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The story is set in an alternate reality which follows a shunned officer investigating a series of murder as the story of the killer and his motives unravel.

Action / Thriller
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Yaatnayugg. There are more dreamers here than in any city anywhere in the world. How could it not be the City of Dreams? After all, this city has every ‘opportunity’ to make a man. Well, at least in a previous life is did. Before the 2 of the most devastating war in the nation’s history, the main trade in this city was Films, Television, Journalism, and one of the largest ports in the country. The Port, however, is what brought unwanted attention to the city during that war. The battles fought here for strategic advantage were brutal and legendary. Its people and the role it played during the War of Laksharuh raised its status on International Level. It always was a Cultural Capital for the country but the Wartime Legends gave it the honorary title of ‘Stronghold’. The city changed after the war. Especially when Kaalvasarah War reached its shores. The glory and greatness looked great on Televisions and sounded great in speeches but when reality hit them. It hit them hard and brought them down like a freight train.

The economy crash, the societal degradation, the class detriment; you name it, the city has it. Where else would you find rampant diseases, daylight crimes corruption, and inescapable poverty wrapped in a neat little package covered with glitter and gold for the world to ignore? Nepotism, corruption, and abuse of power are the largest trade of this city now. If you know a guy or can pay the guy, then you can be the guy. And herein lies the problem. To earn enough, you need to work enough. And by the time you earn enough to pay those gluttonous bastards, you will have one foot in a grave and another probably in a bankers’ pocket. And even if you decide to take the easy way out, you need to be an expert a butt-kissing and shit eating. Hey, that’s not me talking that’s the 1% talking. Even after all of that there still is no guarantee that your master will bend down enough to provide their subject with the bone. You better learn to lick, suck, and swallow. That will get you somewhere. But not away from here. Various people have tried their best to get everybody on track. But the desensitized nature of people is reluctant to any change. The divide between the rich and the poor might not be so appalling if it was not so vast. The middle-class is just full of delusional poor people. Barely able to afford to feed themselves, they work like drones without any individual thoughts or ideas. Their only purpose seems to be is to work like machines so that they can pay for the high that gets them through the day. Their memory affected by their daily struggle made them numb to the pride and glory of their ancestors. But it wasn’t just their memory that was lost. Ideals have been lost in this ocean of modernity and technology. Once a city of brave now housed cowards that only live to serve the ones that sit above them. Subservient, their only breath of freedom exists in escapist entertainment that was made on their very own dreams.

Every few years there is a glimmer of hope. A ray of sunshine that the people of this city cling to for escape. Yashpal Vohra is the latest in the line of activists who have turned to politics in the hopes of bringing about necessary changes. His bid to run for the position of Mayor as an independent candidate has been lauded by the people of the city. His rise has been dubbed meteoric. The amount of people he has helped is only shadowed by the people that support him. His belief is that to rid this system of nepotistic self-serving individuals that work with the corporations, he needs power. That power is in the Mayor’s chair hence the bid on elections. The office of Mayor, who along with the Members of House. run the city. Under the Mayor is the Deputy Mayor. In the judicial section, the highest authority is given to the Session Judge, who works with the District Attorney in maintaining law and order. The police are answerable to the Mayor but the changes in the force and the workings can be made through the approval of the Session Judge.

The city covers roughly 110 km2 of space which is divided into 9 Sectors to make it easier to navigate and govern. This plan for a Sector-wise distribution was laid out almost a century ago by the ruling government to make the city more appealing and expandable without affecting or mixing the industries with the residents. Sectors 1, 2 & 3 are mainly the high-rise and the influential people of the city. Major offices of large MNC’s are also situated between Sector 2 & 3. Also, the majority of tourism is dealt with by Sector 2 which has the highest of hotels, resorts, and amusement parks. Sector 4 is the entertainment hub housing one of the largest film cities in the world. There is also a rise of IT companies and start-ups set up there and on the rise. Sector 5 is the operating head with the Municipal building and the Court of High Justice both located in this sector. Sector 5 will also become home to the largest operating hospital in the country when completed. Sector 6 houses the largest section of Animal Sanctuary of the city. Over 40% of Sector 6 is habited by the same while the rest with that influence consists of Zoologists, Researchers, and Labs. Sector 7 was the newest addition nee, expansion to the city. It has become the major residential zone for the immigrants that travel to the city with dreams in their eyes. Sector 8 now the industrial capital of the country once was a dream of just 2 companies that started out in a small land around sector 5. They moved their now giant industrial complexes to this vast unexplored part outside the city. Their petition and campaign to make this area a part of the city gave way to smaller industries easy access to the rest of the country and grow in varying amounts They also have formed an unofficial port near for ease of access to the rest of the city. The petition to make it an official port is still pending along with a proposed line of the railway for the exclusive use of transporting the goods.

Finally, Sector 9. This was where the city began. This was the genesis. The port at Sector 9 is where the Battle of Red River at the peak of the Kaalvasarah War was fought and won. However, the effects of the war are visible only here. The rest of the city has recovered from it visually but not this Sector. Here, the old buildings still stood. The most famous of which is the ‘Kanakagruh’ home for kids, opened up by an industrial tycoon some 40 years ago. This was a landmark back in the day. People were praising the advances and generosity of the city to start such a project. Kids from around the villages who have lost their parents were housed here. It was the largest charity fundraiser annually in the country. Sadly, like always the world moved on. The donations dropped every year. The final blow was dealt with the arrival of the Kaalvasarah War. The place became a safe haven for the army rather than the kids. All of them were moved to other homes in the city. After the war, most of the kids didn’t return. Neither did most of the charitable compatriots. The house then ran only on the support of local residents that had a connection to the home. Since then, the kids that moved out of the house have returned favors to the Home in some way or the other. The Old Port located at the southernmost point of the city is now used mainly by fishermen and ship disassembly companies.

This story is set roughly 15 years after the war. The city is preparing itself for the Members of the House Election. The members will then in turn elect the Mayor for the City. The usual incumbent and dominant party of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) faces one of its most difficult battle in the form of Yashpal Vohra who is backed by the opposition party Union of Nationalist Citizens (UNC). Meanwhile, a series of gang killings had the police scratching for the killer.

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