The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 40 - Enemies plans


After seeing those pink clothes pocking out of Igor’s fiancee’s bag, I stayed watching her for a few more weeks to make sure of what I saw. The way Igor spoke of his son was so convincing that I really thought he was going to be the father of a boy but the baby clothes the girl brought were too pink and feminine to belong to a boy unless she wants to turn the kid gay then she’s definitely on the right track. However, I’m convinced she’s carrying a girl.

I’ve come as far as risking getting caught by the Sinners to steal an ultrasound picture of the kid, to give to Igor and prove to him that I am not crazy when I say that Sage is carrying a girl. Sage is smart and at times almost made me question my sanity and what I really saw on that bag. Calling the baby Blaze instead of a feminine name was one of the things that almost threw me out of balance but I found the clothes she brought and her little godson... I’m sure Igor will like to know about him too.

I just hope he doesn’t behead me for the news I bring.

I have never seen a man, nonetheless a gangster, happy about having a daughter for an heir, the only thing they are good for is marrying off to make new alliances! And I’m sure Igor has the same opinion as me, I mean if my wife back in the time, had been pregnant with a daughter instead of my boy I would have ended her much sooner than I did, pity the lad was such a mommy’s boy. He could have been good for the business but he choose to avenge his mother and since then no one has seen or heard from him again.

“I hope he burns in hell like his mother.” I mutter between gritted teeth and pay attention to my GPS. After the Sinners started killing Igor’s spies, he changed his hideout to the confines of the world. The trouble I have gone through just to be able to report my findings almost makes all of this unworthy, if I didn’t need to pay my debt I would have left this mission a long time ago. I’ve had to pass through border control, airport security, small criminals, and some of Igor’s men to finally be able to reach the new territory Igor is hiding himself in.

“Let the gods protect me because I’m not ready to be beheaded.” I mumble and get out of my car, letting Igor’s guards search me again before a butler lets me inside the mansion.

The silent man led me through the house and towards an office where Igor stood at the desk eating something disgustingly similar to a boiled brain and Brussels sprouts with rotten cheese full of maggots.

Oh, god I hope I'm wrong but if he doesn't hide that shit I'm going to vomit!

"Hunter! What a pleasant surprise! I'm having dinner, do you want some? It's sheep's brain with Brussels sprouts and Casu Marzu cheese." I made a disgusted face and Igor cackled. He signaled the butler to take the food away and dropped the smile off his face.

"Where the hell have you been, and why the fuck did it take you so long to report back to me!?" He yelled. I took the ultrasound picture I stole out of my pocket and gave it to him in hopes of softening him up. He grabbed the picture and stared at it for two seconds before going back to screaming at me.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO I WANT THIS SHIT FOR? THE ONLY THING IT DOES IS CONFIRM MY SUSPICIONS." He trowed the picture to my face and then proceeded to throw his chair at me. The chair hit me like a stone and I fell. I saw Igor's feet approaching me dangerously fast and quickly spat out what I know could either be my death sentence or my salvation.

"It's a girl." I didn't even have to yell for him to hear me. The moment the word girl got out of my mouth Igor stopped, just mere inches shy of my face, and laughed a deep belly laugh.

"Who would have thought the impossible is now possible, huh!" He bellowed in laughter. "My own little carbon copy of Sage! I'll train her to be as skilled as her mother, she'll be the new Gold Trigger 2.0!"


I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FUCKING PEEK-A-BOO WITH A GOD DAMNED ASSASSIN, WITH THE FUCKING GOLD TRIGGER!? My right eye started twitching and I felt like passing out. That's why she always felt where I was hiding while watching her. That's why she seemed like a psychopath from time to time, she literally is one. It doesn't just run in her blood she was trained to be one!

Fuck, I'm freaking out so bad right now. Y'all just don't understand the power that girl has. I am an assassin but she has the contacts, she has the aim, the knowledge, the cunningness, the intelligence, FUCK! She has it all! The hacker, the talent, the guns, the wickedness, the manpower if she wanted to, she has everything an assassin could dream off! And her contacts, her contacts are what makes people afraid, besides having never been caught she could make a call to China and have me killed in Australia!

Fuck, how I wish I- DAMN IT! If I could go back on time... I would change everything! My family was so close to hers... She could have been my son's wife, she could have made me and my boy some of the most powerful men in the world, and if not in the world then in Italy.

Coming to my senses I got on my knees and started praying. I pray for any god and angel that is willing to listen. My biggest fear should have never been Igor but the woman whose child I'm going to kidnap.

They say a mother's wrath towards anyone who mistreats her children is ferocious but Sage Sinner's wrath is going to be deadly. This could possibly start word war III!

"What the fuck are you doing Hunter? Get up and act like a man, you bastard. I don't employ fucking pussies!" Igor yelled and kicked me in the shin, making me fall on my back and face the ceiling. I don't even bother getting up, I'm simply numb to the world. All my plans for my future have ended. I should have died when my son tried to kill me, at least it would have been less painful and grotesque than having the Gold Trigger kill me.

"She'll start training as soon as possible. I'll let my mother raise her Russian style for her to be though and she will be my biggest weapon! But what should her name be... Umm... Has Sage already named my daughter?" Igor suddenly asked me.

"She named the baby Blaze and got a heart-shaped necklace and a tiger plushie for her." I numbly answer him.

"When you get my daughter, grab those things as well." He ordered me and went back to gush about having a daughter on the way.

"What else did you find?" Igor inquired and Hunter spilled his guts, afterward, he stayed and heard Igor ramble.

"You leave tomorrow, Hunter. And Hunter, as soon as Blaze is born, contact me and I'll get everything ready for you to bring her to me. The day she gets discharged from the hospital is the day you take her from Sage and bring my princess home." Hunter finally got up off the floor and saluted his boss before leaving the office.

"Will do." He promised. He has a few weeks to get mentally prepared and he better use that time wisely, otherwise, the job might go wrong and that is not something he needs nor wants. If Sage caught him he would prefer suicide over living a few days in the Sinner's dungeon.


The next chapter will be back to Sage's POV

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