The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 43 - Stupidity always catches up to you one day


I spent hours after my cousin’s call just sipping on my whiskey and smoking cigarettes with extra filling. My hacker didn’t find anything useful about the baby. He said most of the files were sealed. So, what else could I do? I will speak with Stella and Jully later, the same goes for the twins, I’m not in the mode to bring up the baby topic, yet.

I was drumming my fingers to the beat of the loud music outside of my office while sipping whiskey when I noticed that the music’s vibrations had stopped. I checked the clock and saw that it wasn’t even midnight yet. Something was wrong.

I swear if those fuckers broke the sound columns again, I will kill them all.

I sluggishly got up from my chair, with my cigarette in my mouth, and went to my office’s door. When I started approaching the door, a lot of noise started registering in my brain, and my energy renewed itself.

Don’t tell me the cops are here. That was the last motherfucking thing I needed!

I swung my door open with violence and started advancing to the balcony’s railing, to see what the hell was going on on the ground floor.

A feminine voice screaming in perfect Italian at my men captured my attention. I kept advancing towards the railing, and, to my surprise, a petit blond girl who appeared younger than my twins was screaming at my men. I let my cigarette fall with the surprise, but I didn’t let that detain me, my god damned warehouse sounded like a circus, and I was not going to stand for that.

“Che diavolo sta succedendo qui!? (What the hell is going on here?).” I yelled, demanding answers, but all I got were cowering men.

Just then the girl turned to face me, her cold icy blue eyes glaring at me as she took me in. Around her, everything was in chaos. Guns were drawn, my fighters, adrenalin junkies, and Diesel all came from the ring and stood at a corner of the room watching this shit show, things were broken, and bar stools were on the floor.

“And the prodigal father finally appears!” She exclaimed in perfect English.

The prodigal father... The prodigal father... Those words echoed heavily in my brain.

’Eu amo o papá. I love daddy. Io amo papà.′

‘Oggi Vinico mi ha fatto uccidere un uomo. Aiutami papà, per favore. L’uomo era innocente. Vinicio mi ha fatto male davanti all’uomo, mi ha fatto piangere quando mi ha accoltellato. L’uomo che ho dovuto uccidere ha iniziato a piangere quando ha visto Vinico ferirmi, mi ha pregato di ucciderlo. Fa male papà, fallo smettere...’ (Today Vinico made me kill a man. Help me, daddy, please. The man was innocent. Vinicio hurt me in front of the man, he made me cry when he stabbed me. The man I had to kill started crying when he saw Vinico hurt me, he begged me to kill him. It hurts daddy, make it stop...)

‘Non credo più a mio padre. Oggi abbiamo sentito la sua moto, era qui. Anche Vinico si è spaventato di averci trovato, ma è andato via. Ti odio papà, ma non preoccuparti, porterò mia madre fuori di qui io stesso.’ (I don’t believe in my dad anymore. Today we heard his motorcycle, he was here. Even Vinico got scared that he may have found us, but he went away. I hate you dad but don’t worry I’ll get mom out of here myself.)

The words from the cell’s walls kept coming back, mixing in my head and ringing in my ears.

Io amo papá... Aiutami papà, per favore. L’uomo era innocente... Ti odio papà! (I love daddy... Help me, daddy, please. The man was innocent... I hate you, dad!)

Non credo più a mio padre... Ti odio papà! (I don’t believe in my dad anymore. I hate you, dad!)

“Hello, daddy dearest, are you here to finally join the party?” Her observation broke through the voices uttering Davina’s words in my head. My body entered on autopilot, and all I could think about was ‘I’m going crazy’. Voices in my head?

My eyes stayed locked with the girl’s, she put me in a trance. The voices got louder, the words they repeated got mixed even more, and nothing made sense anymore. The footage we found in my old warehouse came to the forefront of my mind.

She depended on me. She counted on me to save her. They both did. Was this her? Was this the girl Dalila referred to as her daughter in the few random pages I read from her diaries? Is this the girl she called ours? Is she mine? My daughter...?

When I came to me, I was in front of her.

“How- Who, who are y- Where is your mark? The mark, show me the mark.” I don’t even say a thing with a thing anymore, the shock, the possibility, all of this together left me stuttering and lost for words.

“Which one?” She asked me. “The one I inherited from you, or the ones I gained because of you?” Before I could answer her and question her words, she moved her hair away from her neck, showing me my family’s birthmark, located in the exact same spot as mine. I stepped forward towards her, shaking all over like jelly and feeling gobsmacked. I lifted a hand towards her neck and ran a finger over her mark softly. A tear rolled down one of my eyes, but I quickly blinked it away, almost afraid to take my eyes off of her in fear of her disappearing.

“Show me,” I whispered so lowly that I almost didn’t hear myself speaking.

The girl- my daughter, lowered her jacket and turned around, showing me some very prominent scars, some on her shoulder from what appeared to be bullet scars, and others could be seen creeping up her back, marking her skin whit white and pink lines.

People gasped and hissed behind my back, but I couldn’t do more than clench my hands in fury at myself.

I could have saved her all those years ago, I could have stopped all this from happening, but I didn’t. I fucking didn’t! And now, my daughter is scarred for life, just like me. But I didn’t get my scars from child abuse, I got them from missions, assassinations jobs, the army, and from being captured once or twice, but I was older than her. I chose this life for me, but she was forced to join it.

I’m the worse fucking father ever!

“This is what happened to me for being your daughter, but it’s your fault that it happened. Your glory and power clouded your sense of judgment, and you allowed your family to be infiltrated by rats and now, you need a new pest disinfestation.” Her words hurt like hell, but what happened next hurt more.


One of my men shot my daughter. She fell on top of me clenching her side with her hands as blood quickly spilled out of the wound. I held her against me with my left arm and with the other I shot the bastard. More than one shot rang at the same time as mine and the man fell dead on the floor.

I looked down at my little carbon copy and saw her looking dangerously pale

“Davina...” I called her but I am not even sure if that is her name. In the cell, it said that Dalila caught her signing things with that name so that means this is not her name, but certainly it cannot be-

“Sage Vina Desteny Sinner.“ She mumbled, sounding weak and nothing like the girl who mocked me just ten minutes ago. “And now that I finally accomplished mom’s final death wish, I can die in peace.”

She’s crazy if she thinks I’m going to let her die!

Immediately, I picked her up bridal style and run with her to the medical cabinet we keep in here for injuries from the ring. She groaned in pain and closed her eyes, scaring the shit out of me. A few seconds later she opened her eyes and I sighed in relief, she stared at the ceiling for a few moments and then to the side where Vin and Diesel were keeping up with me.

Abruptly, I notice her eyes changing, her pupils dilated and her breathing started picking up.

She’s going into shock, I realized, and got desperate.

“Fuck.” I ran faster with her and jostled her a bit to get her to react, she groaned and hissed but stayed mostly still.

This is not good. Not good at all.

“DOC!” I yelled. “Doc, get your ass in here, or I’m fucking killing you!” I yelled louder and saw him run toward me out of breath.

He didn’t even get to ask me what was going on for he took a look at Sage in my arms and swore loudly.

“Fuck! Get the girl in the van, we need to go to the hospital quickly or else we will lose her.” He quickly explained and ran outside to get his- let’s call it private ambulance.

“Nelly, try to get her stabilized, please.” He called inside the warehouse, and his wife soon appeared with my sons, brothers, and father behind her.

“Jane? Shit, Demi, what happened?” Jane? What the hell?

“Put her here, please.” Demi’s wife asked me while pointing to the gurney.

She closed the van/ambulance’s doors and Doctor Demi turned on the siren before racing out of the street with us in the back.

I thought I heard a “We’ll meet you there.“, but my focus was so attuned to Sage’s every breath that I didn’t even look back to check.

Nelly worked quickly on getting everything set on Sage and Demi made the trip fast while at the same time being on the phone with one of my paid hospital doctors.

“I failed you again...” I whispered to her and caressed her face, pushing a piece of her hair softly behind her ear and staining it red with her blood.

“Pulsation is going down, Demi, step on the damn accelerator!” Nelly yelled from beside me.

“I’m stepping, damn it, I’m stepping!” He answered from the front. “A guy can never have a peaceful life. If it’s not the boss it’s the unknown child, if it’s not America then it’s Italy, after this I need vacations.” I hear him mumble.

I zoned out after that, holding one of Sage’s hands in between mine and praying to all the gods in existence to save my little girl.

Before I knew it, we were at the hospital. A team of doctors and nurses were outside waiting for us. The moment the van came to a stop the doors were trow open by them and Sage got taken on the gurney.

I run after them trying to follow them but the nurses stopped me.

“I’m sorry sir, but you have to wait here.”

“But she’s my daughter! I just got her.” I knew protesting would be in vain but I still tried.

“I’m sorry, sir.” The man told me and went back to follow his colleagues.

“Hey! That girl just got discharged this morning.” A man’s voice exclaimed from behind the doors they took my daughter through and I immediately knew they were talking about her.

I felt like breaking down, but I have to be strong for her.

I just found out about my daughter, saw her get shot in front of me, held her in my arms for the first time, and now, I’m at risk of losing her. How is this fair?

“Boss, are you bleeding?”

“What?” Demi is crazy. This is not my blood, this is all Sages’.

The thought made me sick. Laughable for a mafia leader and an ex-assassin to be so queasy about blood, but when it’s our children’s blood that it’s spilled it’s simply disturbing.

“Yeah, that’s definitely blood. Boss, lift your shirt, please.” I did it absently and heard Nelly gasp.

“What? You’re a nurse and have never seen blood?” I rolled my eyes at her and let my shirt fall back down.

“You were hit.” She tells me and Demi goes somewhere requesting a room to examine me.

“I’m fine,” I affirm and move towards the uncomfortable plastic chairs in the waiting room.

How could I have let this happen? I question myself for the millionth time and flashbacks from when I carried Sage’s limp body through the warehouse came flooding my mind. One weird memory stood out the most to me in the middle of that haze. I was also carrying a blond hurt girl bridal style, but in that memory, the girl was not much older than a toddler.

~Flashback, 10 to 11 years ago~

Fucking Zelino made me ruin my favorite suit with his dirty blood. Another one to burn. He must think I make money just to replace the suits this motherfuckers make me ruin. This could all be avoided if they just had my money, but no, the little roaches think that begging for more time to pay me back will help them. Stupid fuckers.

Not that I can complain much since it seems that I was stupid enough to park my car more than a kilometer away from that bastard’s house. As if I didn’t have anything else to do than walk to my car. It’s two in the fucking morning, I have to get home to the twins, but no, I have to find where I parked the goddamn car because I was stupid enough to park far from the bastard’s shack! I could shoot myself for this.

“Fucking finally,” I mumbled after spotting the car near an alley full of trash. I walked the rest of the way towards the vehicle and unlocked it.

A whimper sounded from the alley moments before I got inside the car and I stilled. The sound came again and this time I heard what seemed like shuffling coming from the trash bags in the alley.

Don’t tell me some fucker abandoned a pup in there. Maybe I should take it home to the twins, I’m sure they would be happy with a puppy to play with while I’m working.

I decided to look for the dog and went into the alley. I didn’t even have to take more than two steps before I saw something covered by trash bags. I stepped forward to get a closer look and noticed blood on the floor before I saw blond fur. Or was that hair..?

The bags shifted slightly and I moved forward to uncover the thing, but I was not prepared for what I saw.

Never in my life had I ever seen something like that. A little girl with long blond hair was sprawled on the bags face down. Her pajama was all dirty and bloody and, as another soft whimper sounded from her, I crouched down and turned her over to see her face. Her head fell on my arm, everywhere I looked was black and blue and covered in blood.

“Fuck...” I swore, horrorrized at the sign of the little girl in my arms. Whoever did this to her is going to die by my hands, I decided in that moment and lifted her up with me. A tear escaped her eyes and she tried to struggle out of my hold. I held her tighter and pained and scared cries left her lips until she went limp in my arms.

“Shh, principessa. Sono qui, sei al sicuro ora, sei al sicuro. (Shh, princess. I’m here, you’re safe now, you’re safe.).” I whispered and caressed her face softly.

She looked so small in my arms, like a malnourished toddler, I thought bitterly and saw her try to open her eyes.

I reached my car with her and bent down slightly to open the door, when I straightened myself back up and light from a nearby streetlamp hit her face I saw the bluest eyes ever looking up at me. One was swollen, the other was half open and bloodshot, and her nose was broken but I still tried to do my best to smile at her and try to appear nice while still covered in blood.

“Ciao, piccolina. Ti aiuto io, ok? (Hi, little one. I’m going to help you, ok?)” I ask her softly, afraid of scaring the poor girl.

“Tu não és um dos homens do cabrão. (You are not one of the bastard’s men.).” She mumbled unintelligently but I noticed she did not speak Italian, the language seemed familiar though, like Portuguese, but I think I heard her cuss someone, so that couldn’t be it. Someone as small as this little princess couldn’t be going around cussing people, I probably misheard her but I don’t know if she understood anything of what I said.

“Hai capito cosa ti ho detto? (Did you understand what I told you?)” I asked her and got in the car with her on my lap. She hissed at this new position and grabbed my arm with her tiny icy hands.

“A bit, sí (yes).” She answered in both English and Italian. She is probably the daughter of parents of different nationalities, I concluded.

“I am going to help you,” I told her slowly in English and she gave me a pained smile, making her split lip start bleeding again.

“Thank- Grazie.” She whispered and nestled onto my torso like my sons do when they are in need of comfort or tired. She buried herself a bit more into my suit jacket and I understood she was cold, so I took off my jacket and wrapped her in it. She cried when I maneuvered the jacket around her but after being wrapped up she went silent and I started up the car.

~End of flashback~

That night, I took the little girl to the hospital, but when I got there she was unconscious. I had just decided to adopt her and get the official papers after the doctors examined her that I didn’t even notice it, and when I got out of the car and she was limp in my arms I panicked. I ran to the emergency waiting room, screaming for help and she got taken from my arms almost instantaneously. She was in a very bad state and was rushed into surgery, just like today with Sage.

Ten or eleven years later and I’m back in the same waiting room, covered in my daughter’s blood again, just like all those years ago. I realized that this was not my first time meeting my daughter, nor my first time holding her limp body while covered in her blood but I swear that this time I will not leave her to change clothes and allow her to be kidnapped all over again. Not this time.

The last two times I meet her, I was unaware of who she was, I was careless one time, listening to the doctors’ reassurances, and the second time I was downright cruel to her, but this time I will treat her like the princess she is. That, I swear to god.

“Let’s go, boss. I can’t let you stay with a bullet lodged in your belly, you’ll catch an infection!” Demi tried to move me but I refuse to leave this waiting room until she is ok and I can be by her side.

“I’m not leaving this chair until my daughter is out of surgery!” I yelled in his face, annoyed with his persistency, and shrugged him off.

“What’s going on?” My father’s voice reached my ears, and soon he, Jym, Claude, John, Jack, Shauwn, Diesel, and Vin were surrounding us.

“The bullet that hit the girl went through and through and is lodged in the boss’s belly. It’s superficial but he is not letting us take care of it.” Demi quickly explained and my father frowned at me.

“God damn, that’s double penetration!” Shauwn abruptly exclaimed perplexed, but I could see the wicked glint in his eyes, he was trying to light up the situation, but I did not find this funny at all.

“Stop being stubborn and go get taken care of, we’ll wait here for any news of her. Accompany him, Jym.” My father ordered and my brother pulled me up from the chair, dragging me with him after Demi and Nelly.

“But father, I can’t abandon my daughter. I’m not losing her again!” I shouted.

“Shut it, boy. We’re all here. No one will pass through us and reach her without eating bullets.” He reassured me and Jym went back to dragging me.

~ Two hours later ~

“Signore, lei è della famiglia della signorina bionda? (Sir, are you from the blond young lady’s family?)”

“Sono suo padre. (I’m her father.)” The doctor’s shock was evident on his face. It took him a few moments to recompose himself and my patience was extremely thin. I was about to reach for my gun when Jack and my father yelled at the doctor.

“Sputalo fuori, amico! (Spit it out, man!)” The doctor flinched, scared, and wiped his forehead clean of sweat before he started speaking.

“L’intervento è andato bene. Il proiettile è passato in tutto e per tutto e, sorprendentemente, non ha danneggiato nulla di vitale. Ha dovuto fare più di una trasfusione di sangue a causa della perdita di troppo sangue durante il tragitto e in un precedente intervento chirurgico pochi giorni fa. Sfortunatamente, i suoi punti erano stati strappati ed erano stati infettati. L’abbiamo ricucita e abbiamo iniziato a darle antibiotici per l’infezione, ma a parte questo sta bene e si riprenderà completamente. (The surgery went well. The bullet went through and through, and surprisingly it didn’t damage anything vital. She had to take more than one blood transfusion due to having lost too much blood on the way and on a prior surgery mere days ago. Unfortunately, her stitches had been ripped open and they were infected. We stitched her up again and started giving her antibiotics for the infection, but other than that she is ok and will make a full recovery.)” Stitches? Ripped? Infection? Surgery? What the fucking hell is he talking about?

“Quale intervento chirurgico? (What surgery?)” I asked him and saw the doctor give me a confused look.

“Un cesareo d’urgenza, signore, circa cinque giorni fa. Quei punti erano infetti e quando è arrivata sono stati strappati. Un giovane medico che l’ha visitata questa mattina ci ha avvertito del suo sospetto, e il medico che ha firmato i suoi documenti di rilascio senza prescriverle alcun farmaco per l’infezione sarà punito. (An emergency c-section, sir, around five days ago. Those stitches were infected, and when she arrived they were ripped open. A young doctor who examined her this morning warned us of his suspicion, and the doctor that signed her release papers without prescribing her any medication for the infection will be punished)”

I went numb at that information and felt myself freeze, my mind simply couldn’t process it. My family was loud beside me, arguing and blackmailing the doctor from what I could see, but somehow their noise was non-existent in my ears. I could see them move, their mouths moving rapidly as well, and by their body language they were being aggressive, but I couldn’t hear anything of what they said.

“Dov’è mia figlia? (Where’s my daughter?)” They all stopped what they were doing and turned to face me in silence.

“Si è appena trasferita nella sua stanza. (She just got moved into her room.)”

“Take me there,” I ordered him and that was the end of the discussion.

After that, I don’t know what my family did or where they went but I stayed the whole night sitting beside Sage’s bed taking care of there. No one came inside her room without having my gun pointed at their head and a full background check was done on them.

The hours flew by, and before Sin noticed he fell asleep with Sage’s hand in between his.

“Uncle Sin.” Nothing.

“Uncle Sin.” A hand shook my shoulder and I groaned, pointing my gun at the intruder.

“Touch me again and it’ll be the last thing you do,” I mumbled and lifted my head away from Sage’s mattress.

“But uncle, you have to see this. You’re on a magazine’s cover and Sage’s referred in it as well.” I didn’t even finish stretching before I took the stupid paper from Shauwn’s hands.

“Sin Sinner target of drama again. Unknow daughter shot.” I read out loud and trowed away the damned thing. How the fuck did this motherfucking vultures get word of my daughter!?

“There’s more, uncle,” Shauwn told while bending down to grab the magazine from the floor.

“More? MORE!? How the fuck is there a front cover to start with!?”

“I don’t know uncle, but listen to this. - ′Unknown sources said the girl went to meet with him at one of his shady hangout places when someone shot her in front of Sin. The girl’s state of health and identity are unknown, but witnesses guarantee that she is his true and legit daughter. Could this be related to the ties he is suspected of healding with the Italian mafia?’.”

“What the fuck!” I interrupted him. “What the hell is this? I’m going to kill someone for this shit. That crap happened only this dawn, how could they already know about her?”

“This is just in the front cover, uncle. There’s more on page 16.” He leafed through the magazine and once he found the right page he started reading again.

“It says: ’Bla bla bla, Last night the girl was seen in the shady streets of Sicily and witness described her as crazy, fearless and courageous. The teenager went to meet with Sin on one of his shady hang-out spots to confront him when a sudden shot of unknown origins was fired against them. The girl was hit and taken to the hospital, billionaire Sin Sinner accompanied her in the back of the ambulance. From what was disclosed to us, the teenager is indeed Sin Sinner’s daughter, but the shocking part is that she is his legit daughter, meaning that the girl’s mother is no other than Dalila Sinner, the late wife of Sin.′ It keeps going on to page 17 and then it says ′Does this mean Dalila is alive? And if she is, what happened to her after being kidnapped? Where has she been all this time and why did she never come back?′ After this, there’s a picture of aunt Dalila and then they keep going. ′Dalila went missing almost 18 years ago after an attack on one of Sin’s clubs, but even back then there was no talk of a pregnancy. Might they have been hiding it from everyone and was that why the heir of the many family-owned enterprises grieved so hard for his wife? Attestants of last night’s events told us that the young woman could not have been older than 17 and that she was a carbon copy of her father, but other than the bloody picture on the cover, there are no more records of this mystery girl. All of this information has yet to be confirmed by the man in question and the authorities have no information about the case whatsoever.′ After this, the text is signed by a Zito J. James Sorely.”

“I’m going to fucking kill someone.” Is all I have to say after hearing this shit. “Find out who opened their mouths and take them to the cells.” Shauwn nodded and left me with the magazine.

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