The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 7 - Sicily, sweet Sicily

Meanwhile, in America at Jaime’s house

The meeting was still going on after one hour and Leane decided to leave the office to go check on Sage.


I left the meeting and went to check on Sage. Hopefully, her fever has gone down so that I don’t have to take her to the hospital. My hopeful thinking got me nowhere because when I reached the living room, the first thing I noticed was that the lump on her bed was gone.

I rushed towards her bed and found it empty.


“SHE’S GONE!” I shrike so loudly that the glasses all over the house vibrated. Immediately several footsteps could be heard racing towards the living room.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE’S GONE!? SHE CAN’T BE GONE, SHE WAS UNCONSCIOUS!” Lorenzo screamed, I’ve never seen him so distressed before. The men started investigating and found no signs of a break-in.

“My jacket is gone.” Alan declared.

“My gun too.” John commented.

“My money isn’t here as well.” Joe gruffly complained and glared at the spot where his money used to be.

“So, this means she woke up and left willingly, but to where?” John was the one who spoke. The weels in my brain started turning, if she left willingly this means that she went to...

“SICILY!” Both me and Valeria shout at the same time. The men look at us confused and so Valeria elaborates.

“She left to go to Sicily.”


The moment the plane touched the floor, I thanked Navy and Harver for bringing me home and when the door opened and the staircase was brought closer to the plane, I ran down the steps and lost myself in between the crow of people.

I lost myself on the streets, soon there were no people around me, the streets got deserted and my pain worsened, only this time I felt a small sting of pain in my belly. I panicked, blood started making a trail behind me, every step I took I felt faster. My legs got shaky and in my desperation to save my baby I entered inside a butchery.

A bell rang over the door, the butcher raised his head to greet me, but I already had the gun in my hand and aimed it at his head, ready to shot in case he refused to help me. With one hand I protected my belly and with the other, I aimed. The pain was so bad that tears streamed down my face like a faucet, my whole body is shaking, I hate what I’m about to do, but for my baby, I’ll do anything.

“Esci da dietro il bancone con le mani in aria dove posso vederle e le chiavi della macchina. (Step out from behind the counter with your hands in the air where I can see them and your car keys.)” The older man gave me a cold look and reached for something under the counter.

*BANG!* I shot the wall beside his head and shout a warning. ”Non pensarci nemmeno o il prossimo arriva direttamente al tuo cervello! (Don’t even think about it or the next one goes directly to your brain!)” The man brings his hands up and just then a side door behind the counter opens and a woman comes out of there.

“Cosa sta succedendo qui? (What’s going on here?)” The beautiful, curvaceous woman older woman with greying hair asks the man. The man looks at me and the woman’s eyes follow his movements. When her eyes land on me she gasps.

A small sudden rush of adrenalin rushes through me and helps me stand up straight. ”Tieni le mani in alto e conducimi alla tua macchina! (Keep your hands up and lead me to your car!)” I demand more firmly than the last time.

The man sneers at me and with a rapid movement he grabs a gun of his own and points it at me. I glare at him and my eyes are daring him, telling him to shot. We keep eye contact for I don’t know how long but a sudden rush of pain through my belly makes me let out a loud sob and fall on the floor grabbing my belly.

“AH!” The scream escapes without me wanting it to. Everything hurts, I feel blood drip from in between my legs, and my fear of losing my baby makes me sob harder.

*Slap* The woman hits the man in the back of his head and starts scolding him in English. “Put the damned gun down Patrizio, can’t you see the girl is hurt! And she’s pregnant! She probably came in here for help you stupid man! We need to take her to the hospital!!” The man leaves the gun and with his wife, by his side, they start to approach me.

“Calm down dear.” The woman starts softly cooing at me, she bends down and tries to touch my hair but out of instinct from being hit so many times during the last few months I flinch.

Both man and woman’s eyes fill up with sympathy and they stop moving. They start discussing something in hushed tones and I start getting more stressed. What if they don’t help me? What will happen to my baby? In panic, I start blabbering.

“I’m sorry for scaring you, I didn’t want to steal your car, I just wanted you to drive me to the hospital, I can’t drive right now or I would have already stolen a car but please, please help me. Save my baby, please!” Their heads snap at me and they both nod.

“Can you get up honey?” The lady asks me gently. I shake my head no and her husband moves his hands forwards, making me flinch. He gives me an apologetic look and stops moving.

“I won’t hurt you, but I need to pick you up to be able to take you to the hospital.” I look at him for a few seconds to try to see if he is lying and once I see that he’s telling the truth I nod.

“I’m going to grab you now.” I nod again and once he lifts me up I can’t help but let out a big scream of pain. Patrizio and his wife but jump in shock but once they see the puddle of blood on the floor on the place where I was before Patrizio lifted me, they panic.

“Call the hospital Ciana.” Patrizio runs out of the door of his butchery with me in his arms and runs towards his car where he carefully sets me down on the back seat.

Ciana opens the passengers’ door and gets’s in. “They are already waiting for us.” She told us and Patrizio started the car.

We went all the time over the speed limit and when we reached the hospital lots of people came to take me out of the car.

“NO!” I screamed terrified.

“I WANT STELLA AND JULLY! I WANT STELLA AND JULLY ONLY THEM! ONLY THEM!” The people surrounding me tried to calm me down, they forcefully got me on the stretcher and started wheeling me inside the hospital.

“I WANT ONLY STELLA SINNER AND JULLY SINNER TO TAKE CARE OF ME! ONLY THEM!” This time, when I scream people stop what they are doing and look at me perplexed. I was able to store the gun I had with me on one of the pockets of the jacket and when these people took too long for my liking to react I fished out the gun and pointed it to the person closest to me. This immediately made them move and seconds after that my aunts arrived.

My aunts looked down at me, I put the gun down on the stretcher and showed them the left side of my neck.

“Please aunties, save my baby.” I mumbled before passing out.

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