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Chapter 8 - Hospital


Jully and I were working on the same floor today. Our shift started without any problems until the afternoon.

The hospital got an emergency call and the first-floor staff all left towards the entrance to take care of it. Twenty minutes after that call, I was checking the vitals of a patient in a room when a frantic nurse ran towards me and started stuttering nonsensical things.

Jully heard the woman and came out of the room she was working on, which coincidently was the one across from mine.

“What’s wrong?” Jully asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t understand what she says.” I responded. We turned our focus back to the woman and this time, we were able to understand some of what she said.

“ entrance...girl...gun... demanding that only Stella and Jully Sinner take care of her....” The moment we registered these words we started running towards the entrance of the hospital and found a stretcher with a young blond girl covered in blood lying on it. When the girl saw us approaching she put her gun away and smiled, she moved her hair away from the left side of her neck and showed it to us.

On her neck was the Sinner family’s birthmark...

“Please aunties, save my baby.” The girl whispered and passed out. July and I gasped in unison and stared mouth agape at the girl.

I started observing her, her face was all bruised, the jacket she was wearing belongs to Alan, I know it because I was the one who gave him that jacket and when my eyes went lower, I saw blood.

Freaking blood.

Jully snapped out of her trance first and opened the jacked. Underneath it, she had a white t-shirt drenched in blood and clinging to a very small baby bump.

“Wheel her to the exam room NOW!” Jully’s scream, scaring our coworkers who quickly scrambled to do as told.

I follow after my niece and start by taking her out of that blood-covered shirt. I take her temperature and see that she is hotter than she should be.

“She may have an infection.” I say out loud and a male nurse beside me writes down what I said.

“Maybe one of her stitches is infected.” Jully speaks. We start cleaning all the blood and soon we get access to her stitches, they were professionally done but some of them popped out.

I look down to grab a pair of gloves that were being offered to me when I see it. Blood on her panties.

“July! She’s bleeding from her vagina, she is having a hemorrhage, she may lose her baby if hasn’t, already if we don’t do anything quickly!” Jully quickly runs out of the room and comes back inside with an ultrasound machine. She quickly set it up and soon I was doing my niece’s ultrasound.

The moment we heard the fetus's strong heartbeat I felt so relieved.

“Thank god the baby is alive!” I sighed with relief and started watching the image of the fetus. She looks like she’s eleven weeks along, the baby is small through. My niece needs to put on a lot of weight because she is too thin, her ribs are on show and it’s affecting her baby’s growth.

I finish the ultrasound and when I got a closer look at this hemorrhage I saw that nothing was wrong, she probably got stressed and the high levels of stress caused her bleeding.

Next Jully and I examined her stitches, we stitched back up the ones that had popped open and we did indeed find some infected stitches on her back and on the back of her thigs.

My niece’s ribs were a very ugli purple, I felt her ribs and felt two ribs broken, there were at least five other bruised ribs and on her back, there are some vertebrae that I feel a little strange.

“I will need to do an x-ray on her back. Her vertebrae don’t see ok.” July rolled our niece’s stretcher to the x-ray room and with another doctor’s help we got it done. We protected her belly and quickly did the x-ray.

“This young girl has a crack on her vertebrae T5, her nose is clearly broken and I would consider observing that check of her, it looks too ugly to be just bruised. Look how swollen it is.” We scribed down this new information and went to check on her cheekbone.

Her right cheekbone was indeed broken.

“God damn, what hasn’t been broken on this girl’s body?!” Jully’s temper is over the roof, every time we find a new injury she almost explodes in fury. This case makes her remember the state her daughter was in when she first meet Hazel. The poor girl wasn’t as badly fractured as our nice, but she had quite some bad internal damage.

“Now the only thing left is to check is her mouth.” I say out loud. Let’s just hope that she is alright. I open her mouth and immediately a hole still raw where a tooth is missing jumps out at me.

“This one is coming of off Sin’s wallet.” Jully approached me and saw what I was speaking about.

“Great! Now the last thing we need to find out is that she was raped and this child is the product of that act!” Jully storms out of the room in rage and I went to sit down on a chair close to my niece.

What a day! Hell, what a week!

First, the whole family is depressed, and then Alan calls telling me that there was an emergency and that he, John and their parents alongside some of the retired members of the Hell Sinners were going to America to save Sage. Then a few hours after that call Alan calls me and tells me that Sage is actually his niece, our niece and that she was in a bad state and unable to travel and now a girl who is my niece appears more broken than not and pregnant and begs me and my sister in law to save her! To top this off, I know that this is Sage, and Alan and his mother made me swear to keep this secret to myself, I and Jully are forbidden of telling the rest of the family about Sage’s existence. What a fucking film!

I closed my eyes for a few moments and tried to rest for a few minutes. I’m exhausted!

“This way, Donna, I need you to check this girl.” I hear Jully’s voice approaching the room and opened my eyes just in time to see her walk in with Donna, the gynecologist.

“What are you doing Jully?” She gives me a determined look and shows Sage to Donna.

“I asked Donna to check up on-” I cut her off and don’t let Jully give away the fact that Sage is our niece.

“-Sage, you want to know if she was raped. I get it, let’s just get this over with quickly. I don’t want her to wake up and have a stranger touching her after she freaked out last time.” Donna nods her head at me and puts her gloves on, getting ready to examine my niece.

“Jully, a word please?” I start heading out of the room and Jully follows me.

“You can’t tell anyone that Sage is our niece.” She gives me an indignant look and I know that she’s about to argue with me.

“And why the hell not !”

“Because she will be in danger.” Jully shuts up and looks at me thoroughly.

“But what if-” Jully was going to suggest we tell her father about her, but that won’t happen.

“Nop. NO way. We can’t do it, Leane’s orders, Sage wants to be the one to tell the family who she is, especially her father, and we won’t get in her way.” Jully shuts up and nods. She knows what it’s like to have other people ruining her plans and making choices for her when she didn’t need nor want them to do so.

“Alright, but I will not leave my niece alone after just meeting her.” With this I agree with Jully, Sage came to us and asked specifically for us to take care of her AND she was the one who told us who she was. We will not leave her alone now, she and Hazel are the only girls in the family and it’s our job as two out of the three only women in the family to spoil and hid our nieces and daughters (in Jully’s case) secrets.

“Alright, let’s go back inside and see what Donna found out.” Jully says this and starts walking inside Sage’s room with me trailing behind her.

“Girls.” Donna called us. We approached her and Donna had a sad look on her face.

“Sage has definitely been raped. The last time was actually recently. I’m guessing that it was on the same day that she was brutally assaulted and left injured like this. There were old and new wounds and scars on her vagina’s walls, she was brutalized for the past few months and I’m sure that this baby is the product of one of those violent sexual assaults.” A look of horror invaded Jully’s and my faces, my heart broke to know the full extent of what she has been through these past few months.

“I’m going to get her some creams and medications for her to apply on her intern wounds.” Donna told us and left the room.

The moment Donna left Jully broke down crying.

“I can’t believe Sage went through the same thing as my daughter, I trough it was bad enough that Hazel was just a child when it happened, but Sage is a child as well and now she has her own child on the way because of a fucking psycho pervert who has fun brutalizing young girls!” I hugged Jully and let her cry out her frustrations. She has already gone through this once and now we are going through this we're going to help Sage recover. It’s going to take a long time, but she will make it, I know she will. After all, she survived hell during all those months she was missing. I let a few tears of my own run free and hugged Jully tighter.

Sage’s heart monitor started beeping a bit faster than it was and soon we were greeted with her voice while in the middle of our crying fit.

“What did I miss?” Sage groggily asked, still feeling the effect of those heavy pain killer that the IV realized on her bloodstream.

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