The gangster's little unknown assassin - Part 2, NON FANTASY

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Chapter 9 - Baby talk


I woke up feeling a bit high, my body feels like it weighs a ton, I’m sleepy and I feel dormant. I blinked my eyes a few times to clear my vision once I can focus on things without them being blurry I see my aunts hugging one another and crying.

“What did I miss?” I groggily ask them. Uncle Alan’s wife loke’s at me and I try to sit up. My shoulder started aching and I couldn’t help but groan in pain.

“What’s wrong Sage? Is there anything we didn’t see?” Uncle Alan’s wife, I think she is Stella, hurried towards me and helped me sit up. I didn’t flinch from her touch but I think it has something to do with her not being a man, either that or I’m too drugged to flinch. Stella applied a bit of force on my right shoulder and I felt a bit of pain through the numbness.

“Shit.” I muttered. Aunt looked at me with a raised eyebrow and my other aunt joined us when she saw Stella’s facial expression.

“Are you in pain, Sage?” My light brown skin colored aunt asked me with a concerned look. I nod my head and she grabs her phone, turning on the lighter and coming behind me to examine my shoulder.

Jully sneered out loud and started sniffing while muttering ‘bullet wound’. Jully wiped her tears away and went to get things to disinfect my shoulder. Stella left my side and seated at the end of the bed to give Jully space to work.

“You will need physiotherapy.” Jully murmured. Once she was done with my shoulder I asked them the most important question of my life.

“Is my baby ok?” Both women look away from me and I start getting nervous. Stella left the room and I start getting scared.

“Aunt Jully, what’s going on?” My voice shakes and I’m sure that my face is pale. My body is trembling and fear is seeping through every pore on my body, Jully gave me a reassuring smile and petted my hair.

“Your baby is ok, Stella just went to get the ultrasound machine to show you the fetus and explain to you what you need to do for your baby to grow healthy.” I signed in relief after her explanation and lay down again with Jully’s help. I remember going with mom to her pregnancy appointments and she had to lay down for the doctor to apply the cold gel for us to see the baby. With a lot of discomforts, I was able to lay down and soon Stella came back with the machine.

“Are you ready to meet your baby, Sage?” Aunt Stella asked me in a soft voice. I nod my head very fast and yell a ‘YES!’ making my aunts chuckle at my excitement.

Stella put’s a cold gel on my belly and starts moving a wand over my belly. Soon, the sound of a strong hearth beat fills the room and I can’t help but let out a few happy tears. I’m so happy that my baby is okay. I was so worried that the child would be harmed or worse, dead.

“Here’s your baby.” Aunt Stella tells me and points towards the machine’s screen where a tiny human-looking figure is.

“It’s so small.” I whisper in awe of my child.

“The baby is indeed small, and that’s a problem, Sage.” Stella’s voice turns serious and I worriedly look over at her.

“What do you mean? What can I do to help my little one?” I worriedly and frenetically ask her. Aunt Jully grabs my hand and offers me a smile.

“Calm down Sage. You can’t stress yourself it’s bad for the baby.” I nod my head and look back at Stella.

“You are very overweight, Sage. You will need to start eating more, drinking more water, and taking prenatal vitamins. That will help with your baby's growth and it will also help you.” I pay attention to her words and nod my head in confirmation that I’ll do everything she’s telling me.

“I will do any and everything for my baby.” I tell her and go back to watching my baby on the screen. Suddenly I saw my baby’s fingers twitch and then she opened one of her hands. I gasp loudly at this and my aunts follow my eyes to see what I’m looking at.

“Look! Look! She just moved her fingers and hand!” I’m so excited that I’m yelling. My aunts chuckle at me and I keep on watching my baby.

“How do you know that it’s a her?” Aunt Jully asked me.

“I don’t.” I tell her. “But I have to call her something. I can’t keep calling it a baby forever, besides I have a feeling that it’s a her.” My aunts smile at me and I smile back at them.

“When will I be able to know if it’s really a girl or if it’s a boy?” I ask out loud to no one in particular.

“Around the eighteenth week but sometimes it could be as early as your fourteenth week.” Aunt Jully explained to me that all the babies are different and while she was able to find out my cousin Shauwn’s sex when she was only fourteen-week, my aunt Stella was only able to find out Cameron’s sex at her twentieth week.

Time passed fast, my aunts stayed with me the whole day, and know that their shift was over they had to go home, they can’t leave the men alone for too long or those drunk bastards will start causing trouble.

“See ya tomorrow Sage, wish me luck with those drunk men we call family.” Jully said and grabbd her bag, getting ready to leave.

“Have a good night Sage, tomorrow I will be here early in the morning. I have to go now, Zeke can’t be the whole day with Cameron without getting tired, I’m sure that he needs to rest by now. See ya tomorrow darling.” Stella grabbed her things and joined Jully, they were about to leave my room when I stopped ’em.

“Aunts don’t tell anyone that I’m here, not even Leane.” My face is stern while I’m telling them this, they look at me and nod, agreeing to keep my secret.

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