymore and are too busy getting drunk with uncle Sin, you don’t see it. Grow a pair and stop running away, if you stayed you would see that mom is trying to get your relationship back, even if her progress is slow she still needs you, her husband to be by her side but you’re not! You’re too busy getting drunk to see it but it’s time you open your fucking eyes and see what’s in front of you. Mom still has PTSD and is still mute but she loves you and you are breaking her heart every time you push her away. FUCKING WAKE UP, DAD! Stop making mom double herself and start acting like a good husband!” With this, I left them alone, both seeming stunned with my rant and I went up the stairs to my room to sleep this whole shit off.

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