The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 5 - The scape


The day has come, Vasco’s shift today started at midday, the time in which this place is usually deserted. He started the day normally and waited until half-past midday, the time when only ten people besides us are here guarding this big ass facility. I saw the shadows moving around my cell, his siblings were here waiting for the signal to get their plan on the move.

Vasco acted as he would do on a normal day, brought me lunch, and I, as usual, ate it like a starved animal. It wasn’t until, as I’ve said before, at 12:30 when the walkie-talkie buzzed and the last men of the morning shift left that Vasco and his siblings acted.

Two women and one man came out of the shadows, Vasco reunited with them and trowed my cell keys towards his brother. This action scared me, Vasco was the only male who I’m currently comfortable with. Well, he and Emanuel, the guy is always sleeping.

“Let’s get a move on people. Dez you will get Sage, she can’t walk you’ll have to be careful as to not to get her wounds bleeding since they are open. While Dez’s is carrying Sage, Maia Camie and I will open a path for you and Sage to get out of here. There will be a dark blue Opel waiting for you, the moment you get out you get inside that car and leave.” Vasco didn’t explain more since they only had twelve more minutes to get me out of here before the afternoon guards arrived.

Dez walked towards my cell, opened the door, and quickly approached me. His quick movement startled me and when he made a move to touch me I flinched. Dez’s eyes softened when he saw me flinch and the scared look in my eyes.

“It’s ok Sage, I’m not going to beat you.” At the mention of a beating, my arms quickly moved towards my belly and protectively covered it. Dez’s eyes widened, he understood what I was protecting and didn’t make a move.

“Sage, I’m going to grab now.” I looked at him, still very unsure about letting him touch me, but I knew that I had to let him touch me, otherwise my baby won’t survive. Besides Vasco wouldn’t have let his brother near me if he knew that he wasn’t trustworthy. I slowly nod my head and Dez smiles softly.

“I’m going to put an arm under your knees and my other arm will go behind your back.” Dez explained to me everything that he did and warned me when he was about to pick me up.

“I’m sorry Sage, but this is going to hurt worse than it did when I picked you up.” Dez said.

“It’s okay.” I murmured very softly. And with this Dez started to run with me in his arms. I cried all the way, keeping my arms secured around my belly and biting my lips to keep my sobs in. Shot’s started to being fire after Dez started running, Vasco and his sisters were using mufflers but their guns flashed every time they shot and I could see the flashes.

I closed my eyes and lost myself to the world of pain and my throughs.

I don’t know when I got so broken but in six months Igor broke me in a way that not even Vinico was able to in the ten years he had me in his hold. I always act like I’m fine in front of Igor and the guards, or at least I try to. I still talk back even though that I know the consequences of doing so but the moment a stranger who is about to save me is in front of me I flinch. I show him my broken self. I don’t know how this broken thing works but I’m hating every single second of being shattered.

Vasco and his sisters joined us now, Camie wants us to hurry, and so Dez runs faster.

“We have to get out of here quickly, we didn’t kill all the guards and the bomb is going off in five minutes!” As if death itself was after him, Dez runs at an incredible speed, considering that he is carrying me he’s running very fast.

The door came into our view and as soon as Vasco opened it I was blinded by the sun. The only eye that I’m able to open is hurting from having an aggressive first encounter with the sunlight, after six months of cold dark cells and room, the change is greatly appreciated. The sun’s rays warmed my body for a few seconds but it all ended too soon.

I stop feeling the sunlight on my body and so, I open my eyes, I’m inside a car and someone who I vaguely remember from seeing at Francesco’s house is guiding the car.

We had two minutes of peace before bullet’s started being shot at the car. One bullet hit the car and the machine swerved to the right. Dez tightened his arms around me and pain started radiating violently through me.

“Shit!” Dez’s voice exclaimed. The driver looked at us surprised, but when he looked at me his eyes widened in horror. There have been a lot of widened eyes this last few days...

“She’s bleeding, we need to get out of here quickly!” The driver nodded and made the car race towards where ever they were taking me. Around me, I hear the car windows rolling down and when I opened my eye I saw Vasco, Maia, and Camie on the windows shooting the cars behind us.

“Bastards don’t know when to give up.” I murmured and Dez and the driver chuckled at what I said.

“Get ready to run with her out of here.” The driver said. He agonizingly swerved the car a few times and then stopped the car altogether.

“Run.” He told us.

Vasco and the girls got out of the car first and Dez passed me to Vasco who immediately started running with me in his arms. My body was so exhausted from being handled like what felt like a rag doll handle that I started to see black dots in my vision.

I closed my eye for a bit and Vasco keeps on running.

“The hangar is just over the- Shit! They caught us!” Vasco suddenly exclaimed. I opened my eyes, and sure enough, around twenty-five to thirty men were like forty meters from us blocking our path.

“What are we going to do now?” Maia asked, sounding desperate.

“Where is her family, anyway?” Camie asked.

“I don’t know but get ready to shot.” Vasco warned his siblings and slowly lowered me to the floor.

“I’m sorry Sage, but this way I can protecting you from getting shot.” I nod at his words and suddenly bullets start to rain on us.

“Fuck, they aren’t hitting us yet but they will kill us! We have to find somewhere to hide.” Before they could do anything other than start shooting I heard the familiar engine of Dwain’s car and smiled.

“Fuck! We’re being shot from the front and cars are pulling in on us from the back, we’re fucked!” Vasco panicked.

“No, we’re not, the cars are from my family.” I told them and smiled at them. They all huffed in relief and soon Dwain and his crew joined us in taking down these bastards.


Bullets flew everywhere more of Igor’s men had joined us. I lost Vasco somewhere in between this battlefield and a bullet has grazed my arm, I’m painfully standing up and close to fainting when I saw them.

My nonna, my abuela, my nonno, and my... grandpa. They arrived in a jeep while a jet got closer to the ground. From the jet, a sea of people came out and from between those people was a face that I recognize from eight years ago. That man was one of my uncles, he is the one who I called when I was small, I got him to take a little girl only one year older than myself from a house while I killed her rapist of a father. From what I’ve heard, he adopted that girl and gave her a good life. His eyes suddenly found mine and I smiled. He looks a bit like Alan with his dark hair and eyes.

“SAGE! OVER HERE QUICKLY!” I heard Val calling me, when I turned to face her I saw all my grandparents driving the jeep and running over the hedgehogs’ crew.

I ran towards them as best as I could but a bullet hit my shoulder blade. I started falling forward but I keep my arms strongly wrapped around my belly. Before I could hit the floor arms grabbed me and got me up into the jeep.

The last faces I saw before passing out were grandpa Jaime’s face and nonno Lorenzo, both looking equally worried. I gave them a tight smile, rewrapped my arms around my belly, and passed out in peace.

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