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Chapter 6 - Run away Sinner

Sage was rescued two days ago. Lorenzo hasn’t left her side for a moment neither have her uncles, grandmas and grandfather Jaime, she’s always surrounded by the people that love her and that she calls family.

With Jaime being a doctor they didn’t have to take her to the hospital. He patched her up, removed the bullet from her shoulder blade, and tried to keep her hydrated while she was unconscious. The only problem now is that Sage has a huge fever. Sage’s temperature rounds around forty degrees and never drops below thirty-nine, this starts to become dangerous and because of this matter, Jaime had to call everyone in for an emergency meeting.

And it was while Lorenzo, Leane, Valeria, John, Omar, Joe, Jaime, Scott, Dwain, and Alan were in that emergency meeting that Sage woke up.

~~ Twenty four minutes before Sage woke up ~~

At the meeting.

“Why did you call us here Jaime?” One of the many displeased males in the room asked.

“Yeah, why couldn’t one of us stay with Sage? She’s hurt and sick, she shouldn’t be alone.” Someone else complained.

“I called you all here because I need to speak with you. We need to make a big decision regarding Sage’s health.” This caught everyone’s attention. The complaining stopped and they all got serious.

“What is it regarding my niece’s health?” John asked Jaime rudely.

“John!” Leane call’s out her son’s name in a warning tone, her eyes telling it all, she was warning him about his manners but right now, none of the men inside that tiny room were particularly worried about manners. John rolled his eyes and crossed his arms waiting like a patient adult to know what is going on with his niece.

“Her fever does not go down, it hasn’t been going down for the past two days and it is getting dangerous for Sage to keep going like this. We need to take her to a hospital, they will be able to lower her temperature since they have better tools than I have at home.” The room fell silent for a moment as everyone let this new information sink in.

“We can’t take her to a hospital.” Leane exclaimed. “People will start asking questions, the cops will show up and besides all that, there are more diseases at the hospital than there are at home.” The ten people in the room shared a look and silently agreed with everything Leane said.

“In sum, Sage isn’t stable enough to fly yet but we can’t take her to the hospital.” Valeria concluded

“As soon as she is stable I’m taking her to Sicily, she’ll have the best doctors and nurses looking after her!” Lorenzo proclaimed with a determined look in his eyes and his sons immediately supported him, agreeing one hundred percent with what their father said.

“And why take her to a hospital when we could just simply keep her here and rob all the things you need to help her? You give us a list with all the tools and meds you need and we will get it for you.” The Paolo brothers suggested.

“That way she won’t be exposed nor in danger and we can be by her side anytime we want and there will be no one kicking us out.” Joe completed their idea and waited for everyone’s decision.

And it was while everyone was pondering that idea that Sage woke up.


I woke feeling cold and sweaty, my body ached all over but I felt weirdly comfortably. The swelling in my eyes has gone down a lot, I don’t know how long I was unconscious for but it must have been for more than a day for I can now open both of my eyes, one not completely but the other I can.

I open my eyes and look around me. I’m in a living room, lying on a very weird yet comfortable bed with lots of blankets around me and with a sofa glued to my bed. On top of a piece of furniture, there are a few pictures, I analyze them from the distance for a few seconds and recognize grandpa and Vinico on one of them.

Even though that Vinico was a bad person, a father like Jaime isn’t able to just stop loving his son all together. I know that grandpa cut ties with Vinico long before I was born. He did right after Vinico started showing an unhealthy obsession with my mom and killing my father. Jaime only started talking with Vinico when my mom was kidnapped, he was the only doctor that took care of us, if it wasn’t for him mom and I wouldn’t have lasted as long as we did. That is one of the reasons that I love my grandpa Jaime for.

Suddenly I hear loud voices coming from somewhere inside the house and without thinking twice I surveyed the room looking for a weapon.

I found a charged gun on a small table beside the sofa glued to my bed and took it. I got up as fast as I managed to, grabbed a jacket that was laying around the sofa, found some money, and ran out of the door closing it as silently as I could.

Once on the streets, I hailed a cab and ordered the driver to take me to the closest airport. The man watched me like I was crazy, I must look like a mess! He didn’t ask me questions, only gave me a sympathetic smile, and started driving to the airport.

I am determined to not commit the same mistake twice! I’m getting the hell out of this damned continent and leave to Sicily once and for all. We reach the airport and I paid the driver.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t strong enough to walk by myself for long periods of time. So, after like five steps away from the cab I fell on my knees. The cab driver hurriedly abandoned his car and came to my aid. When he touched me I flinched, but either the man didn’t see it or he just ignored it.

“Where to miss?” He kindly asked me once I was up and he had a steady hold on my arm.

“First class area.”I whispered. He nodded and helped me walk. We made it inside well, the gun was inside my jacket but somehow it wasn’t detected. We were getting close to the reception when I noticed a familiar woman.

I don’t know what she is doing here but I’m glad she is. I tried to stand up straighter and the driver let me once he saw my eyes fixed on the flight attendant.

“NAVY!” I yelled her name. Navy looked up and when she saw me her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

She left the person she was talking with and started to run towards me. She collided with my body and hugged me. I felt a few stitches popping open and groaned a pained sound. She stopped hugging me and started talking up a storm.

“Here sir, for helping me.” I took a couple of bills of a hundred dollars and handed them to the man. He tried to refuse them but I didn’t accept a no for an answer.

“Let’s go Sage, Harver and I will take you home.” Navy started helping me walk but I stopped her.

“How are you going to take me home when you probably have a flying to attend right now?” She looks at me and smiles.

“Don’t worry, we’ll manage.” We start walking again and Navy takes me to an office. The office belongs to the manager of this airport.

“Sir I just came to inform you that Harvey and I will take this girl home. We will still take the passengers to Rome but we will stop at this girl’s home first.” Navy started turning her back towards the astonished man and I trowed him almost all the money I had in my pockets, only keeping a thousand and five hundred dollars with me.

“Here, take this as compensation.” And with this, we left his office.

-----A few minutes later-----

We got inside the plane and I could feel the blood oozing off of my wounds slowly, by the time we get to Sicily I will be fully covered in blood.

Most passengers weren’t happy with the change of plan but they had to suck it up, after all, there was no other plane departing to Rome at this time. Navy came to a seat by my side and I remembered that I have an important question to ask her.

“Navy, did you let Ray Ray loose when you reached Sicily like I had instructed?” I ask her seriously worried about my feathered friend.

“I didn’t go to Sicily that day Sage.” What... my eyes wide and my law falls wide open showing my shock.

“The doctors and the cops didn’t let me travel until a week after you were kidnapped. I took care of Ray Ray during that time and when I got to Sicily I let him loose like you told me.” I smiled at her explanation but yet I couldn’t help myself but feel a bit guilty. After all, she was forbidden from traveling because of me, and it was also my fault that she got hurt.

Navy gave me some strong painkillers and after an hour of being in the sky feeling agonizing pain and sweating like a pig, I fell asleep.

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