The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 4 - The Italians


As soon as the boy said that he found Nina we all got alert. I put the phone on speaker so that everyone could hear what was going on and Dwain got to work.

One of the guys who was dining at home with us got to work, he traced Oscar’s phone and when I hang up he gave me the address. Dwain and I got in my car and left while everyone else got ready for war in case it happened.

“Francesco isn’t picking up and neither is Sin.” Grumbled Dwain.

“Try Zeke, I’m sure he’ll pick up.” Dwain did as I suggested and sure enough, Zeke picked up.

“Zeke, is everything alright? Why isn’t your father picking up his phone?” Dwain put the phone on speaker so that I could hear what was being said without him having to repeat it all twice and soon we hear Zeke speak.

“Mom had an attack early today, dad had to call the doctors home. I’m pretty sure that he and the rest of my uncles and male cousin old enough to drink are drunk out of their minds at the closed family bar.” Well damn, they sure are taking things badly.

“Where are you, Zeke?” I ask him.

“I’m staying at grandma and grandpa’s house, why? Is something wrong?” At the end of his sentence, Zeke started panicking with worry and his breath got a bit labored.

“Calm down kid, nothing’s wrong but can you please give Lorenzo your phone? We need to talk with him about something really quickly.” Zeke immediately agreed and soon Leane and Lorenzo were in line with us.

“Gentlemen, why did you call my grandson instead of one of my sons, did something happen?” Lorenzo’s grave voice asked us.

“Sir, your sons aren’t picking up their phones. The matter is very urgent, that is why we called Zeke in hope that one of your sons was with him.” We explained.

“What’s wrong? Did you find my granddaughter? Is that what this is about?” Leane started stressing and pressing on us for answers. The moment we confirmed what she said, she immediately went all bossy, and soon, Lorenzo was no longer our boss but Leane.

“Get your men ready, my sons aren’t in their right state of mind so I won’t be able to take gangsters from here with me. We’ll be there in nine, no make it eight, we’ll be there in eight hours with troops of our own.” I have never heard nor seen Leane mad until today, the hedgehogs are going to pay badly.

“Be ready gentlemen, if anything changes call us.” Lorenzo ended the call and ten minutes after we arrived at the address Oscar’s phone was traced into.

~ Meanwhile in Italy ~


I got to work immediately after Lorenzo ended the call. Our old team is going on one last mission...

“Lorenzo get me the phone number of all our team members, we’re going on one last mission.” Lorenzo knew that there was no arguing with me, so he did as I said. While he did that I called Valeria.

“Val come to my house quickly, our little girl was found in Boston we need to go rescue her. We’re leaving in an hour.”

“I’m on my way Leane. BOYS!! GET READY SAGE WAS FOUND WE’RE GOING TO RESCUE HER!” Always the same old Valeria, I laughed at her antics and waited a bit.


“GOOD JOB BOYS. Leane we’ll be there in five minutes anyone who needs transport can come with my sons and me.”

“Thank you, Valeria.” I end the call and turn around to see what Lorenzo is doing.

“Alan and John are coming with us, Jym and Claude are staying here to take care of things.” Lorenzo gets up, kisses my head, and leaves the office to go pack his bags.

I need to tell him the truth about Sage, he can’t go on this mission without knowing. I follow after Lorenzo and start packing my bag, all the while trying to gain enough courage to tell him the truth.

“Lea, what’s wrong love?” He grabs my hand and turns me around so that I’m facing him. It’s now or never Leane, you need to tell him, now’s the time...

“She’s your granddaughter.” I blurt out and right after doing it I facepalm myself. Really Leane, really smooth, the man is as dense as his sons, he won’t understand what I’m trying to say.

“Of course she’s my granddaughter. She’s been my granddaughter the moment you claimed her yours.” Lorenzo tells me this while holding my hands and caressing my face. The man is so stupid. Sin takes after him.

“No love, I mean that she’s your granddaughter, she’s Sin’s and Dalila’s daughter. Nina isn’t her real name, her name is Sage.” Lorenzo’s breath hitches and he takes a step back.

“No, you’re wrong, it’s not possible.” He starts pacing around the room and shaking his head in denial.

“If she was my granddaughter she would be here. We would know about her and she would be a pampered princess, besides there hasn’t been a woman born in the family since my grandmother was born.” Damn it, I don’t have time for this drama. I walk towards Lorenzo and stop in front of him. I was ready to slap him when he suddenly snapped his head up and faced me.

“If she was my granddaughter you would have hidden it from me!” He yells.

“I did it because she asked me to! If I didn’t do as she told me she would never talk to me. She’s like Sin, she can hold a grudge.”

“That is a very correct thing to say, the girl is as hot-headed and strong-minded as her father and older brothers.” Both mine and Lorenzo’s head snapped to the side and we saw Valeria standing against our bedroom door.

“What is the Paolo Bitch doing here! It was already bad enough that she was at Dalila’s funeral and created a scene with Rosa, talking about a girl...” Lorenzo’s anger died down and his voice faltered.

“They, no you three were telling the truth weren’t y’all? Drunk as hell and spilling all the secrets Rosa translated from Dalila’s diaries.” Lorenzo collapsed on top of our bed and held his head.

“You can bet your money that we were telling the truth Lolostard!” HAHAHA! Valeria had to bring up that nickname!

“HAHAhAH” Lorenzo glared at me but I keep laughing, soon being joined by Valeria.

“Nonno. (Grandpa)” Zeke called. Leane and I sobered up and Lorenzo composed himself and faced the boy.

“There are lots of older people at the door. Waiting for you, they’re all armed. Are you in trouble Nonno?” The worry in Zeke’s voice made Lorenzo chuckle. Zeke is a very sweet boy.

“No Zeke, I’m not in trouble, that people are the Hell Sinners retired members.” Before Lorenzo could say anything else I spoke.

“Your cousin’s location was found Zeke, we’re going to save her. I need you to go to one of your aunt’s house, we’ll give you news tomorrow.” He gave me a grin, a nod, and ran towards me and Lorenzo to hug us.

“Bring her home safe please.” Zeke let go of us and started leaving the room.

“Be safe. You too miss Valeria.” Val smiles and Zeke leaves.

“It’s time to face our people.” Lorenzo stated and interlined our hands. We descended downstairs with Valeria in front of us and went to the living.

Once there Alan, John, and all our old friends and teammates were holding their bags. They greeted us and we did the same. Lorenzo signaled them to make silence and started talking.

“My friends, I have called you all here because I need your help.” Our people looked worried at us and Lorenzo continued his speech.

“I just found out that the girl that you all have heard about, the one that has been helping the gang and went missing is actually my granddaughter.” Gasps were heard all over the room and the murmuring started back up. John and Alan both had their jaw wide open and looked at me to confirm the news. I gave them a slight nod and they both close their mouths and went rigid.

“She’s Sin and Dalila’s daughter. And the fucking hedgehogs have her in their pawns. But our princess is smart. She made allies with one of the men guarding her and he and his family are breaking her out tomorrow. That’s why we need to move now, we’re are taking the private jet’s and flying to Boston right now so that tomorrow we will be there to fight for our Principessa (princess). We will fight like she fought for us!” Everyone cheered and we left the house. We all got in on our cars and left going either with Lorenzo and me or with Valeria. We loaded the jets and left for Boston.

Hold on Sage, abuela (grandma) is on the way.

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